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Get the written update for the brand-new section of the attractive telecast Bahut Pyar Karte Hain ventilated on Thursday, 04 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Receives Ritesh’s Invitation is the name of the original episode number S1 E22.

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Ritesh invites Indu to his home to express his gratitude and organises a surprise gift for her. He becomes enraged, though, after getting an advertisement contract.


Rajendra begins the episode by asking Sunita for medicine. Sunita promises to have it later. Rajendra says, “I understand your concern for Indu,” and asks her to tell him if she was born to be someone’s bride. Sunita asks him not to say anything and says that if this were the case, she would not have let Indu work, and she wonders where it is stated that working ladies do not marry. Rajendra claims that Indu will also get married.

Sunita claims that girls acquire an alliance of decent boys rather than mothers. She claims that your daughter became a mother first, and that Zoon has tied her life together. She claims that if I die before Indu’s wedding, my ghost will haunt you for the rest of your life. Indu listens and declares that if anything happens to you, I shall perish. Sunita inquires as to what you are saying, whether you will jump in as well, if I do.

Indu nods and chuckles. She apologises and requests that she chastise or beat her, but does not bring up the subject of death. She says, “I will agree to your words. ” She hugs her and makes a pinky promise to her. Rajendra thinks it’s great that you two reconciled.

He administers medication to her. Indu receives a phone call and excuses herself. Ritesh is on the line and introduces himself as Ritesh Malhotra. She greets you. He wonders if you thought I was Ritesh Malhotra since someone thought I was a scam and that she was Deepika Padukone.

She recalls saying it and inquires whether everything is all right. He says you helped me get my life back on track, and I want to thank you. He and his family want to meet her and express their gratitude. She claims she did nothing wrong and that it was all a coincidence. He thinks it’s nothing short of a miracle for me.

He invites her to come or they will come to her home. No, replies Indu, and she will come to his house at 12:30 p. m. He says okay and hangs up the phone. What happened, Asha asks Indu?

Indu has told me that I need to go to Ritesh Malhotra’s house tomorrow. Asha is taken aback and wonders why. Indu says he wants to thank me and that he is considering bringing Zoon with him because she is a great fan of his. Asha claims she will be unable to attend her school trip tomorrow. Vivaan enters Sameer’s room and tells him he has a good body.

Yes, Sameer says. According to Vivaan, Ritesh and Maasi are preparing to give her a gift, and he wonders if Ritesh and the girl are having an affair. Sameer claims he has no idea why the girls are upset with him. Rahul inquires about the event’s organisation. Rahul affirms.

Kaamna claims that today’s event will go viral on social media and that people will forget about the drug video. Pankaj arrives and announces a 25-crore advertisement contract. Ritesh takes a seat to read. Dolly is asked about Deep by Kaamna. Dolly claims he went to work and that he must now complete all of his duties by himself.

Ritesh reads and becomes enraged at Pankaj, asking how he can show me this contract. He claims it’s a gutka ad. Pankaj claims it’s worth 25 crores. Ritesh refuses to do the advertisement because he does not want to jeopardise his supporters’ trust. He requests that he speak with Rahul before approaching him for anything.

He becomes irritated and leaves. Rahul is sent behind Kaamna. Pankaj becomes agitated. Sameer believes Ritesh is abandoning the 25 crore contract. Indu arrives at Ritesh’s place.

She is surrounded by the media. She is led inside by the security guard. Kaamna greets her as the number one reporter and invites her in. She claims you must have recognised my face when I asked you to conduct his interview at the party. Indu nods and embraces her.

Dolly arrives and thanks Indu for saving Ritesh’s reputation. She compliments her and tells her, “You are really lovely, and your eyes are good,” and invites her to be a part of Bollywood. Indu inquires about Ritesh. Dolly claims he became enraged and went to his room, stamping his feet. Indu wonders if he ever gets upset.

Yes, Sameer says. According to Indu, it does not appear to be the case. Sameer claims you don’t appear to be a spy. Ritesh informs Rahul that he will not go over his limitations and will not bend his rules. He argues that if everyone wants to make money, they should sell me and take the money.

He expresses his desire to sleep and requests that all meetings be cancelled. Kaamna appears and urges Ritesh to come out, claiming that a female has arrived. Ritesh inquires about Indu. Yes, says Kaamna. Ritesh asks her to greet her and offers her tea and coffee, and then says he’ll be right back.

Rahul believes the time has arrived for a serious conversation. Kaamna believes that seeing her made Ritesh joyful and that she had an effect on him. The servant afterwards keeps coffee for Indu. Indu expresses gratitude to her. Ritesh approaches and smiles at Indu.

Indu gives him a look. He greets you. Indu stands up and turns to face him. Kesariya Tera performs. .

. She cracks a small smile. He motions for her to take a seat and thanks her for coming. Indu explains, “I didn’t do it alone; my best friend was with me,” but he’s out of town today and couldn’t make it. We will thank Ritesh later, but we will thank you immediately.

We shall do for you what we have called you, “says Kaamna. She contacts Sameer, Dolly, and other people. They are all grateful to Indu. According to Kaamna, it is Ritesh Malhotra’s thank you, so it will be exceptional. When the guard arrives, he adds, “Kalpesh ji sent this box.” Kaamna claims he transmitted it at the appropriate time. They all exited the building. Vivaan summons Sameer. Sameer claims to be uninterested in the circus. The media requests that Indu respond to a single question.

Indu keeps her hand on her face, feeling uneasy. Ritesh approaches Indu and asks the media to wait. He inquires about Indu’s well-being. Indu gives him a look. Kaamna thanks the media for attending and says she is Indu Raina, who got Ritesh released from the bogus drug case and exposed the truth, for which we are grateful.

Ritesh, she claims, wants to give her a gift for her bravery. Ritesh takes the box out. Everyone applauds. Congratulations, Indu. This is your gift, according to Ritesh. Indu examines the vehicle.