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Check out the written update for the funky sequence of the thought-provoking television broadcast Bahut Pyar Karte Hain telecasted on Friday, 05 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Rejects Ritesh’s Gift is the name of the just-released episode number S1 E23.

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Indu declines Ritesh’s gift of a car as a symbol of appreciation in front of the media. Zoon is disappointed since she is unable to participate in the game show.


The episode begins with the journalists photographing the automobile. Dolly compliments Indu on his new automobile. Someone arrives and hands Ritesh the other key. The media inquires about Indu’s reaction to the unusual gift. Kaamna instructs Indu to smile and assures her that Ritesh will handle everything.

Ritesh inquires of Indu, “What occurred, and why is she stressed? ” The reporter inquires, “Is this your first car? ” Indu informs Ritesh that she does not want this. He inquires, “What? ” She gives him the key gift box back.

Indu declares, “I accept this car. ” Kaamna instructs Indu to keep smiling and be silent. Indu yells, “I don’t want this! ” The reporter inquires as to why she is refusing Ritesh’s expression of gratitude. Indu enters the house.

Kaamna invites the media to lunch. Sameer contacts the advertisement company and offers to do the advertisement for 15 crores. Indu grabs her purse. Kaamna inquires as to what occurred to you. Indu says I’m not used to all of this and I became worried.

Ritesh requests that the servant bring water. According to Vivaan, you are a journalist and this is your job. Indu says, “I wanted to let you all know right away that I am not a reporter. ” Ritesh adds, “I know, I heard the magazine name was kutton ki duniya. ” Vivaan wonders if you fooled Kaamna Maasi.

Kaamna believes you have common sense and wonders why you refused the gift. Indu apologises and adds that if you had told me previously, I would have said it. Ritesh wonders if it is impolite to decline the gift. Indu claims she does not want to be disrespectful and that his two words of gratitude are adequate. He claims it was a thank-you gift.

She claims that is part of my one-month salary. Ritesh claims that the value of a gift is hidden behind emotions. She describes me as a regular, middle-class girl with modest desires, and she claims that my beliefs prevent me from accepting that. According to Kaamna, many die to achieve this position, and you are refusing this gift. She claims you’ll become famous overnight.

Indu claims she does not want to be famous since she is middle-class and does not want people to put expectations on her. She claims that we don’t have servants to give us directions and do our tasks for us. Ritesh tries to persuade her to drive. She explains that our worlds are different, that anything I did was for Zo. .. and then she says for your fans and my friend’s work. Ritesh invites her to lunch. She says I said I’d come for a while and that my lunch break is only an hour and that I have to get to my workplace. Sameer believes she would prefer a larger vehicle, which is why he declined this vehicle.

Ritesh wonders where these middle-class folks come from who deny things cruelly and call them etiquette. Such principles strike him as weird. Anjali informs Rajendra that Reddy’s uncle has not paid the 13000 change, but you continue to send him tiffin. Rajendra promises to pay the money and asks her to understand. She claims you conduct business rather than charity.

She asks if you made biryani twice. He inquires if you eat the same thing every day. She claims that profits will be lower. He claims I am assisting Indu with housekeeping and that we are now father and son. He notices a fragrance coming from the kitchen and goes there.

She smiles as she sees Asha cooking pakodas. He promises to make chutney. Indu arrives home and requests that he make tea. Anjali requests Indu’s presence and informs her that our tiffin centre is experiencing losses. Indu compensates her for her loss and also provides her with pocket money.

She requests that she not show her grief. Anjali says you’ve hoarded this money for yourself and urges her to get Bob Ji to close the tiffin centre for a few days. She claims he’s pleased with his tiffin service and wonders how she can steal his joy. Anjali claims he is assisting you with running the household. “Let him be happy in his own world,” says Indu.

She claims that money cannot buy happiness. Ritesh claims that money can buy happiness, which is why he attempted to buy her a car. But she declined. How impolite. Rahul says it’s her loss and wonders why you’re unhappy.

Ritesh is unhappy since she denied his lovely gesture and he felt insulted. Rahul claims that we, middle-class people, have different thoughts and that you have been wealthy since childhood and have had everything you have asked for. He claims you don’t understand our middle-class attitude and that if you offer us anything, our self-esteem will suffer. He claims that my sister and I used to eat biscuits dipped in water when we couldn’t get rations at home for a month at a time. He says whatever you’re thinking since her rudeness is an expression of her self-esteem.

Ritesh participates in the game and loses. Rahul declares that I have won. Ritesh, do you believe there is also a conflict about the monthly ration? Indu informs Rajendra and Anjali of Ritesh’s rage and says it’s a good thing I didn’t take Zoon there. She claims that our world is different and that they are wealthy.

Anjali claims that if you had called her, she would have answered. Indu claims that I should beat her. Sunita transports Zoon there. Zoon is depressed. Indu wonders what happened to my phuggi and if Nikhil told him anything else.

Sunita informs me that her school is hosting a competition tomorrow. Rajendra thinks it’s fine. Sunita claims that they have scheduled a volleyball tournament for the children’s father and that all of her friends’ fathers are expected to attend. Zoon apologises to Indu and claims she did not use her name in the competition. She enters the house.

Sunita claims that she is grieving for her father today and that if she discovers that her mother is not real, she will be broken. Indu begs her to stop. Sunita says she’ll find out, but she doesn’t know if her mother is alive or dead. Rajendra expresses his affection for her and then adds, “Sunita observes that it is difficult for a girl to be alone. Indu wants her to quit on this issue now and promises to tell Zoon the truth.

Sunita claims that the past and truth will cause ruin in the present. Ritesh Malhotra’s house footage appears and inquires about it. She wonders why the reporters are sent home halfway through the ceremony and who ordered the car. She claims to bring forth the truth. According to the employee, Pankaj asked the reporters to remove the film and forced them to sign it. Kadambari inquires whether Pankaj pays you or this company. She is the publisher of the B Times.