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Let’s enjoy the written update for the just-out installment of the winning TV show Bahut Pyar Karte Hain delivered on Saturday, 06 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh Warns Samir is the name of another episode number S1 E24.

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Zoon is chastised by Indu when she insists that she find her a father. Later, when Ritesh refuses to do the tobacco ad, he gets into an altercation with Samir.


The episode begins with Kadambari telling the employee that she must be greedy and ruthless in order to advance in life, and that if she is an innocent cow, people will compress her and she will become their servant. She says you’ll be grounded for two weeks and will only write daily horoscopes. Please, Ma’am, says the employee. Kadambari motions for her to leave. Sameer dials Kadambari’s number and introduces himself as Sameer Malhotra.

Kadambari inquires about superstar Ritesh’s flopped relative, Sameer. He claims he will not fail and is going to see an advertisement. He claims he wants to conduct an exclusive interview with her. She claims she’s not interested and hangs up the phone. Sameer informs Vivaan that Kadambari Patel despises males and that B Times is the number one magazine, and he wishes to woo her in order to reach the top.

Rahul inquires about the status of the story with Ritesh. It’s sad, according to Ritesh. No, Rahul argues, some writer has written a factual story about a middle-class individual. Ritesh wonders why he has been talking about the middle class since the morning. He claims the girl, your tale, and the photo are all middle-class.

The driver applies a hard break. The driver apologises. Ritesh says the name of a middle-class restaurant and says too much. Rahul wonders what occurred. Indu enters Zoon’s room and informs him that Bob has prepared a special chocolate milkshake for him.

She invites her to any game and says she would leave right away to join her. Zoon claims that everyone has a Papa, but I don’t. Indu believes that God may want your Moj to love both parents. Zoon cuddles her and asks her to ask Genie Ritesh to look for her papa as soon as possible. Indu expresses her dissatisfaction with Ritesh’s topic and informs him that he would not be able to invite your papa.

Zoon has promised to bring my papa. Indu says, “I am satisfying all of your stubbornness,” and asks her to understand that she is unable to grant her wish. She invites her to a drink. Zoon alters her expression. Indu becomes agitated.

The other servant enters the kitchen and informs the other servant that the witch is suffering from a headache and has gone to sleep. The lady servant threatens to kill you if she hears you. He claims he is working because he is in debt. Will you have a biscuit, he asks? She says no and asks if I want to make tea.

He declines and dips the biscuits in water. Ritesh arrives and declares that he is experiencing middle-class feelings. He calls the servant to a halt and asks, “What do you want to show that you are middle-class? ” He claims you’re eating a biscuit with water and don’t have any money. He says you’ll eat roti with salt and refuse the automobile if I give it to you.

No, said the servant, I will not reject you. According to Ritesh, middle-class people have self-esteem and values. Rahul wonders what occurred. Ritesh claims that I am preventing him from becoming middle-class. He inquires about his pay.

The servant says, “15 thousand. Ritesh says 30K starting tomorrow. Rahul inquires, “What? ” Ritesh states that we need to change the middle class and asks him to buy rations, cheese, milk, and so on. He requests that he enjoy himself.

The servant is content. The Lady Servant inquires as to why you are doing this favour for him. Ritesh claims to be middle-class. The Lady Servant claims that I, too, would have eaten roti with water. Zoon discovers Ritesh’s autographed pool photo and assumes Moj told me to keep away from Ritesh and had a picture of him in her purse.

Rajendra approaches Zoon and inquires whether she requires Papa or Super Papa. Zoon finishes the milk as he requests. He claims I am Super Papa and will participate in the match. She claims you’re too old to play volleyball. He claims to be a champion.

Zoon claims that all seniors lie. He inquires as to who lied to you. Zoon says Moj, and she adds that she told me to keep away from Ritesh, and she has his picture in her purse. Rajendra notices the photograph. Indu shows up.

Rajendra gives her a look. Indu inquires, “What happened? ” She claims you sipped milk while holding Bob’s hand. She inquires as to why you are both staring at me. Rajendra inquires as to what this photograph is doing in your handbag.

According to Indu, it happened by accident. Rajendra claims you told Zoon not to meet with him and wonders what this photo is doing in your purse. He signs her name and pretends to reprimand her. Zoon asks him not to reprimand Moj and explains that Papa does not reprimand, but rather loves. Rahul tells Ritesh to rest and tells him that he has to shoot some difficult scenes the next day.

Ritesh inquires as to what middle-class folks provide for one another. Rahul tells him to rest and departs. Ritesh receives Anil’s call. He answers the phone and says hello. He is surprised to learn something and asks, “What?

” He emerges from his room and addresses Sameer. He hears Sameer and his buddies partying in his room and dancing to loud music. He pulls Sameer downstairs and requests that his pals leave. Sameer wonders if you’ve gone insane. Ritesh claims to be having issues with his gutka advertising effort.

Sameer advises against making a S. L. flick. He claims you have no authority to stop me. Ritesh claims he can stop you and that he has some ground rules.

Sameer claims that whether I advertise or not, people will consume tobacco. Ritesh claims that I will not allow any Malhotra to break Papa’s rules. He instructs him to recite Ritesh Malhotra’s name and tells him that he must follow his rules in his home. Sameer wonders where your rules went when you gave the false reporter a car in exchange for publicity. Ritesh says I wanted to thank her by giving her a car.

Sameer claims that if you had given her a 4–5 K gift, she would have accepted it. He claims you aspire to be God and that he wishes to clear your image. He claims she did not accept the gift, and you are venting your rage on me. Ritesh becomes enraged and declares, “She has spared me from jail; keep her out of this. ” Sameer claims that a young and intelligent man was required for that fact, and you are insecure and jealous.

Ritesh says you’re a flop star, and I’m envious of you. He thinks my movies are huge. Sameer claims that after I complete this advertisement, everyone will understand my worth. Ritesh grabs his collar and exclaims, “You are not going to do this ad. ” Sameer says I’ll do it.

Pankaj and Kaamna arrive. Ritesh informs you that your son is working on an advertisement for 15 crores. Pankaj wonders if this is true. Yes, Sameer says. Ritesh claims that I will break your jaw.

Sameer claims that he will bury you right here. Pankaj claims you would not perform this advertisement. He directs Ritesh to his room. Ritesh enters his room. Pankaj claims he will not do this advertisement and regrets marrying Kaamna.

Kaamna’s eyes welled with tears. Indu informs Vivek that my daughter’s heart breaks every day because of Ritesh’s one promise. She claims that these celebrities consider other people’s lives to be filmy as well. She says I should if I see him again. According to Vivek, the solution to every problem is not war.

Indu wonders what to do. He says he has an idea and speaks to her in hushed tones. Indu likes and respects his idea. Zoon shows up. According to Indu, I thought I’d give her some good news and tell her I’d be bringing Papa to the volleyball game.

Zoon inquires, “Really? ” Yes, Indu adds, it’s a secret, and she requests her not to tell anyone. Zoon smiles and departs. Indu inquires from Vivek about the feasibility of this strategy. Yes, says Vivek. Indu is hopeful that their plan will be successful.