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Let’s enjoy the written update for another story of the gripping TV serial Bahut Pyar Karte Hain reported on Friday, 08 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu in a Predicament is the tag of the most modern episode number S1 E3.

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Rajendra Raina, who is hurt, has a terrifying nightmare while traveling to Mumbai by bus. Later, after Kadambari flees, Indu is left with the newborn child.


Rajendra and Indu begin the episode by returning home. Indu apologises to Rajendra. Rajendra tells her not to apologize to anyone and claims Mahesh is at fault, not her. He asks her not to apologise and claims that you have loved him.

Indu tells herself that she has taken her father’s respect from him and caused him to lower his head when she says, “I will get an extra blanket from the conductor. ” Standing on the stairs, she opens the bus door and recalls Mahesh’s words. She tumbles off the moving bus. Rajendra’s dream turns out to be the object.

He calls her when he becomes anxious. Standing outside the bus is Indu. He clings to her and breaks down. Did you have a nightmare in which I fell off the bus?

“Indu inquires. She claims that I lost my life but not my love. “I won’t let anyone stop my life,” she says. I expect this, “he says.

She claims that while Moj had cancer, you mortgaged your home to pay for her treatment. You allegedly took out a loan to send Prashant Bhaiya to Canada, she claims. She claims that you voluntarily left the RTO office. She claims that you held us all while standing and we did not fall.

She declares that she won’t lose and explains that you had taught her that God opens the second door before shutting the first. She promises to check that other door. When the bus driver sees a woman standing in the road, he abruptly stops the vehicle. She is asked to get out of the way by the bus conductor and driver.

“She is still standing, lady. Indu exits the bus with her father by her side. “Can’t you see that she is pregnant? ” Indu asks.

Because anything can happen at any time, the conductor claims he is unable to permit her. According to Indu, we cannot abandon her. The woman declares her desire to visit Mumbai. “We will drop her,” Ind says.

Rajendra gives the conductor money. Indu drags her inside the bus and forces her to drink water. She inquires as to her month. The girl claims to be Kadambari and predicts her demise.

She claims that after my parents kicked me out of the house for marrying a betrayer, he got pregnant and left with another woman. She claims that I endured his beating in its entirety. She cries while explaining how to raise the child. She experienced labour pains right then.

If there is a doctor present, Rajendra inquires. asked the conductor. “I told you not to assist her,” the conductor claims. Rajendra requests that the bus driver take him to the hospital.

The driver claims that there is no hospital within 100 kilometres. An elderly woman arrives and inspects Kadambari. She demands that we deliver her right away. Indu inquires, “If you are a doctor.

The woman claims to be a nurse. Indu is asked to follow her instructions. The woman assists Kadambari with giving birth. Kadambari takes the infant in her hand, gives it to Indu, and then turns to face her.

She rests. Indu examines the infant. Indu is asked to sit down by Kadambari and the infant by Rajendra. Indu looks after the infant.

Indu is awakened by Rajendra in the morning. Are you alright, Indu inquires? Yes, Rajendra responds when asked where Kadambari is. When did Indu say she arrived?

The baby, according to Rajendra, is with you. As per Indu, she must be present. He inquires if she has fed the baby. After giving the baby to me, Indu claims she fed her once and then went to sleep.

She says we will descend and check. She misses the letter that Kadambari left for her. Indu and Rajendra query the conductor. Our bus driver claims that while we were on our way to the bathroom, she may have eloped.

He asks her to open her eyes and says, “I warned you not to fall into her trap. ” Give this infant to the bus depot and let them know you found her on a bus, he commands. Indu asks how she can leave this baby alone. We’ll give, according to Rajendra, and we can’t make a decision about her.

Indu is concerned as she makes her way to the depot. They are currently shooting Ritesh’s movie. The dupatta of Indu hit his head. He turned to face her but was unable to see her face.

He follows in her wake. Moving toward the depot is Indu. He beams. Why did you wear this shirt?

“Rahul queries. ” Yes, Ritesh replies. The shot is prepared, claims Rahul. Indu arrives at the depot and reports that the woman has delivered the baby inside the bus before leaving.

The woman requests that she keep the infant in the room and says, “I’ll see you later. I have a lot of work. ” Indu takes the infant home after visiting the lost and found room. She goes out and clarifies that the object being kept there is a baby, not some lost item.

The woman claims that the baby will be taken by orphanage workers. She picks up the phone and inquires about the serial episode. Indu enters the lost and found room, leaves the infant on the table, and exits. The baby carries her dupatta. Indu sobs while grabbing her dupatta. She leaves. A baby stares at her.