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Check the written update for the sweet installment of the impressive TV series Bahut Pyar Karte Hain produced on Monday, 11 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Prashant presents a gift to Indu is the designation of the revolutionary episode number S1 E4.

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After reading the letter that Kadambari left for her, Indu decides to raise the child on her own. While Indu’s parents are concerned for her, Ritesh is impressed by her.


The baby’s nighttime sobbing opens the episode. Anjali is awakened by Indu, who requests milk from her. I will handle her, she claims. Anjali returns with milk.

Indu tries to give the baby milk, but she refuses to consume it. Indu begs the infant to stop wailing. She is asked to check her diaper by Sunita. Indu examines her underwear.

Anjali claims the baby was silent. She is asked by Sunita to check her phone. She advises Indu to get a guide to help raise the child and says, “Your Maa will teach you. ” Indu agrees and requests something.

Sunita says her diaper is full after checking it. If Indu brought the diaper, she inquires. No, says Indu. She is asked by Sunita to bring a soft dupatta.

She soothes the infant by saying that parenting is an art. She claims that she had to get up at night to care for them. She makes a transport company call for the infant. transport company, according to Indu?

Sunita claims that’s where she’s from. She leads the child to the window, where she sings lullabies. The infant slumbers soundly. Turning around, Sunita notices Indu and Anjali dozing off.

There are four kids, according to her. She forces the infant to sleep on the bed and claims that because the child is so young, it needs a mother and family, which my daughter cannot provide because she is unfit for the job. She claims that if you make her mother cry, then this mother will crumble. She apologises, saying that her daughter thinks it is inappropriate to hold Indu’s hand if you do.

She says, “Please pardon me, but you need to go to your family. ” Then she gives her a blessing. Vivek arrives in the morning and gives Sunita sugar. Sunita queries, “Why did she send aloo parathas in the morning?

” He claims that it was extra and that we would have experienced acidity if there had been more. Sunita reacts in shock. He tells her that Indu is calling and asks her to continue her response. The doorbell chimes.

Prashant delivers a parcel to Vivek. Indu is informed that a parcel was sent by Prashant in Canada. When Indu opens the present, the locket and chain are visible. She reads the letter, in which he requests that Indu keep the wedding date in November because he will be there.

When Vivek’s mother arrives, she notices the locket. She inquires as to whether Mahesh gave this and queries Sunita as to the wedding date. They will go shopping, she says, because Indu is just like her daughter. Vivek requests that she listen.

Indu is invited inside by him. Indu and Mahesh are not getting married, he says, requesting his mother to restrain herself from speaking. His mother’s reaction was one of shock. Indu enters the space and sobs.

The infant also begins to sob. Indu picks up the infant and begs her not to cry. The infant supports her finger. Indu tries to calm the infant.

Plays Karte Bohot Pyaar Hai Indu advises the infant to be strong because there is nothing she can do to change the past. I’m shattered, she says, and it’s hard for me to walk even a short distance. She says, “I believe that whatever has happened is good,” and she queries why every significant lesson in life has hurt us. She remarks that it is odd how our lives were changed by one night, how much we lost, and how calm you seem to be as you look at me.

She claims that I made the decision to be tough like my phuggi. She claims that although I don’t want you to leave, I will be powerless to stop your mother from coming if she does. She thanks her, says I’ll continue to be your Choti Mamma, and adds, “I love you, Phuggi. ” She embraces the infant.

Vivek wonders if Indu is all right. Indu claims that she is okay and explains that the baby is there to cheer her up. “You are so sweet,” she says. She is asked by Vivek not to flatter him.

She claims that while I was reading at night about immunizations, you scheduled the appointment. The hospital employee tells Indu that the infant resembles her. She receives a water bottle from Vivek when he arrives. Indu inquires if the child resembles her, and Vivek confirms it.

Why, inquired Vivek, Vivek and Indu travel to the doctor’s cabin. When is the baby due? “the doctor wonders. Two days ago, Indu stated, I will plan the baby’s immunisation schedule, as the doctor advises.

She enquires as to who the baby’s mother is. Actually, Indu states, The youngster grips her finger. Indu Raina says Indu. The doctor queries the father’s name.

If a father’s name is required, Indu queries. The mother’s name is sufficient, the doctor says. Indu requests that she only write her mother’s name. Rahul takes Ritesh to the hospital and chastises him for performing the stunt without a stuntman.

He claims you’ve studied acting and consider yourself to be Superman. Ritesh claims he believed it to be a small stunt and that it would be carried out. Rahul reprimands him. As Indu sits in the doctor’s cabin, Ritesh notices her and turns to face her. He beams. Plays are Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh.