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Enjoy the written update for the original scene of the relaxing telecast Bahut Pyar Karte Hain printed on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 on Star Bharat. New Challenges for Indu is the pseudonym of the current episode number S1 E5.

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When Indu is unable to determine the cause of the baby’s crying, she becomes agitated. She later experiences a breakdown after receiving a wedding gift.


Ritesh looks at Indu and smiles at the beginning of the episode. If laddoos are being distributed here and you want to eat them, Rahul inquires. Ritesh claims the woman is sporting earrings. He turns, but she is not there.

Rahul asserts that she must be a ghost that you are seeing. To save her dreams for the night, he requests Ritesh looks at her as he turns. Rahul drags Ritesh away as Indu exits the doctor’s cabin. “I want to meet the girl,” Ritesh claims.

Rahul claims that I don’t put up with incompetence. I am your boss, Ritesh declares, adding that he will return shortly. Rahul wonders what the Romeo bug bit him. Indu welcomes Vivek.

The nurse asks Indu to get the baby to sleep. Vivek hands Indu the bill. I gave you my card, “Indu claims. Your card is invalid, according to Vivek, and I will get my money back from you plus interest.

Okay, says Indu. He claims that I must receive various injections. Indu promises to obtain it. She claims that Prashant would not have helped me as much as you have if he were present.

She leaves. Rajendra is questioned by Sunita about why Indu took the infant to get shots. Rajendra claims it is essential. He brings back memories of the time she took Anjali to the doctor late at night.

Sunita claims that I am her mother; I wonder if Indu is related to the baby. Rajendra speaks of people. According to Sunita, if Prashant and Bahu Asha had remained in the area, they would not have permitted her to do this. She says I’ll visit my son, and you should stay in the transportation business.

Rajendra inquires as to your words. The doorbell chimes. Mahesh is standing when she opens the door. Mahesh screams, “Where is Indu?

” and “Where is Indu? ” When Ritesh enters the doctor’s cabin, he thinks, “Ms. Earring, where are you? Come in front of me once.

” As Indu turns to return to the infant, Mahesh stops her. “You,” Indu says. Sunita tells Vivek over the phone that Mahesh has returned home. As he leaves to speak with Sunita, Vivek asks the nurse to take care of the infant.

Sunita claims that Mahesh damaged household items after his wife left him. She claims that, out of fear, she told him that Indu had gone to the hospital. She requests that Vivek take Indu home. The nurse departs, leaving the infant unattended.

When Ritesh arrives, he asks the infant if she wants to go see her mother. He takes the child in his arms and asks if she wants to go see Ritesh. He notices a smell and declares that you have gone potty. He promises to clean you.

He removes her diaper and uses wet wipes to clean her. He threatens to reprimand your mother and father for abandoning you. He cleans his hands before removing the diaper. He forces the baby to use the diaper.

He claims to be finished changing diapers, but I will reprimand your parents. He asks if she watches his movie and becomes a fan. He claims to be my newest, prettiest, and cutest fan. He gives her a hi-five and declares that she is his girl.

A nurse arrives and inquires, “Who is he? ” She does not see him. Rahul arrives and picks him up. Where is her mother, the nurse wonders?

Indu leads Indu into a hospital storage area and claims that he had Mansi, a wealthy girl, but that she had fled because of Indu. A nurse enters the area and yells. “The Ward Boy” is called. He is knocked over by Mahesh.

Mahesh pulls Indu along. There, the guards arrive. Mahesh departs from Indu and declares that it is a private matter. It is time for the baby’s vaccination, so the nurse arrives and asks Indu what she is doing there.

Mahesh hears this and grabs the infant out of the nurse’s hands. With the scissors, he threatens to sever the baby’s head. Leave my daughter, Indu says, as she folds her hands. Mahesh says you used to be Sati Savitri and that you adopted the child after I left, and he asks if she is your daughter.

He claims that by wanting me to accept this baby, you were demonstrating your love for me. He asserts that I was correct to believe that you were unfit to be the bahu of good people’s homes. Enough, says Indu. Mahesh claims that you didn’t feel guilty about giving birth to her and that by doing this, you ruined his life.

He claims he can swear he didn’t see such a shameless girl. He promises to make you famous overnight. He is urged not to touch the infant by Indu. With the infant, Mahesh runs.

“Mahesh, I don’t want you to hurt my daughter,” Indu yells. As the man is fleeing with the baby, the guard signals to the others to lock the hospital door. The hand of Ritesh is bandaged. Ritesh and other people are informed by the guard who arrives at the scene that a man has abducted a child and is fleeing with her.

He promises to take Ritesh out via the emergency exit. When someone tells Vivek that a man fled with the baby, he goes searching for Indu. Ritesh sees Mahesh leaving with the infant while he is threatening to kill her. He recognises him and enquires, “Whose baby is that?

” Mahesh claims that the mother of this child is the cheap woman who destroyed my life. He’s asked to stop by Ritesh. Mahesh asks him to refrain from interfering in his private affairs. Ritesh tells the father to leave the baby and promises to ask the hospital not to file a complaint against him.

Mahesh queries if the child is yours and if he is having an affair with his ex. Ritesh challenges you, “Have you gone insane? ” and threatens to knock you down if he gets up. He promises to speak with Mansi and explain things to her.

“What will you gain by hurting the baby? ” he queries. Mahesh claims, “This is my ex-baby, and I will get back at her. ” Someone broke this door, claims Indu.

According to the ward boy, Mahesh went upstairs. Ritesh claims the ex will cry for a few days before returning to normal. But you’ll go to jail, he claims. I’ll bring her, he says, and you can reprimand her.

“I’m going to throw the baby out,” Mahesh says. Vivek, Indu, and other visitors are waiting downstairs. When Mahesh notices Indu, he throws the infant down the stairwell. Indu averts her gaze.

Ritesh leaps, grabs the infant, and tumbles down the other flight of stairs. Mahesh and Ritesh both scored. Mahesh is beaten by Ritesh. Indu receives word from Vivek that the infant was saved.

Ritesh cuddles the infant. Mahesh is detained by police after they arrive. If Ritesh is alright, Rahul inquires. Ritesh examines the infant while holding his finger. He beams.