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Let’s enjoy the written update for the sweet episode of the charming television broadcast Bahut Pyar Karte Hain pronounced on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Is in Danger is the moniker of the groovy episode number S1 E6.

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Mahesh strikes them while Indu is in the hospital for the baby’s vaccination. Ritesh is taken aback when he sees Mahesh and protects the baby from his brutal hands.


The episode begins with Rahul requesting Ritesh to come from there, claiming that his fan base will grow. Ritesh and Rahul head outdoors, as Indu, Vivek, and others arrive. Indu takes the baby and declares, “This is my daughter. ” Mahesh claims that a man saved your daughter and threatens to ruin her life.

Vivek strikes him. Indu inquires about the nurse. According to the nurse, she couldn’t see his face. Mr.

Stranger, Indu thanks you. She claims I will never leave her for a second. She embraces her. Rahul questions Ritesh about the need for you to become bruce.

He claims you were fighting like a thug; it’s a good thing the hospital didn’t disclose this to protect their reputation. Ritesh claims that Mahesh threw the baby, and that when she touched my finger, she felt like she was hers. Rahul inquires and feels his shoulder. Ritesh yells out in agony.

Rahul notices the injuries and takes them to the clinic for a tetanus shot. Indu tells Rajendra that she believed she had lost the baby for a moment, but that someone had saved her. She claims I was unable to save my daughter’s soul. Sunita inquires about your daughter and whether she is a nuisance.

Rajendra claims you’re saying this for a newborn while having two daughters. Sunita claims I have three children and is Indu’s mother. She claims it is my responsibility to think about indu rather than the baby. Rajendra says he will inform Mahesh that the baby has a bright destiny because she got home safely.

Sunita claims she has a good destiny for you, but not for me. Indu expresses a desire to meet and thank the saviour. Vivek says we’ll inquire at the hospital. Indu asks who will look after the baby if I go away.

Rajendra says I’ll do it. Doctor Sen thanks Ritesh for saving the infant and informs him that all staff members have been told not to take your name. According to Indu, Dr. Sen may know who he is.

Vivek claims it’s so movie-like that he went and asked whether he was Ritesh Malhotra. Indu claims he only assisted me once, and that is plenty. Ritesh’s injury is bandaged and he is asked to wear his shirt. Vivek and Indu arrive to meet with Dr.

Sen. According to Vivek, we want to know about the person who saved her daughter. Indu wishes to meet him and says that while “thank you” is a simple word, “telling him” is a significant deal for me. She requests that he tell her about himself.

I can’t tell you, according to Dr. Sen. Indu thanks him on her behalf and offers tiffin for him. Ritesh approaches the doctor’s hut.

Indu is spotted walking out of the hospital. According to Dr. Sen, the baby’s mother thanked you and offered you tiffin. Ritesh says he doesn’t need it and doesn’t want to meet her.

He claims that I saw the baby in the children’s ward and waited there for 15 minutes, but her parents did not appear. He claims to have changed her diaper. He accuses them of being irresponsible parents, asking why they brought a baby into the world if they couldn’t care for it. He claims to understand what it’s like to grow up without parents.

I’m sorry, doctor, I didn’t realise you didn’t have parents. He claims that my father is not present but that my mother is. He requests that the doctor instruct her to concentrate on the baby rather than on making kheer. Indu expresses her desire to meet that person to Vivek.

Vivek assures me that your kheer will reach him. He inquires as to when you intend to inform your family of your decision. “Very soon,” she says. Sunita disagrees with Indu’s decision to parent the child.

She claims that you will repent eventually, regardless of what society thinks. She claims that having this baby will cause your life to become stagnant. Indu claims that if I keep this baby without marrying, society will chastise me and you will all face problems, but I want to keep this baby. She claims that while she was in danger, I felt like I was going to die.

She claims that whatever happened to Mahesh broke her, but if anything had happened to the baby, she would have perished. She claims to be God’s blessing, having taken me out of my grief and filled Mahesh’s treachery with her love. She claims that while she does not know how to raise a child, she will learn with time. She claims that I require my Moj to become her Moj.

She requests that she agree. Rajendra also requests Sunita’s approval. Sunita appears and states that she enjoys watching the moon and that she sleeps when moonrays fall on her. Zoon is her name, and she is Indu’s zoon. She refers to a chunk of my moon.