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Enjoy the written update for the freshly published sequence of the sweet telecast Bahut Pyar Karte Hain presented on Thursday, 14 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Is Grateful is the headline of the trend-setting episode number S1 E7.

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Indu pays a visit to Zoon’s saviour to convey her appreciation. Later, she persuades Savita of Zoon’s parenting.


5 years later. Indu’s voiceover informs us that 5 years have passed. She claims that the city hasn’t changed, but the Raina family has. She claims Zoon brought us much joy, but God took Prashant bhaiyya from us in an accident in Canada.

She claims that my bhabhi Asha is broken, yet she never loses strength and continues to look for work for herself. She claims that Bob ji and Moj’s regular fights continue. She claims that Moj’s purpose is to have me married, and that Bob ji is preoccupied with his tiffin centre. She claims that her responsibilities have been expanded and that she is now an RTO officer.

She claims she is really pleased since she has her lifeline, Zoon. Zoon can be seen cheering on the children while they play a game. She is standing with her legs supported. Vivek inquires as to why she is not playing.

She asks, “How can I play? ” Why, he wonders? She claims I am slow and that people make fun of me. She claims that if I had my Papa, he would have scolded them.

Vivek adds, “Just see what I can accomplish,” and asks for her name. Nikhil, she says. Vivek chastises Nikhil and asks whether he stopped her from playing the game. Nikhil claims she is slow and unable to walk.

She compares him to Hussain and not to Zoon, who she believes is imperfect. Vivek motions for him to run while holding his tshirt. Nikhil was unable to flee. Vivek makes him apologise.

Zoon thinks you’re the best and that if I had a Papa, he’d be like you. Vivek inquires about Zoon’s first day in school. She agrees. He asks her if anyone bothers her.

Zoon hugs him goodbye and walks away. Vivek’s eyes well up with tears as he feels sorry for her. Zoon’s hair is combed by Indu. Zoon tells her everything and warns her she can’t run like the other girls.

Doctor uncle said, “Indu says you can run fast. ” Zoon inquires as to who caused my accident. Indu claims that I’ve been attempting to find out for the past two years. Zoon’s pencil box collapses.

Indu takes it and discovers Ritesh’s picture inside. Zoon claims Ritesh is his favourite hero and that he flies in his most recent flick. She claims that if I had my father, he would have made me fly. According to Indu, I shall make you fly.

She takes her and flies her. She instructs her to get ready. Zoon invites her to see Ritesh’s film and expresses his admiration for him. Indu says, “OK, go check on Anjali Maasi.” Anjali Maasi, according to Zoon, will come to collect me up after her school race. Indu nods and invites her to meet Bob ji and Moj. Zoon departs. Indu sees Ritesh’s photo and remembers his talks, which affected her decision to take Zoon.

She expresses gratitude to Zoon and wishes him the best of luck with his film. Ritesh’s impaired vision is removed by Rahul. Ritesh claims that your traditions are the same. Rahul claims that as a result of this, you have become a superstar and have beaten Karthik to the number one spot.

He claims that Bohot pyaar karte hai was a smash hit, and that BPKH 2 is out now. He claims you will receive offers from Hollywood. Ritesh says he needs his automobile right away. Rahul reports that Kalpesh has arrived at the RTO office and that all of the theatres are full.

Kalpesh phones Rahul and informs him that he has arrived at the RTO office and will deliver the car after meeting with her. Indu approaches Zoon and informs him that you had left your handkerchief in the car. Zoon observes a couple and their child. She inquires about her Papa with Indu.

Indu claims to be both your Papa and Mamma. Zoon claims she desires both. Indu claims that 2-2 is common, but you are unique, therefore special 2 in 1 for special zoon. She searches for something.

Zoon inquires of Moj, “What are you looking for? ” Indu says I’m looking for my phuggi’s grin. Zoon smiles and embraces her. Indu invites her to school.

Indu walks slowly enters the school. Plays bohot pyaar karte hai… Indu notices her entering the house. She approaches the RTO officer and apologises for being late.

She signs the paperwork. Kalpesh, the salesman, informs the client that he requires this vehicle immediately. Indu inquires, “If this car belongs to Ritesh Malhotra, could you please email me a photo of him with his autograph? ” Kalpesh says he’ll ask Rahul to send something.

Payal inquires of Indu whether she requested Ritesh’s photograph for Zoon. Yes, says Indu. Payal requests that she tell Zoon the truth. Indu says she’ll meet with the counsellor.

Payal claims that if Zoon finds out, it would end your relationship with her. Indu promises to tell her the truth soon. Zoon is asked to tell her teacher about her father. Nikhil claims she has no father.

Zoon says, “I have my Papa, and Moj is my Papa. ” According to Nikhil, Papa is Papa and Mamma is Mamma; there is no such thing as two in one. He chuckles. Other children laugh as well. The teacher chastises him and forces him to apologise. Zoon’s eyes well up with tears.