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Let’s enjoy the written update for the just-out installment of the viral telecast Bahut Pyar Karte Hain proclaimed on Friday, 15 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Zoon Grows Up is the moniker of the freshly published episode number S1 E8.

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Zoon is ready to start school after five years. Zoon is consoled by Indu because she misses her father when she sees her classmates.


The episode begins with Rahul handing Ritesh the keys to his automobile. Ritesh asks if it has been changed as I stated. Yes, sir, says the salesman. Ritesh kisses the keys and expresses gratitude to the salesman.

Rahul claims that his car is parked in the lot. Ritesh is set to leave, and Rahul will follow her. Rahul claims you designed this car for her, and I showed her every advertisement of yours before your film’s premiere. He tells you that this is your time.

Ritesh urges him to accompany him to the car and hand over the keys. Rahul enters through the front door. Rahul glances out the window at his mother. A servant is feeding his mum soup.

Rahul greets Ritesh’s mother and informs her that Ritesh’s film is being released today and that he has brought a gift for her. He claims you’ve always wanted to go on a long journey, and Ritesh has particularly designed the car for you, allowing you to go wherever. He steps out and strokes her feet. He asks Ritesh when he plans to confront his mother.

Ritesh claims that I can never face her and that she is in this state because of me. He apologises to Maa and expresses his love for her. He puts on his goggles and declares that it is time to take action. Rahul feels sorry for Ritesh and claims that he is acting in his life.

He claims that he hides his feelings and that he has no one to turn to. Rahul later informs Ritesh about his schedule. He says he set aside 5 p. m.

for the party. Ritesh is overjoyed. Rahul asks him to sign the photos and informs him that the RTO officer requires them for early delivery. Ritesh requests her phone contact and expresses his desire to thank him personally.

Ritesh calls Indu in the car and introduces himself as Ritesh Malhotra. Indu believes it is a hoax call and claims to be Deepika Padukone. She hangs up the phone. Ritesh informs Rahul that she mistook the call for a joke.

Rahul beams. Ritesh calls once more. She answers the phone. He requests her not to end the call and expresses his gratitude.

Ritesh Malhotra, you registered my automobile today. She apologises and claims that this occurs with celebrities. I wanted to thank you, he says. Indu says she wants to thank you for assisting her in making the most significant decision of her life and that, as a result, her life has changed.

He inquires, “Really? ” She claims I don’t know what I’m doing and that the scores are equal. He expresses gratitude and says, “My loved one’s life can change with the car. ” Indu says, “I wish you double happiness.” Ritesh adds, “My happiness will be multiplied” and addresses her as Ms. Padukone. She claims that my name is not Deepika. He likes the name and promises to deliver his photograph shortly.

Indu appears and asks a man if he is Jasmeet Singh and whether he has come for a driving test. Yes, he says. He inquires whether you intend to take the test. She agrees and invites him to sit in the car.

She dials Anjali’s number. Anjali gets on her bike and answers the phone. Indu inquires, “Did you make it to school? ” Anjali says she’ll be there in 5 minutes.

Indu instructs Jasmeet to fasten his seat belt and starts the automobile. She instructs him to turn right and then left. Anjali contacts Indu and informs him that there is no student at the school. Indu invites her inside.

Anjali enters the waiting area and informs everyone that Zoon is not present. She says she’ll meet with the principal. Indu becomes concerned and asks if we may take the test drive in the evening. He says I have to go see Ritesh’s movie.

bohot pyaar karte hai. . . Indu assumes Zoon must have gone there and requests that Anjali accompany her to the nearest multiplex near her school.

Rahul informs Ritesh that they will be arriving shortly. Zoon has arrived at the Multiplex. A man notices her and recognises her. He inquires, “What are you doing here?” She addresses him as “bhaiyya. Anjali asks Indu whether she is certain Zoon is present. Indu says, “absolutely. ” The guy forces her to sit on the sofa and asks, “Where is your Moj?” Zoon claims she came here because she was sad. He inquired if your Moj was aware. She declines. He requests that Raghav arrange for Zoon, his special guest, to meet Ritesh.

She inquires as to whether Ritesh will be present. That is why, he claims, I am not sending you there. Raghav asks if she wants anything. Aarti thaali is kept on the table by someone.

Zoon is overjoyed to find a large cutout of Ritesh. Raghav adds that when he comes here, we will apply tika on his cut out since he feels it will bring him good luck. Indu arrives and calls Zoon. A large crowd had gathered to catch a glimpse of Ritesh.

Indu calls Anjali but is unable to see her. Anjali notices her and gestures with her hand. She approaches her and says, “Thank God, I saw you. ” Indu claims Vivek is also looking for her.

She claims she has to be here. Ritesh makes it there. Indu becomes concerned. When Vivek arrives at Indu’s residence, Zoon’s photo frame collapses. He takes it and turns to face her.