Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Yuvan, Banni Shoot for an Ad

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Banni receives reassurance from Agasthya that Yuvan would be guided through the many challenges of the tournament. After that, Yuvan is quite adamant that Banni be a part of the promotional video shoot.


Get the written update for the modern webisode of the striking television broadcast Banni Chow Home Delivery delivered on Friday, 23rd September 2022. Yuvan, Banni Shoot for an Ad is the label of the newly published episode number S1 E101.


Yuvan begins the episode by informing Banni that he is terrified. Banni advises him not to be afraid and to follow the director’s suggestion. Yuvan thanks her and kisses her hands. Agastya takes the attention of everything. Yuvan claims that without you, I am nothing.

Banni assures me that everything will be OK now and that I will only cry joyful tears. Yuvan notices Agastya in disbelief. Banni tells Yuvan not to be afraid since Agastya accepts our apologies. Yuvan expresses gratitude to Agastya. Yuvan is summoned downstairs by a shooting member.

Banni brings him sugar and curd to eat. A crew member instructs Yuvan on how to spin the heroine. Yuvan informs Banni that he is unable to complete the task. Banni tells him he can accomplish it before serving beverages and spaghetti to crew members. Yuvan feels uneasy after failing to dance with heroin.

Agastya expresses his desire to apologize to Banni and promises her that he will assist Yuvan and become his mentor. Yuvan, according to Banni, has her. Agastya claims that it is not as simple as cooking. Banni claims that cooking is difficult. Agastya apologizes, “I realize cooking is difficult.

” Yuvan knocks heroine down. Mona walks away, saying, “I can’t perform with him. ” How can they shoot without a woman, asks the director. Yuvan suggests using Banni. Crew members disagree with him advise.

Agastya intervenes and informs them that Banni is an excellent option and that by doing so, we can illustrate how Banni wants her husband to become a superstar. Members of the crew concur. Banni says no way. Yuvan and his family have asked her to do it. Banni denies it and goes back to her room.

Banni shuts the door without looking, injuring Agastya’s hand. Banni puts ice on his hand and requests that he take a pain reliever. Agastya accepts it. He inquires whether she intends to create a medical clinic in her house. Banni claims it’s Yuvan’s equipment.

She massages cream onto his hand. Agastya approaches her and begs her to participate in a promotional shot for Yuvan’s achievement. Devraj approaches her and begs her to agree. For the picture shoot, Banni is depicted performing a duet with Yuvan. Yuvan can’t do it right.

The director instructs him to do it right. Agastya steps in for Yuvan and teaches him how to execute the step with Banni. Yuvan requests that he repeat the process. Agastya repeats it. Banni is feeling uneasy.

Agastya inquires of Yuvan as to his comprehension. Yuvan claims to understand it, yet he is unable to do well. The director instructs him to act like a man looking into her eyes rather than a kid. Rohan informs Agastya that Banni will complete his task. Viraj mockingly declares that it must be shown on television.

Charmi believes it must be because God links them. It is seen how Agastya altered Yuvan’s medications with the assistance of Rohan. Agastya thinks back on his insults. He watches them and thinks to himself, sorry Yuvan, you’re a terrific singer, but you have to lose because I need to show my father and the viewers that my choice was correct and you can’t become a superstar.