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Enjoy the written update for the freshly released chapter of the grateful TV program Banni Chow Home Delivery aired on Monday, 29 August 2022 on StarPlus. Banni Grows Suspicious is the tag of the recent episode number S1 E79.


Banni becomes sceptical about Yuvan’s behaviour with Manini after discovering a hint in Charmi’s luggage. When Yuvan takes a golden flute from the shrine, Banni is held responsible.


Yuvan and Banni prepare the idol of Bal Gopal for the Janmasthami celebration. Yuvan examines Banni attentively and corrects her hairstyle. He then walks over to Manini’s mother and looks at her. Banni receives a call from Vishnu, who says he met planetarium manager Ravi Goyal about a tiffin order and that he doesn’t know Banni at all. Banni searches the internet for Ravi Goyal’s photo and discovers that she is a different person.

Charmi argues with Viraj that she requires a 4-5 lakh present for her cousin’s wedding. She drops a ticket from her handbag. Banni chooses it and is surprised to hear that it has a parking ticket for its planetarium. She pulls Devraj aside and explains to him that Viraj and Charmi had gone to the planetarium the day before, and that they had encountered an impostor as a manager. She also recalls Yuvan being trapped in a room and emerging entirely transformed.

Devraj wonders what all of this means. They overhear Hemant yelling that a robber has broken into their home and is hiding in a room after taking Bal Gopal’s golden bansuri. He, together with Hemant and Veer, knocks on the door and requests that the burglar leave the room. Yuvan goes away, claiming to have stolen the bansuri. The entire family has gathered.

Banni recalls Yuvan pledging to never steal again in his life. Hemant questions Yuvan about why he stole. Yuvan turns to face Banni. Hemant chastises Manini for picking the wrong girl for Yuvan. Yuvan claims he took the bansuri to play Krishnaji.

Hemant takes the bansuri and places it with the god’s idol. Banni questions Yuvan on why he stole it when he could borrow it or take it himself after alerting everyone. Veer says that Banni made Yuvan steal bansuri by telling him that her catering business was losing money. Banni cautions him to keep his maturity as an elder. Veer left.

Banni questions Yuvan about when he painted the bansuri and why he is wearing a jacket without a halfmoon tag. Yuvan becomes increasingly worried and claims to have stolen the bansuri. Yuvan, according to Viraj, must be punished. Banni chooses bansuri and requests that Charmi punish her instead of Yuvan because she and Yuvan are a pair. Viraj believes he has an opportunity to exact his revenge and instructs Charmi not to spare Banni.

Charmi lifts her bansuri to strike Banni, but Yuvan stops her and urges her not to punish Banni because it is not her fault. Banni asks him to tell him why he stole Bansuri then. Yuvan stands silently. Banni expresses her regret at Yuvan’s concealment of information from her and requests that Charmi punish her. Charmi assaults Banni. Yuvan stops her and requests Banni not to suffer as a result of him. Banni observes Palak is tense.