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Enjoy the written update for the freshly published scene of the intriguing TV program Banni Chow Home Delivery voiced on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on StarPlus. Banni Learns New Information is the designation of the freshest episode number S1 E81.


Banni gains more insight into the factors that led to Yuvan’s shift in his attitude toward Manini. After some time has passed, Yuvan makes amends to Banni while also preparing a surprise for her.


At the beginning of the episode, Banni is shown grinding spices while thinking that she only has twenty-four hours to discover the truth. She detects a sound nearby. As she leaves, she becomes aware of the sorry Banni message. Yuvan makes his way there and expresses his regret to her.

According to Banni, she has a lot of work. Yuvan is under the impression that he is unable to share the family secret with his mother. He explains to her that he didn’t consume any food since she didn’t consume any food herself. He tells me that he is aware that I am furious, but that it is not healthy for me to display it in food.

Banni gives a kind grin and suggests that we consume some food. Yuvan grins. They take pleasure in sharing their meals with one another. Myra overhears Palak telling her that Banni was quite disrespectful to their mother today because of me.

Myra encourages her to look on the bright side, and they discuss how there is no longer any suspense about whether or not they will be discovered. Palak claims everyone is upset with her. Banni arrives at the location with coffee for them and offers to be of assistance. Palak has said that they do not need her assistance.

Banni departs. Myra follows Banni and tells her that she is feeling awful about the events that occurred today but that Yuvan is accurate in saying that “mom didn’t do anything and she has changed,” and that she wants Banni to know that it was Manini’s idea to take Yuvan to a planetarium. Banni wants to know whether Manini came up with the concept of the planetarium. Myra agrees.

Myra is cautioned by Banni to make enough preparations. Banni is under the impression that this suggests that Yuvan was involved in some kind of incident there. Banni appeals to Krishna Ji for assistance, telling him, “Please assist me for the sake of the laddus I have provided. ” Because Banni is going to demonstrate her intelligence tomorrow, The following Banni is getting ready.

Yuvan pays a visit to Banni and informs her that they are carrying off their coordinated outfit choices quite well. He tells her he is thrilled to meet Dahi Handi on her street. Banni claims that she enjoys doing it on purpose. Yuvan has assured her that he would applaud her success in breaking the pot.

Banni assures him that she will prepare food for him and bring the pot. Manini arrives at the location and inquires about Yuvan’s readiness. Yuvan informs Banni that he is prepared while wearing clothing that Banni likes. Yuvan receives the instruction from Manini, “I want you to wear this color.

” The Kurta is something that both of us can wear, and she shows him the moon that she embroidered on a shirt especially for him. Banni suggests to Yuvan that he should wear the clothing that Manini has selected by adding that their hearts are similar. Yuvan agrees. He inquires of Manini as to whether or not they are able to attend the Dahi Handi event that is taking place in the vicinity of Banni.

Manini agrees. Manini sees Banni and wonders why she has the impression that Banni is plotting something malicious against her when they are at Dahi Handi. Yuvan and his family eventually make it to the Dahi handi festival. Manini learns through Palak that Hemanth has already gone to Bangalore without having a conversation with her.

Manini cautions her to not make the same mistake again and reveals that she discussed the matter with her mother. Yuvan and Devraj are looking for Banni right now. During this time, Banni visits that location to advertise sponsors. Devraj appreciates Banni’s suggestion.

The summons from Hemanth compels Manini to step aside. According to Banni, the jeweler is willing to give them between two and three lakh rupees if Rathod’s daughter-in-law is willing to advertise them. Banni inquires as to whether Charmi and Viraj are interested in participating. Viraj rejects.

Banni recounts how she came to hear that they needed two to three lakhs. They respond to Vishnu’s appeal. Banni promises Charmi that if she promotes, she will ensure that Charmi receives 4 lakhs. Charmi goes to see Viraj and puts a lot of pressure on him to agree to advertise the jewelry so that they may keep their reputation at the wedding of her cousin.

Banni notices them and believes that this is the day that she will reveal the truth.