Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Manini’s New Trick

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Enjoy the written update for the sweet episode of the refreshing TV broadcast Banni Chow Home Delivery aired on Saturday, 3rd September 2022 on StarPlus. Manini’s New Trick is the pseudonym of the most recently released episode number S1 E84.


Manini makes the claim that she is Vandana in front of Banni and Devraj so that she may win Yuvan’s confidence. Since he is no longer required to keep the information a secret, Yuvan expresses his sincere gratitude to Manini.


Yuvan’s descent onto Banni from the human pyramid marks the episode’s opening. She suffers harm. When Manini becomes enraged, she walks on Viraj’s phone and drops it. Later, Manini chastises Charmi and Viraj, telling them that it was because of their ignorance that I had to tell Banni the full truth. She warns them that they will be penalised if they make any errors going forward.

Viraj reprimands Charmi. When the doctor examines Banni’s hand, he finds a minor sprain rather than a fracture. He departs after administering the pills. To speak with Myra, Devraj accompanies her. Banni queries Yuvan on his wellbeing.

As she uses him as a mattress and injures herself, Yuvan claims he is alright. Banni questions his decision to leave behind his phobia of heights. Yuvan claims that his mother instructed him to smash the butter pot because she would be delighted if he did. When Manini calls him, Yuvan gets up and goes while Banni attempts to communicate with him. Banni feels that she has to investigate what Manini is up to with Yuvan.

When Devraj arrives, he questions Banni about her abrupt departure. He is told what transpired in the planetarium by Banni. Manini prepares turmeric milk and informs Yuvan that it will aid Banni’s recovery. There, Banni shows up. She asks Yuvan why she came.

She is asked to assist Manini with her company. Banni prevents Devraj from confronting Manini as he wants to. Manini claims she has fought destiny and death for Yuvan and has returned. Despite being Vandana, she claims to be Manini. Yuvan wonders if she is sharing the secret.

Manini claims she doesn’t perceive him acting disturbedly by keeping anything from Banni. Yuvan praises her and gives her a hug. Manini requests Devraj’s blessing for his Vandana son-in-law. Devraj is forced to bless Manini by Yuvan. Yuvan is reminded by Manini to follow her advice.

To the garden he goes. At Manini, Devraj snaps with rage. He is stopped by Banni, who informs him that Yuvan must come first. According to Devraj, he erred by disregarding her advice and bringing Yuvan to the planetarium. They must first inspect Yuvan, according to Banni.

She leaves. Banni observes Yuvan strolling around the Tulsi plant in the bright sunshine. Banni is instructed by Yuvan that his mother ordered him to do 101 circumambulations of the holy basil in order to speed up your recovery. Manini is questioned by Banni and Devraj as to why she is with Yuvan. She assures him that he will be shocked when he learns why Manini is doing it at that precise moment.

Manini is tasked by Banni with quickly revealing her. Banni contacts the staff and claims that if everyone participated, she would improve. Everybody follows him. Manini was informed by Banni that she would experience twice the agony. Manini is teased by Banni.

They are urged by Yuvan to work hard at it. Manini believes I will succeed. Banni believes that truth will prevail. Banni is seen by Devraj setting up the carriage. He tells us how she distributes them.

Banni reveals she accepts Vishnu’s support. Manini revealed to Yuvan that she is Vandana’s mother, and she did it in a variety of ways, according to Banni, who tells Devraj that we don’t have to tell Yuvan the truth; instead, we only need to demonstrate it to him. Devraj queries how. Banni claims she has the solution to every issue. Later, Banni was unable to zip up.

When Yuvan arrives to play with Banni while blindfolded, he discovers that the room is locked. Through the window, Yuvan arrives. Banni requests that Yuvan contact Myra on her behalf. Yuvan informs us that nobody is accessible. He aids her by securing the zip on her dress while wearing a blindfold.