Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Yuvan’s Special Surprise for Banni

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the new episode of the enchanting TV broadcast Banni Chow Home Delivery produced on Monday, 5th September 2022. Yuvan’s Special Surprise for Banni is the name of the funky episode number S1 E85.


When Yuvan offers Banni a unique gift to celebrate her birthday, Banni’s excitement level skyrockets. On the other side, Manini finds herself in a sticky situation as Yuvan makes an unexpected request of her.


As the episode opens, Banni removes Yuvan’s blindfolds and expresses gratitude for his assistance. She will become blind, claims Yuvan. Banni queries why. Yuvan urges her to concur with him and assures her that he won’t engage in any nefarious behaviour. Banni concurs.

She is led to the location while she is blindfolded, and Yuvan surprises her by setting up for her birthday. He wishes her a happy birthday. According to Banni, no one ever remembered her birthday. She claims that she forgot her birthday because of stress and inquires about his memory of it. Yuvan claims to know everything there is to know about her.

Their joy is noticed by Viraj and Charmi. Viraj claims he would ruin it in retaliation. At least Yuvan, according to Charmi, doesn’t need Manini’s approval for everything like you do. She warns him that Manini won’t support him if Banni degrades him. They go away.

Why just one candle? Banni queries Yuvan. It’s a clue that Yuvan claims he’s celebrating her birthday for the first time. He says he made the cake and asks her to cut it. Banni, cut the came.

They feed each other. Banni makes a fantastic sign. It was the most incredible surprise of her life, she says. Yuvan states that he wants to give her more surprises and requests information from her. Yuvan’s eyes needed to be opened, according to Banni.

Banni says she has something important to share with him. Later, Banni embraces Manini while calling out, “Mom. ” “What is she doing? ” wonders Manini. She pushes him but gives up looking at him.

It’s Banni’s birthday, according to Yuvsn, and she came to give you cake. After feeding her, Banni requests her blessing. She is blessed by Manini. Banni adjourns. Yuvan asks Manini to assist him in surprising Banni by making Ghewar according to Banni’s request.

Manini is startled. It is shown how Banni requested Yuvan to order his mother to create 101 Ghewar for her clients. As she used to do for him when he was a youngster, Yuvan begs Manini to prepare Ghewar for Banni. Manini is startled and believes she is unable to prepare it. Banni believes that if I just needed ten days to learn it, Manini would need a lifetime to master Ghewar, helping Yuvan to distinguish between a true mother and a phoney one.

Yuvan informs Banni that his mother has consented to making Ghewar as he leads Manini to the kitchen. Thank you, Banni. Manini asks Yuvan to take Banni to the room for a nap. Banni begs Yuvan to help by staying with Manini. She exits for a break.

Manini was phoning Viraj, which Charmi observed. In his slumber, Viraj commands her to stay quiet. To teach Manini a lesson, Charmi instructs them to put their phones on mute. Manini is asked by Yuvan to begin the preparations. Banni travels to see Manini in action.

She is stopped and instructed to provide milk by Yuvan. Manini can’t make it, according to Banni. She is astonished to see Yuvan take ghewar at that point. Banni enters the kitchen, where Manini is cooking them. Yuvan allows Banni to sample the ghewar before informing her that it will be served to her clients the following day.

Is he always around Manini? Banni queries. Yuvan concurs. Banni yells, “Fire in the kitchen! ” One individual emerges and inquires about the fire’s location.

She has a fire-like rage, according to Banni, and I have a sleepy sensation that it is Nathu’s Ghewar and that no one can defraud her of food. She warns him that if he doesn’t tell the truth, he may lose his job. If he arrives, she inquires. He claims Manini phoned him and agreed. Yuvan is startled.

Why would she cheat by summoning a chef? Banni wonders. Does she not know how to cook ghewar, she inquires? According to Banni, Yuvan, the truth is in front of you and your mother Vandana cannot be this Manini.