Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th September 2022 Written Update β€” Banni’s Birthday Celebration

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Check the written update for the current section of the gripping TV show Banni Chow Home Delivery produced on Tuesday, 6th September 2022. Banni’s Birthday Celebration is the label of the cool episode number S1 E86.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 6 Sep 2022 Update Information
Episode No: S1 E86
Title: Banni’s Birthday Celebration
Description Yuvan once again manages to win Banni’s favour by surprising her with a considerate gift on her birthday. Later on, Banni pulls a fast one on everyone at the party by appearing in an unexpected way.


Yuvan tells Banni at the beginning of the episode, “Mum didn’t lie, and I know that Ghewar was created by a chef, not mom. ” He claims to be telling Manini the truth. Yuvan claims that since mom is upset, we hired a chef to prepare Ghewar, so you may feel better. Manini chuckles. After apologising to Banni, the chef departs.

Manini begs Banni to think of ghewar as her devotion and love. Banni departs in dissatisfaction. Yuvan observes that Banni is not in a good mood. He walks up behind Banni and makes her play the piano to cheer her up. Manini disapproves of it.

Banni discovers her lunch boxes are stolen the next day. There, Yuvan shows up. Banni informs him that her lunchboxes are gone. I delivered lunch boxes to customers with Ghewar since Yuvan said that because you are a princess, you do not need to work on your birthday. Banni is joyful.

She asks the Lord to reveal to Yuvan the truth about his Manini mother. Yuvan displays her check. Banni queries what it is. Yuvan claims that it is yet another present, that you received this check from the school, and that you have been hired to make lunch for 200 kids. Banni expresses happiness and claims it to be the ideal present.

Charmi is always listening. Banni presents the mandir with a check. When Charmi bids her a happy birthday, she realises it is a $20k check. She must wear it at the party, according to Yuvan, who also has another surprise for him. Myra initiates it.

When did he take it, Banni queries? Yuvan claims Manini helped him take it. After witnessing the garment, Manini claims Banni is unable to speak. Banni is startled when she sees an article on short contemporary clothing. “Will you wear that?

” Yuvan asks. Banni doesn’t appear to enjoy it, according to Manini. Banni is asked by Yuvan to put on the dress. Alapana claims Yuvan purchased it out of love, so why would Banni dress up for Yuvan in the same way as other wives? because their bond defies all expectations.

Yuvan, who is disappointed, acknowledges Alapana’s accuracy and departs with a dress while claiming he is not a typical spouse. Angrily looking at Manini and Banni Later on, during the celebration, Charmi and Viraj express their surprise at Banni’s extravagant birthday party. Banni will soon be demolished, according to Viraj. Charmi encourages him to stop talking about Banni and asks Manini when she plans to open the plant in Krishnagad. She had us clear up a lot of trash, so we should get something back, Charmi says.

Viraj is visited by Vishnu. He claims a relative of Banni is present. Vishnu arrives at Myra. “Where is Banni? ” he inquires.

Myra predicts their arrival. As Banni is unable to wear the outfit, Alapana informs Manini that she doesn’t believe Banni will attend. Banni and Yuvan arrive at the party wearing contemporary attire, shocking everyone. Banni is told to grin by Yuvan. Everyone cheers them on.

Meet Banni’s brother. Myra lauds her appearance. Banni is blessed by Devraj. Manini’s appearance is questioned by Banni. Banni does resemble a fairy, as Yuvan claims.

Manini hears Banni tell her that a person’s thoughts, not their clothing, determines who they are. Banni claims to Mike that her birthday is being lavishly celebrated by her spouse and that it is the first birthday she has celebrated since the loss of her mother. She claims that Yuvan treated her like a princess and that he never forced her to wear a dress. She adds that Yuvan is great even if I didn’t wear this dress, but I wore it to please him. Banni is taken aside by Manini.

She claims that you astonished us by wearing this clothing and that you have many mysteries inside of you. How do you expect me to let you sleep quietly, according to Banni, who claims that you are his teacher in this subject after shocking him yesterday? When Manini receives the call from Pratik’s doctor, she is surprised. She wonders whether her sibling is having problems. Manini seems anxious, and Banni wonders why.