Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th September 2022 Written Update — Yuvan Realises the Truth

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Let us explore the written update for the recent section of the exciting show Banni Chow Home Delivery broadcasted on Wednesday, 7th September 2022. Yuvan Realises the Truth is the designation of the all-new episode number S1 E87.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 7 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E87
Title: Yuvan Realises the Truth
Summary Yuvan finds out that Manini is not his real mother after she leaves him in the care of several hostile dogs. As a result of being startled, he passes out.


At the beginning of the episode, Banni conveys to Yuvan that she needs one additional present from both him and his mother. Yuvan tells her he will provide it to her and then asks what she needs. The physician shares with Manini the news that Pratik has injured his veins and has lost a significant amount of blood; as a result, we need your signature on the permission paperwork so that we may conduct surgery. Manini becomes afraid.

She will soon depart from the celebration. Yuvan interrupts her and reveals that her mother and she will perform a surprise song for Banni. Everyone claps. Banni shares that the knowledge that her mother-in-law sings for her makes her happy.

She reveals to Manini in a soft voice that she will be found out immediately. Manini discloses to Yuvan that she is experiencing discomfort in her throat. Banni says that until this point, you’ve been doing well. She requests Manini sing a couple of lines for her.

Both Alapana and Viraj are perplexed what is taking place and why Yuvan wants Manini to perform the song that his mother used to sing. Yuvan is brought to the room by Manini. Yuvan inquires as to the cause of her tears. Manini, who is crying, explains that Banni is testing her all the time, which is something she can’t stand.

Banni goes up to the door, knocks, and then asks if she may come in. Manini believes she must depart since Pratik is in a serious condition. Manini claims she is sick of having to administer exams. She tells Yuvan, “I know Banni doesn’t trust that I’m your Vandana mom, but she will feel horrible once she knows the truth.

” She then urges Yuvan to have a good time celebrating Banni’s birthday. The door is closed behind her as she exits the room. Banni questioned Yuvan about what transpired. Yuvan is going to question you about why you’re telling me to get my mother to perform a song.

However, you demanded that she sing although she is now experiencing throat pain. He interrogates her about whether she is trying to challenge his mother. He places the responsibility for his mother’s tears on Banni. To put an end to her, he sneaks up behind Manini.

Manini gives the driver a call and tells him to arrive shortly. Yuvan asks Manini to not go. Angry dogs barked at the entrance to the location. Manini gives Yuvan a nudge before getting into the vehicle with him.

Yuvan makes a plea to Manini to protect him from the hounds, but she pays little heed to his appeal. Yuvan was ready to be attacked by the irate dog. Yuvan was rescued from the enraged dogs by Banni when he arrives at the location. Manini drives away in her vehicle.

Yuvan yells at his mother. Banni implores him to comprehend that she was not his mother, arguing that if she were his mother, she would not have abandoned him in such a precarious situation. Yuvan looks on. Devraj arrives at the location accompanied by guards and orders the dogs to vacate their territory.

Yuvan has a moment of shock and then passes out on the floor. Banni attempts to provide Yuvan’s medications in the hospital, but the patient does not react to her efforts. There are visits from the doctor. She inquires about Yuvan’s condition with the doctor.

Is he trying to communicate with me but won’t stop blinking his eyes? The physician claims that he is unable to provide any information until receiving the test results. On the other hand, Pratik’s doctor has informed Pratik that his situation is severe due to your late arrival; nonetheless, the procedure was successful, and only time will tell whether he will be able to walk on his own or not. Manini tears.

Viraj gives Manini a call and fills her in on Yuvan’s condition before hanging up. Banni sees Vishnu. She inquires about the contents of the report from him. According to Vishnu, there is no need for concern.

Banni inquires as to the reason for Yuvan’s silence and whether or not everything is in order. He leads her outside and tells her that the doctor told him that Yuvan is in shock and that he has to emerge from this trauma as quickly as possible; else, he will remain in shock and will never be cured. Banni is stunned. Vishnu asserts that the doctor does not have an optimistic outlook.

According to Devraj, this is Yuvan’s second time going through it. When he came back the first time, it was due to our good fortune following the passing of his mother. However, we are unsure what happened this time. When Manini arrived, she informed them that Banni had taken Yuvan’s mother from them.

Banni confronts her with the question of why she is in the hospital given that she is the one who caused Yuvan’s illness. Manini claims that she is the only one who can cure Yuvan of his affliction.