Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th September 2022 Written Update — Yuvan Sings on Stage

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During the time when Banni is having trouble singing on stage, Yuvan keeps singing and encourages the crowd. After some time has passed, the presenter of the reality programme comes upon Yuvan and encourages him to take part.


Let’s enjoy the written update for the most recently released webisode of the gripping serial Banni Chow Home Delivery produced on Monday, 12th September 2022. Yuvan Sings on Stage is the moniker of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E91.


As the episode opens, Banni is having trouble singing on stage. Yuvan believes he won’t let anybody criticize Banni. He supplies Banni with water. The crowd wants to know when Aarti is finished.

The mic is handed to Yuvan. Children perform on their instruments. Yuvan begins singing Ganesh Ji songs. Everyone loves his voice.

Viraj and Raja are startled. Two ladies hear Yuvan’s song. They like the sound of Yuvan. Everybody applauds Yuvan.

Ladies, talk about how fantastic these shows will be with Yuvan; therefore, we must include him. When Yuvan notices everyone praising him, he drops the microphone and exits the stage. Banni pursues Yuvan and queries him about what transpired. Yuvan claims he has never played for such a large audience.

Banni claims that you “rocked it” and that everyone appreciated your singing. I had no idea. Do you like it, Yuvan enquires? He claims that I sang after a long time because my mother and wife are here, so I’m not afraid.

Banni observes. When Myra, Devraj, and Vishnu run into Yuvan, they inform him that everyone loves his song. According to her, it would be best if you sang several songs for Myra. Yuvan concurs.

Devraj and Banni both attest that it was successful. It would help if you now taught us how to sing, the little girl adds. I’ll, Yuvan says. Devraj urges Banni to protect Yuvan from Devraj’s malevolent gaze.

He claims that Yuvan extended his life today. Banni affirms and sheds joyful tears. She is told to grin by Yuvan. Maami attempts to communicate with Banni.

Banni notices Maamisa wearing brand-new items and a gold necklace. Do you discover a cache of riches concealed in your home, she queries? While you are donning a new saree and gold jewelry? She queries Maamu, “Have you got a job, or did you do anything to get money?

” When Devraj hears it, he fears that if Banni discovers the truth, he will lose me. My mother claims I won the lotto. I don’t expect honesty from you, Banni adds since it’s a pointless effort. Devraj arrives and takes Banni away.

Banni observes. Manini phones Viraj and inquires about the incident. Viraj remains silent, Yuvan sings a song to enthusiastic applause, and as a result, Banni and Devraj are unreasonably thrilled. Banni deflects Yuvan’s malicious gaze.

Two ladies visit Banni and Yuvan to chat. Manini warns Viraj to watch out for Banni and Yuvan since she can easily trick him. Viraj agrees. The reality program presenter invites Yuvan to participate in the contest.

They go out with the form. Banni feels pleased. Devraj queries what transpired. According to Banni, Judges came to the area and asked Yuvan to participate in their reality program, Rocking Star.

Banni invites Yuvan to participate, promising that the whole Rathod family would be happy for him if he wins. Yuvan seems upset. When taking pictures, children bring him along. Banni informs Devraj that Yuvan will avoid my crafty mother-in-law because of this competition, and it will also be a terrific beginning for developing his skills.

Devraj seems anxious. Banni is aware of it. He looks dejected, Banni wonders. Devraj claims that while the dream is fantastic, it would be challenging to realize.

I know, says Banni. Devraj says It’s not about Manini. Yuvan can’t sing in front of numerous people since he is terrified of the audience. Shiv is leading them, according to Banni; therefore, they must not miss this chance, or Yuvan will become a rock star, and the whole world will be aware of his skill.

Banni becomes alarmed when Yuvan informs him that he won’t be competing in the event. Why can’t he sing, Banni enquires. Yuvan claims that I find it unsettling to hear. Banni claims that, at first, it happens to everyone.

She promises him that just like I did with my cooking, you will win everyone over with your good looks. Yuvan beams. He looks back on his history and fears that after the tournament, the whole world will laugh at him.