Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Manini Takes Yuvan to Her Office

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Banni is adamant on Yuvan participating in the tournament even though Yuvan has refused to do so. After some time has passed, Manini makes the decision to bring Yuvan to her workplace to keep him away from Banni.


Let us explore the written update for the freshest installment of the entrancing telecast Banni Chow Home Delivery produced on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Manini Takes Yuvan to Her Office is the label of the present day’s episode number S1 E92.


At the beginning of the episode, Yuvan is seen exiting the arena. Banni is the one who puts a halt to him and then asks him to tell her what took transpired. Yuvan asserts that I am eager to get home. Banni inquires whether or not he concealed it from his wife.

When Yuvan rushes, he collides with a woman, causing her to lose her flower basket due to the collision. Yuvan is reprimanded by Lady, who also refers to him as insane. Yuvan explains to Banni that if he participates in the tournament, people will look at him like he’s insane throughout the globe. Banni attempts to convince him that he performed his song today in front of a large audience.

Yuvan doesn’t listen and departs. Devraj requests Banni to let Yuvan depart. He requests that she back away from it. Banni shares the news with Devraj that he will force Yuvan to participate in the rockstar competition.

When they returned to their house later, Yuvan told Banni that he was delighted to have a lot of youngsters as his pals. According to Banni, if you participate in a tournament, people from all over the globe may become your friends. Yuvan has decided not to take part in the activity. According to Banni, you have three days of work every week, and he also questions what you plan to accomplish tomorrow.

Yuvan claims he is older than you; therefore, he advises you to stop questioning him and make him participate in the tournament. Banni apologizes to him. Manini contemplates the reason Banni is extending an apology to him. Viraj goes there and asks for a table that may relieve headaches.

Manini silences him. Viraj claims that they are unable to take any more of these tragedies. He inquires as to whether or not she has a pill for headaches. Manini is under the impression that she has a plan to prevent Yuvan from spending time with Banni.

Banni asks Yuvan to consume some food. Yuvan claims that I am not one to like keeping these things a secret. Banni begs him to carry out the task on her behalf. They then engage in playful interaction before collapsing into the bed.

Yuvan restyles her hair and gives her the thumbs up to indicate that she is doing well. Because it is a family secret, Banni requests Yuvan not to share information about the singing competition with anybody, even his mother. Yuvan agrees. Banni implores God to inspire her with the notion of accompanying Yuvan to many auditions.

Yuvan receives his nourishment from her. The next morning, Myra comes downstairs and states that Palak did not wake up. According to Alapana, Palak is not one of your workers, and you should utilize your alert. Myra rushes to go to her college in time.

Banni gives the home temple its final appearance. She goes to God in prayer, asking him to help her carry out her plan effectively. Devraj travels to the location. He is curious about how she can juggle everything.

Banni responds, “I can,” and informs him that after Manini has gone for office, she will convince Yuvan to accompany her to the auditions she has scheduled. Devraj inquires as to what her plan is. Banni adds, “The walls of this home have ears so I will tell you later. ” Yuvan travels to that location and phones Banni.

Banni notices him. Yuvan says my mother bought me this new clothing and handed them to me. It has been brought to my attention by Manini that going forward, Yuvan will accompany me to the workplace. She asks Viraj to create a gaming room for Yuvan at the workplace so he can play it when I’m in a meeting.

This allows Yuvan to pass the time more productively. Banni is curious as to why he plans to go to the workplace. According to Manini, Yuvan is an adult; thus, he must report to the office. She requests that Yuvan get his blessings in this matter.

Yuvan offers up a prayer to God. Banni hears Manini declare, “Yesterday you took Yuvan away from me for a day. Today I will take Yuvan away from you for the day and many more to come. ” Banni will tell Devraj that we only have today to compete after submitting our application for the competition and that if she takes Yuvan away, we would not have an opportunity to do so.

Manini is shown Box by the servant, who then inquires whether it is the item that was requested. Manini agrees. She requests that Charmi take it to her mother’s house so that she may give it to her. In a fit of rage, Charmi grabs it.

Banni mulls over the many methods she may use to prevent Yuvan from going to the workplace. According to Devraj, Yuvan will not be coming into the office today. Manini wonders why. In his conversation with Devraj, Devraj said, “I want Banni and Yuvan to attend the Manoranjan Bhoomi pooja since minister Naik is also coming.

” She had wanted to meet Naik for a long time to develop her company, so Manini questions why he didn’t inform her about it. She reveals that she will be there and requests that Viraj save the invitation card for her. Viraj discards the card. They go without noticing it has happened.

Banni appreciates Devraj’s suggestion. Yuvan is getting in shape for the tournament. He conveys to Banni that he will not participate in the activity. Devraj informs Banni that the time for her true examination has come.