Banni Chow Home Delivery 14th Sep Written Update — Yuvan Gains Confidence

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Yuvan’s self-assurance is much improved as a result of Banni’s demonstration that he has musical skill. Later, she accompanies him to his auditions, but the two of them run into an obstacle.


Let us explore the written update for the fresh installment of the enjoyable telecast Banni Chow Home Delivery voiced on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Yuvan Gains Confidence is the label of the up-to-the-minute episode number S1 E93.


At the show’s beginning, Yuvan explains to Banni that he has decided against participating in any of the auditions. Banni says, “fine. She requests that he sing for her. Yuvan agrees. Banni covers his eyes with a cloth and instructs him to sing in that manner.

She leads him outdoors, where a large crowd has already gathered. It is shown that Banni invited outside merchants and their slaves to listen to Yuvan’s music. Banni asks Yuvan to sing. Yuvan serenades Banni with a tune he sings while playing the violin. Everyone appreciates the sweetness of his voice.

Banni and Devraj feel extremely thrilled. Devraj gestures for everyone to maintain their composure. Yuvan inquires about Banni’s state of mind. Banni removes the cords that were bound around his eyes. Everyone cheers and applauds for him.

Banni believes that your brilliance is not confined to a single day and that you performed admirably once again. Yuvan walks inside and tells the other people that she cheated on him. Banni pursues him and reveals that she made several attempts to bring him awareness of his skill. She tells him to ignore the other people in the room and focus only on the person he is trying to talk to. She encourages him to battle himself in order to demonstrate his worth to the world.

Yuvan grins. He overhears people praising Devraj’s singing ability in front of others. Banni assures Yuvan that he is not insane, despite what Yuvan believes, and then challenges him to demonstrate his power to the rest of the world. Yuvan agrees. Banni and Devraj feel delighted.

Banni is looking all around for the pen. Devraj offers it to her and tells her it is right in front of her. Banni explains to him that she is quite nervous. She gives Yuvan a call. Yuvan comes out.

Banni compliments Yuvan on his appearance and then asks him to sign the document. Yuvan seemed to be shaking while signing. He is interested in learning about the operation of the auditorium. Banni has informed us that she will also attend for the first time. Therefore, the two of them, together with us, need to have this experience.

Yuvan agrees. Reporters are stationed in the auditorium to get the responses of the attendees. After thirty minutes, the organiser requests that the guard not let any more candidates in. According to Shruthi, everyone is there, except for the judge, Agastya. Shruthi makes a phone call to the manager of Agastya and learns that they are now on route.

During the trip, Yuvan questions Banni about the reason she is driving so quickly. Banni approaches him and wants him to hold her. Yuvan comforts her by holding her close and explaining that he is anxious about the next tournament. Banni claims that she is experiencing the same feelings as well. She wishes both of us the best of luck and success.

She assures him that he will get accolades. The manager informs Agastya that his fan base is completely insane and puts up a banner in front of his home as evidence. An elderly couple makes a request to the management of a business to purchase their balloons while they are at a traffic light. The boss has informed them they must not have any need for their balloons and is prepared to provide them with some money. Agastya stops it by informing him that they must honour their laborious efforts.

Agastya exits the vehicle after requesting that the driver pull over and stop the vehicle. When they see him, people lose their minds. Banni notices a poster as they are travelling. Yuvan is assured that he will emerge victorious from the tournament and that his posters will be shown everywhere. Agastya climbs to the highest point of his vehicle.

Fans want to know whether he will do a live performance on the street. Many of the girls proclaim their love for him. Agastya shows several purple balloons to the audience and explains that purple is the colour of love. He requests that everyone demonstrate their devotion to him in some way. Everyone goes out and buys balloons.

The elderly couple have a joyful disposition. Banni is now unable to move because of the congestion. Banni is considering the factors that lead to abrupt traffic jams.