Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th Sep Written Update β€” Banni’s Action Causes Trouble

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Banni notices that Agasthya is blocking the road, and he confronts Agasthya about the delay that he is making for everyone else. Later, she is taken aback when she discovers that Agasthya would be judging Yuvan’s audition.


Let’s experience the written update for the different chapter of the enjoyable TV serial Banni Chow Home Delivery produced on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Banni’s Action Causes Trouble is the name of the modern episode number S1 E94.


At the beginning of the episode, Agastya does a performance on the road. Everyone has a good time watching him perform. Yuvan compliments Banni on his strong performance and tells him so. Banni claims that he has to play at home and that he has no idea how much of an inconvenience he is causing other people by standing in the way of traffic on the road. She is going to give him a lesson when she gets there.

She is halted by the guards. Banni begs Yuvan to remain behind. She overpowers the guards and makes her way onto the vehicle. Because of the unexpected entrance, Agastya is ready to lose his equilibrium, but Banni quickly grabs his hand and prevents this from happening. Agastya demands to know what the heck is going on and what exactly this is.

Banni has said that you have a nice voice, but it does not imply that you should be playing music while driving and disrupting the peace for others around you. Agastya calls them guards. He takes note of the condition of his guard. Banni responds by saying, “I taught them a lesson,” to which she responds by asking which pickle he would want her to prepare for him. Agastya inquires as to whether or not she knows who she is.

Banni calls you some kind of spoiled, privileged kid. Agastya confronts her with the question of how she could speak to him in such a manner. He gives her a stern warning to refrain from doing so again and adds that he has no idea what she thinks about herself. Banni begins her introduction by describing her goodness. She claims I’m running late, which is why I’m going; otherwise, she may have something to teach you.

Banni requests that they get out of the way. Agastya observes the fans’ state. He avoids responsibility by claiming that it was a joke shoot. Everyone cheers. Agastya communicates to the management that Banni should not be allowed to approach him again, and he also requests that bouncers be sent.

Viraj is upset because he cannot find the invitation card and calls Charmi to inform her about it. The request he makes is for him to give it the address. Manini reprimand him. Charmi is aware of it, and as soon as she does, she provides them with the incorrect address. Both Banni and Yuvan made it to the location on time.

Yuvan is the one who receives the number from the organiser. When the girls notice Agastya, they immediately run to him. Banni is presented with Agastya by Yuvan. Banni inquires about the organiser’s identity. The competition’s coordinator has said that he is Agastya, the chief judge for the event.

Banni is troubled by the choices she made. She attempts to avoid Agastya by hiding. She is concerned that things would spiral out of control if he were to see her with Yuvan. A buddy of Agastya leads him inside and tells him that they need to get the tournament going as soon as possible. Banni encourages Yuvan to not worry about them being seen together by Agastya.

She also begs him to sing well so that she can reach her goal, and she tells him she will be watching from the corner of the room. Yuvan agrees. When Banni wants to convey her joy, she speaks quite loudly. After everyone has looked at her curiously, she sits down. Agastya does not accept many individuals since their vocals are not good enough.

Priya has been heard complaining about how severe and unpleasant Agastya is. Hearing that gives Yuvan and Banni a feeling of unease. Agastya selects individuals based on the quality of their singing voices. Yuvan tells Banni that he is going to leave because he will not be able to take it if Agastya reprimands him. Banni tells him that when he lifts the trophy, everyone, including his mother, will feel delighted, and he urges him to remember his pledge to her.

Banni adds that everyone will acclaim his performance and that his mother will feel happy. Yuvan agrees. Yuvan is the target of the other participants’ jokes.