Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th Sep Written Update β€” Agasthya Mistreats Yuvan

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Agasthya first has a favourable opinion of Yuvan’s singing, but this opinion changes as he becomes aware of the other vocalist. After that, he engages in inappropriate behaviour with Yuvan in front of the other people.


Get to read the written update for the fresh episode of the beautiful telecast Banni Chow Home Delivery voiced on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Agasthya Mistreats Yuvan is the pseudonym of the up-to-the-minute episode number S1 E98.


Yuvan begins the episode by singing from behind a curtain. Who is he, Agastya wonders? I don’t know, Rohan responds, and I’ll phone the bouncers. He is stopped by Agastya, who tells him to let him finish since his voice is melodic. The sound of Yuvan’s voice captivates everyone.

Inviting him to enter the spotlight, Agastya remarks that his voice belongs in a rock star competition. Yuvan performs his song upfront. Agastya is startled. Except for Agastya and Rohan, the whole cast applauds Yuvan’s performance. Agastya asks Yuvan whether he sang.

Yuvan Singh Rathod, he claims. Banni arrives and reminds Agastya about their challenge while pleading with him to give Yuvan a chance. Although Yuvan Singh has a beautiful Rathod voice, according to Agastya, he also has to have swagger and flair. He inquires of Yuvan about what he does if he gets caught up in the controversy and jeopardy after his success as a rock star. Yuvan claims he visits Banni because she takes care of everything.

Claps for Banni, Agastya requests from the crowd. Everybody applauds. Banni informs Agastya that he is unable to withdraw from his challenge. According to Agastya, I have just shown you how Yuvan is reliant on you, your spouse is looser, and he is unable to become a rock star. Myra keeps track of everything.

You promised us, according to Banni. Agastya claims he enjoys breaking commitments. He claims that Tamasha is over. In the next shot, he requests from the director. Banni is unhappy.

Yuvan signals for her to stop feeling awful while holding her hand. Charmi hears Viraj say, “I know you may not have done it purposefully, and Banni could be behind it. I felt awful when Manini scolded you so severely. ” Banni, according to Charmi, is the one who rescued me, so don’t worry about it if she hits her. Even if they reprimand her, Viraj claims he can still teach a lesson, but he cannot intervene on Manini’s behalf since she pledged to secure their portion of the land, which he needs to care for her.

Charmi believes I know you love me, but Manini cannot assist, and the only one who can is Banni. Yuvan receives the tablet from Banni. Yuvan accepts. Banni claims she is clueless about what to do. You are our ruler, Myra tells us, and you are unbeatable.

She plays the social media video she posted depicting Agastya insulting Yuvan for breaching his word. Banni praises your efforts. Everyone is calling for a boycott of Agastya, according to Myra. How can this video benefit them, Yuvan wonders? According to Banni, this film will cause Agastya to rethink his choice.

Agastya requests that Dharm stop the vehicle and take him back. They are near home, according to Rohan. There is nothing to do at home, according to Agastya. When Rohan gets a video showing Agastya criticizing Yuvan at that moment, they’re astonished. Alapana claims that Banni forced Yuvan to sing in front of Agastya the next day without Manini’s knowledge when she viewed the tape.

Brinda deems it favorable. Manini isn’t at home, claims Viraj, so there won’t be a scene. Banni questions Devraj as to why Manini failed to start a location. Charmi progressively informs her that Manini is not home. Manini requests the doctors en route to evacuate her brother. Banni is shown by Myra how popular their video is. Banni deems it favorable. When Agastya sees a video of his supporters and others calling for a boycott of him, he becomes concerned.