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Let’s enjoy the written update for the revolutionary installment of the riveting TV program Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai delivered on Tuesday, 09 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Gets Intoxicated is the designation of the present day’s episode number S1 E26.

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Indu impersonates Zoon’s father to participate in a volleyball game at her school. Later, Indu consumes alcohol and loses consciousness during the game.


The teacher calls Mr. Raina to schedule the volleyball match as the episode begins. The child’s father explains why we should squander your time, ma’am. Zoon is asked by the teacher if her father is coming. Zoon’s father, according to Vivek, is present.

Everyone applauds her father. Indu shows up there with a wig and a fake moustache. Zoon looks at her while grinning. Her nickname is “Papa. ” Ritesh observes them.

She feels a touch from Zoon. Indu welcomes Zoon. Zoon greets Papa. She embraces her. Ritesh observes them.

Indu gives her a forehead kiss. Moj has come here as Papa, says Zoon after kissing him in this manner. This is our top secret, according to Indu; keep it to yourself. I told you that your MOJ is two in one, she says. The teacher announces the arrival of Zoon’s Papa, Indra Raina.

A father informs other fathers that this is Zoon’s mummy and she does not have a father. I believe Ritesh believes Zoon doesn’t have a father. The teacher invites the fathers to go set up in the locker room. Vivek is invited to go sit with Indu. “Okay, Moj,” says Zoon.

“Papa,” says Indu. Zoon apologises to Papa and wishes him luck. enters the school as Kadambari. Indu is about to see her when she departs for the restroom. Kadambari enters with her assistant and requests tomorrow’s story from Karthik and Aarohi.

She bumps into Zoon and chastises her for dropping her pricey phone. If your phone was vital, you should have kept it carefully, according to Zoon, who also warns that this will happen if you don’t walk correctly. Zoon receives a reprimand from Kadambari for her lack of manners. She has the manners that a youngster should have, according to Vivek. Principal Bhagat requests an apology from Zoon.

Zoon apologises. Kadambari grumbles to the teacher. We haven’t planned anything, but fortunately Ritesh Malhotra is here. The principal urges the class to leave it and announces that the match will begin. Kadambari predicts enjoyment.

According to Sameer, the more I hear Ritesh’s name, the more blood will gush out of my ears. He claims that if someone adopts the name of God, just as Ritesh did, they will enter heaven. Ritesh, according to Kaamna, is a god for everyone and gave him everything from his automobile to his handkerchief. According to her, he opened a nightclub for your brother. Even the money in your father’s account, according to her, belongs to Ritesh.

She requests that he accept it. I must accept what Sameer says if I want to become his servant. You got Deo adv, according to Kaamna. Sameer claims that I acquired it on my own and threatens to become irate if he learns about this. She is told not to expect anything from him and that he will not stoop down.

He leaves. When Kaamna calls him One of the fathers complains to the other fathers about the unfavourable school regulations. He provides others with wine. He perceives it as being incredibly powerful. There, Indu shows up.

She claims I accidentally arrived here. The father claims to be the father of Sunil, a student in Zoon’s class. He offers her a beverage and describes it as an energy drink. Indu won’t take a sip. Sunil’s father claims that Zoon is teased by the kids and that they will tease her even more if you lose.

Drinking the beverage is Indu. She will pass out during the match, and the other father will question why you gave her a drink. Sunil’s father advises her to realise that mothers are mothers and fathers are fathers. When Indu drinks it, she finds the taste to be bitter. She believes she can triumph for Zoon.

Asha informs Rajendra that toor dal is A1 quality, but basmati rice is expensive. He is a large man with a sizable female following, according to Sunita, who questions why we are constructing a mountain out of nothing. If we are misinterpreting the ration as shagun, she claims. Yes, says Asha. He tried to give her a car as well, adds Anjali, who notices the flowers.

Rajendra claims to have discovered Ritesh’s photo in her purse. Sunita believes that once Indu and Ritesh get married, everyone will stop talking. Ritesh is questioned by Kadambari about his absence from the media. He claims that nothing exciting is happening in his life and that it is boring. He promises that I will inform you if anything positive occurs.

According to Kadambari, if life were monotonous, you wouldn’t have bought this person’s car. She enquires as to who is the lucky winner. He tells her that we are at a children’s event and begs her not to ask any inane questions. He advises doing some research with credible sources and defending your pay if you believe this is newsworthy. She claims that sarcasm is evidence of drug use.

She continues, “Sorry, you don’t use drugs. People are trapping you. The game is attended by all the fathers. Indu arrives there in a sleepy state as well. Vivek questions why she is moving in this manner.

I won’t abandon those fathers, but for the time being, I have to play for my zoon because Indu feels something was added to the energy drink. Ritesh gives her a look. Zoon applauds her. Indu cradles her skull. The teacher announces that the game will now begin.

The referee clarifies the regulations. Ritesh alerts Bhagat Maam about the girl’s unusual behaviour from her father. She came to play for her daughter because, according to Bhagat Maam, she is actually Zoon’s mother and she doesn’t have a father. “Wow,” says Ritesh. Who keeps their kids away from the truth, encouraging them to stay in their imaginative worlds until they become emotional fools as adults?

Kadambari wonders. It’s dumb. She asserts that she will come to terms with the absence of her father. If she has kids, Ritesh inquires. Says Kadambari, “No.” You are making comments about other people’s lives, according to Ritesh. You don’t lead the life that a mother and daughter do, he claims. He claims that other mothers are unable to do what this mother is doing. He claims that this woman is taking care of the needs of both parents. The game begins.

Ritesh motions his hand to Zoon. Upon seeing him, Zoon beams. Indu tries to catch the ball but collapses after becoming dizzy. The father of Sunil beams. Ritesh appears startled.