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Check the written update for the fresh installment of the consuming television broadcast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai pronounced on Wednesday, 10 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh’s Affection for Zoon is the subtitle of the new episode number S1 E27.

Ritesh's Affection for Zoon Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 10 Aug Update

Ritesh is astonished to find who Zoon’s mother is and wonders if Indu is a mother after observing her drunk. Later, he makes the choice to play the match for Zoon’s joy.


Ritesh begins the episode by wishing Zoon’s mother well. He approaches her and queries how she is doing. Indu is not awake. Principal Bhagat and Zoon arrive there, and Zoon tells the woman to stand up. Indu is turned to face her.

Ritesh notices Indu as her moustache partially emerges. Ritesh fully takes it off and looks at her. He says, remembering dancing with Indu. He remembers seeing Zoon by himself at the mall and believes Indu is the girl’s mother. He enquires as to Principal Bhagat’s relationship with Zoon.

Yes, Bhagat Ma’am answers. What did I think about her? According to Ritesh, she is a careless mother who also has a drinking issue. What happened to you? “Zoon inquires of Moj.

She’ll be okay, according to Ritesh. “What happened to my Moj? ” inquires Zoon. She reportedly collapsed because of the heat, according to Ritesh. She claims that even now, my pals will make fun of me.

Ritesh assures her that she will triumph in the competition. What is Ritesh saying, Rahul queries? He begs him not to annoy him and adds that he wants to play a game for an unidentified girl. Ritesh claims, “I’m just telling you; I’m not asking for permission. ” Rahul queries your motive for telling me.

According to Ritesh, that girl is gorgeous and that woman is repulsive. She claims she arrived inebriated because today was her daughter’s sporting event. If I wasn’t present when she allegedly left Zoon alone in the mall and fell, how could this have happened? He claims that she never once told me that she was coming to pick up her daughter during our home party. Rahul explains the cause of your agitation.

Ritesh requests that he send Indu to Zoon’s house and states, “I want to do this for Zoon. ” Ritesh receives clothing from Peon, who arrives there. Ritesh puts on the athletic attire and departs to prepare for Zoon. Vivek queries Zoon about the situation. Whether she knows anything He claims that I learned that Indu had been sent home by Ritesh.

According to the teacher, Indra is injured and unable to play, so Ritesh Malhotra, a special player, is taking her place. Ritesh arrives there, dressed in his athletic track gear. Zoon and Vivek both smile. Sunil’s father gives him a glance. Ritesh turns to face Zoon.

All the best to you, Ritesh, says Zoon. The game begins. Ritesh plays the game effectively and prevails. Why is Ritesh expressing pity for this girl? “Kadambari wonders.

Who is she? Zoon declares our victory. Ritesh snaps a photo with the crew. When taking his father’s picture, a child asks him to smile. When Zoon arrives, he requests the boy’s phone.

The boy pushes her after declining. The teacher requests that the boy apologise to Zoon. He apologises. Come to Zoon, Ritesh. Zoon declares our victory.

Ritesh claims, “I told you that you would win. She says, “You are a true rockstar. As he raises her in his arms and exclaims, “Real rockstar, you,” Kadambari snaps a photo of them. As a large car approaches, Vivek’s mother wonders who has entered our society. Rajendra’s door bell was rang by the driver.

Rajendra exits the vehicle and removes Indu. The mother of Vivek believes that this is Indu. Whose car is this, she asks the driver? My gentleman, the driver says, Mr. Ritesh Malhotra, he says.

She inquires about Superstar. The driver confirms. The mother of Vivek decides to investigate. Rajendra informs Sunita that the driver claimed she was intoxicated. Where is Zoon, asks Asha?

She attends school with Vivek, claims Rajendra. As parties take place in Ritesh’s home, Sunita requests that he grow accustomed to seeing her in this way. Rajendra says my daughter must abstain from alcohol. It has been established, according to Sunita, that there is a connection between Indu and Ritesh. She expresses optimism and declares, “I won’t reject Indu; let her do what she wants.”

She claims that because society’s women mock us so frequently, Indu will soon become Indu Ritesh Malhotra. The staffer tells Kadambari that the front page for tomorrow has arrived. Ritesh Malhotra will one day be a parent, says the kadambari. When Indu awakens, she claims that I attended Zoon’s school. Rajendra displays the prize and declares that Zoon’s squad has won.

He claims Ritesh Malhotra participated in the game. Indu inquires as to what Ritesh played. Ritesh, in Sunita’s mind, is Ritesh Malhotra. She inquires as to Ritesh’s role as Zoon’s father. If there was anything, Indu promised to tell you about it.

When Ritesh gets home, he lies on the couch. Rahul says “good night and see you tomorrow. Why is he sad, he wonders? Ritesh claims that because of Zoon, Ritesh kidnapped my father from me when I was a young child. He claims no child deserves this.

He claims that at least I have my father’s love, but she has no idea what it means. He claims that because I experienced similar emotions, I understand how she feels. He claims that she is in great pain and that her adorable eyes are searching for her father. He claims that when I see her pain, it feels like someone has ripped my heart out, and that everything will be okay. Even when they get older, he claims, the youngsters will always need Papa.

Rahul claims that Zoon is the mother. Ritesh tells him not to use her name and that she has clarified my misinterpretation. He claims she is so careless; if she approaches me, then