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Check out the written update for the newly released scene of the readable TV drama Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai provided on Thursday, 11 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh Insults Indu is the moniker of the cool episode number S1 E28.

Ritesh Insults Indu Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 11 Aug Update

When Kamna observes Ritesh’s concern for young Zoon, she becomes alarmed. Later, when Indu approaches Ritesh to express her gratitude, he angrily attacks her.


Ritesh begins the episode by warning Zoon that she must take care of both herself and her mother. Indu wonders. Who are you to point a finger at Zoon and me? She claims that while you are a superstar and cannot say or do anything supernatural, she wonders what you know about us to be making such remarks.

She asks if I am irresponsible. If you were so responsible, she claims, you wouldn’t have used my daughter or contacted the media to project the picture of a decent lad. What, Ritesh asks? Don’t say anything, says Indu.

You pretend to adore my daughter, but in reality, you use her to gain attention by giving me a car and demonstrating to the public through the media how amazing you are. She claims that you used my daughter as a weapon and are now lecturing me and calling me selfish. She claims that the common perception of businesspeople as being like elephants—who alternate between showing and swallowing their teeth—is accurate. She claims to feel sorry for others, including Zoon and the children who adore and respect you.

She tells him to keep his phone with him and urges him to stay away from her daughter. She is told to leave by him. She claims she doesn’t want her daughter to be affected by such people. Before reprimanding the mother, she urges him to stop and explains that if there were anyone else, they would have broken his head.

Calling Rahul loudly, Ritesh requests that he send her on her way. Even Indu claims she doesn’t want to be here. She leaves. So that they can keep a watch on Ritesh, Sunita requests that Rajendra download Imagegram.

Bringing Zoon there is Anjali. Zoon is sobbing now. Anjali claims to be in tears. Sunita offers the woman a drink.

As the kids are making fun of her, Zoon informs Rajendra that she wants to speak with Ritesh. She queries why he uploaded the picture and whether a father could ever be evil. According to Sunita, I’ll ask your Moj and we’ll make you talk to Ritesh. I want to talk to Zoon right away, he says.

Indu, an RTO employee, claims that no paper is in its rightful position in this file. When Kamat Sir arrives, he calls Indu. Sir, you are here, Indu declares. You are still as tough as a mountain, he claims.

He said that he considered spending his final days here. If you are my boss, Indu inquires. Kamat inquires about Rajendra and wonders if he hasn’t changed. A call from Rajendra to Indu Indu is startled.

When Sameer gets home, he queries Kaamna about Ritesh getting him an advertisement film. Kaamna claims she doesn’t know. I shall make all of my life’s decisions according to Sameer. He is asked to be quiet by Kaamna.

He claims that he does not wish to serve as her puppet. When Ritesh arrives, he queries whether he has forgotten all the etiquette. Sameer storms off in a rage. Ritesh queries Kaamna as to what transpired.

Given that you gave him Deo Ad, Kaamna claims he is upset. As per Ritesh, work is work. He claims that his mood is poor. She promises to help him comprehend.

She inquires about his mood and whether or not anyone bothered him because of that piece. No, he claims, nobody brought it up. She claims that when she met Kadambari, she expressed regret over the story. What was the name of that girl, she asks?

“Zoon,” says Ritesh. Kaamna enquires as to your familiarity with her. According to Ritesh, I’ve met her a couple of times and feel a great connection with her, as if we’ve known each other forever. Kaamna claims that while playing the game, you acted as her papa.

He claims that while playing the game, I had the impression that I was her father. She queries: who is Kaamna’s mother? Ritesh receives a call just then and leaves. Kadambari’s provocative comments come to Kaamna’s mind.

Indu races back home. Zoon claims that everyone at school made fun of her and that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She is questioned by Indu about what occurred. I wish to speak with the genie, Ritesh, says Zoon.

Indu promises to speak with him. From the given phone, Zoon requests that she call Ritesh. According to Indu, I gave that phone back. Why, says Zoon?

Indu claims that we don’t accept expensive gifts from anyone. Zoon claims to be my close buddy; perhaps you shouldn’t have answered the phone. Rajendra informs Indu that she has been apprehensive since getting home from school. He claims that you gave her gift back without telling her, and that it would have been better if you had.

He claims that despite our best efforts, we occasionally treat our kids unfairly. I don’t know, Indu says, but maybe people are correct when they think I’m a bad mother. He claims that although it takes other women nine months to receive training, it only took you nine seconds to become a mother. You will soon discover, he promises.

Indu hugs him. As the delivery boy is off today, Rajendra said he would provide the tiffins. Asha acknowledges Vivek’s choice and informs him that she has been hired. Bravo from Vivek to her.

According to Asha, she was hoping for a job so she could assist Indu with household expenditures. “You might be considering how much,” she claims. I’m talking. He claims, “I never grow tired,” and he expresses his joy at her happiness.

Indu enters and joins Zoon in his seat. She claims that while returning home, she noticed an ice cream shop and believes the owner has added new flavours. She claims that because it was so delicious, I considered eating all the ice cream. She cites delicious milkshakes and chocolate fudge as examples.

I’m going, she says, so if anyone wants to have it, let me know. I want ice cream, but I won’t talk to you, says Zoon. Okay, says Indu. I shall get a new ice cream, according to Zoon.

She claims that I speak to myself. Rahul and Ritesh are driving. Ritesh informs Rahul that he received a call from the director informing him that Sameer had abandoned the shoot midway, resulting in a 1. 5 crore loss.

He explains how he plans to compete. Rahul claims that he won’t be able to find even a minor job if he has such a mentality. Rajendra is struck by a biker who then flees. When Ritesh and Rahul notice the collision, they exit the vehicle.

Ritesh disguises himself by wearing a hoodie. They sent Rajendra to the chair. Rajendra is suffering. Rahul queries if anyone is aware.

From there, Indu and Zoon are on the move. What is going on here, Indu queries? A man claims that the elderly man was hit. Rahul is told by Ritesh that they need to take him to the hospital since he is hurting.

He is driven away by them. Rahul requests a 3 km rear U-turn from the driver. Indu observes.