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Check the written update for the newly released scene of the spellbinding television broadcast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai propagated on Saturday, 13 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Makes a Blunder is the label of the newly discovered episode number S1 E30.

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Ritesh is trying to pay his debts when Indu goes to the hospital to check on Rajendra. She accuses him of being at fault for the accident and corrects him.


Ritesh assures Rajendra that he will be fine and promises that they will arrive at the hospital soon, at the start of the episode. He admits that he might have fractured with Rahul. Rajendra gives him his daughter’s phone number and asks him to call her. Zoon expresses to Indu her desire to sample chikoo ice cream.

According to Indu, I believed someone was speaking to me. Zoon promises not to speak to her again. Indu chuckles as she receives the call. She takes up and greets the caller.

She is startled. Rajendra is informed by the doctor that he has a hairline fracture and that the discomfort will subside in a few days. Rajendra questions the doctor after seeing Ritesh. As reported by the doctor, you are here.

Sunita rejoices over Asha’s new position. Where are they all? “Vivek inquires. According to Sunita, Rajendra ji left to deliver tiffins, Indu and Zoon went for ice cream, and Anjali had extra classes.

Vivek is set to receive candy from Asha. They exchange glances. When Vivek’s mother arrives, she notices them gazing at one another. She queries Sunita as to whether Indu’s marriage is set.

Vivek reports that Asha was hired. His mother says she will eat after holding back the sweets. Asha reclaims the dish from the woman. Vivek beams.

After berating him, his mother takes him to her home. Indu visits the hospital and inquires about Rajendra. Rajendra claims that he was in pain when he arrived here. He claims that the fracture is a hairline one and wonders how I’ll prepare food for tiffins.

She queries how this came about. On SJ Road, he claims to have been in an accident. She claims that we were present and queries who caused the mishap. The doctor requests that she pay the bills and asks her to bring him back in two weeks.

Ritesh dials Rahul’s number. Rahul claims he arrived to pick up medications for his uncle. Ritesh arrives to settle the tab. The receptionist inquires if he caused his accident.

Ritesh challenges her to consider her desires. When Indu calls him To her, Ritesh turns. Rajendra informs Zoon that Genie Ritesh was of assistance. I knew that, Indu claims, and I didn’t expect anything from you.

Ritesh invites her to go. She declines. He then queries: Why did you come to consume my brain? Indu accuses him of being shameless and holds him responsible for an elderly man’s accident.

Ritesh claims that I did what I believed to be right and that I would do it again if I could. Indu says sincerely, I didn’t think you were such a cheap man. You thought it correctly. He declares that everyone should treat elderly people in this way and that he is aware that your ideas are incorrect.

If there were people like you in this world, Indu claims that not even the young would survive. He approaches her and smells her. He queries whether she is still inebriated. She claims that your nautanki won’t function in front of me and that you are to blame for my friend Bob Ji’s accident.

Ritesh questions God about why his entire family is standing behind him. Indu claims that my Bob Ji enjoys cooking and considers it his life. Should I give my life? Ritesh inquires.

She is asked to prepare meals, and he instructs her to hold the vegetable so it will cook on its own. According to Indu, you are a rude man, and you are to blame for Bobji’s condition. As she stands before the mirror, he speaks some nonsense and instructs her to speak to herself. He leaves.

She calls you a repulsive man. Ritesh has Ritesh infuriated. He is asked by Vivaan not to be aggressive and make Ritesh the star before kicking that step. Rajendra asks Indu, “Where is Ritesh?

” Indu claims he made an effort to resolve the conflict by offering money. Rajendra inquires as to why he would do this and is informed that the collision occurred on the bike and not in Ritesh’s automobile. He claims a biker caused the crash. Indu remembers what Ritesh said.

Sameer warns Kaamna to warn him from acting aggressively since it will ruin his body. She prepares his favourite chicken dish and inquires as to his issue and whether Ritesh is assisting him. She claims that “you both are the same to me” and “you both are my life. ” Sameer claims that despite your promises, my photo shoot never took place.

I spoke with Kadambari, according to Kaamna, and she promised. Kadambari sends her a picture of Pankaj with a model and promises to craft intelligent headlines. Rajendra is urged not to go alone by Asha. Ritesh gives Sunita appreciation.

Zoon claims he left without seeing me. If Indu praised Ritesh, Sunita asked Rajendra claims he left unexpectedly, and I was unable to thank him. Zoon requests a call from Indu because papas are available at night. Sunita requests that Indu call him.

Indu is a crazy girl who requires a doctor, and Ritesh informs Rahul that he doesn’t see how Zoon manages to stay with her. Rahul claims that meeting her father in this vast metropolis is not in your future. A Call from Zoon to Ritesh Ritesh receives the call from Rahul and answers it. “Why didn’t you meet me?

” asks Zoon. After that, she calls Rajendra. Rajendra calls Ritesh a celebrity and thanks him for saving him. I was performing my duty, according to Ritesh, and I am a human first.

He is thanked by Indu. When Zoon answers the phone, she requests Ritesh to see her once so she may tell him what occurred at her school. Ritesh, unable to refuse, promises to come and meet you. When the caller answers, Indu greets them.

I don’t want to hear her voice, Ritesh adds, as he hangs up the phone. Sunita forces Rajendra to eat. She promises that we’ll prepare lunch together. Indu is asked by Zoon to leave Ritesh two rasgullas.

Anjali asks: Do you suppose a famous person would come here? She claims they make promises they don’t keep. The doorbell chimes. Anjali claims that Vivek’s mother may have arrived to claim a portion of the food that Ritesh had sent.

After spotting Ritesh, Indu shuts the door. Sunita wonders why you shut the door. According to Indu, he might be Ritesh Malhotra. You slammed the door in his face, Sunita says.

My daughter couldn’t see you in the dark, she adds as she opens the door and apologises. Ritesh remarks that she needs glasses after noting the light. He claims to have come to see Zoon. According to Sunita, you can meet Zoon and her mother.

Asha expresses her shock. Genie Ritesh, according to Zoon, approaches him. He stoops to give her a hug. She questions your sincerity in coming here. Yes, he replies.