Ritesh Visits Indu’s House β€” Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | 14 Aug | Written Update

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Enjoy the written update for the recent episode of the rewarding television show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai ventilated on Sunday, 14 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh Visits Indu’s House is the moniker of the freshest episode number S1 E31.

Ritesh Visits Indu's House Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14 Aug Update

When Ritesh meets Zoon at Indu’s house, the latter is ecstatic. Indu becomes upset when Ritesh feeds Zoon to himself following their disagreement.


With a hug, Ritesh and Zoon begin the episode. When Indu dials Zoon, Not to disturb them is Ritesh’s sign to her. Once more, Indu phones Zoon. According to Zoon, Genie Ritesh is keeping her busy. According to Indu, you should come inside immediately if you meet him, because he might assume that your Moj didn’t teach you etiquette.

Ritesh is invited inside by Sunita, who also requests that Indu call him in. Finally, Ritesh remarks to Zoon, “I thought nobody had manners, and everybody just teases. ” Indu is told that she is not transparent and that he cannot pierce her within by entering. Indu turns to the side. Together with Zoon, Ritesh enters.

Pankaj queries Kaamna regarding Ritesh. According to Kaamna, he didn’t come. Pankaj claims he is travelling to Bangkok to work on a movie. She probes him. She is close to Ritesh, he claims, so he bears her, and he advises her not to question him because it is none of her concern.

Ritesh receives water from Sunita. Ritesh queries Rajendra about any pain-related weaknesses. Rajendra rejects Ritesh inquires if he knows who caused the accident. Rajendra rejects At least you are aware that I did not cause your accident, Ritesh says. He claims that some people believe that whatever bad that occurs in the world is my fault.

He thinks they are stupid, and he should disregard them. “Big fools,” Ritesh remarks. Ritesh is introduced to Rajendra’s family. Anjali thinks you’re adorable. You met my eldest daughter, Indu, according to Rajendra.

According to Ritesh, she is unique and has rocked my life. Sunita becomes joyful. However, he claims that the person for whom he came here is his favourite. When Vivek’s mother notices Ritesh’s car, she alerts another woman. Everyone hears them say, “Ritesh is here.

There, Asha delivers food. As he is on Keto, Ritesh thanks Asha and informs Sunita that he doesn’t eat all of that. I’ll take it, according to Sunita. She is called foolish by Anjali, who laughs. Sorry, I won’t say it, but you shouldn’t refer to your mother as being stupid.

If she doesn’t know about keto, you should help her understand, just as she helped you understand everything as a child, despite the fact that she didn’t refer to you as being stupid. Sunita becomes upset. According to Zoon, Anjali Maasi speaks to Nani in this way and doesn’t pay attention to her. What would Zoon learn if you did this? Ritesh asks Anjali.

He claims it is never a good idea to call your mother foolish. Sunita imagines Ritesh as the bride, telling her that no one would think she is foolish and that if they do, your son will defend her. Indu, who is posing as the bride, queries what transpired to Moj. Indu queries Sunita: “What occurred, and where are you lost? ” Sunita mentions the union.

She remains silent. Anjali apologises. Ritesh directs you to inform your Moj. Few people, he claims, lecture others while remaining silent in their own homes. Anjali apologises to Sunita and explains that the keto diet is one.

bad diet, claims Ritesh. Sunita takes his hand and praises him for treating her with respect; otherwise, the kids wouldn’t care about her. Since school starts the following day, Indu requests that Zoon eat and rest. In Genie Ritesh’s hand, according to Zoon, she will have food. She is asked by Indu not to participate in the theatre.

She stands up and walks toward Zoon. Zoon says Moj is beating her and begs Ritesh to save her. Indu is enticing Zoon to follow her and take her. Stopping Indu is Ritesh. They have Zoon’s hands in theirs.

Ritesh queries why the kids are being treated in this manner. You can criticise me and my family for mistakes, but there’s no need to award me a parenting certificate, says Indu. She continues, “You are a guest here,” so leave my daughter and I alone. Sunita asks Indu why she gets upset over such little things and requests that she let Zoon eat with Ritesh’s hand. She requests that Asha bring food.

What are you saying, Indu queries? Zoon is ecstatic. The doorbell chimes. When Anjali opens the door, she sees Ritesh being seen by the neighbours as they enter the house. They started posing for photos with Ritesh.

Ritesh beams. I told you all, and you people are not allowing me to come, says Vivek’s mother, as she motions for them to go. Indu is pushed, and she tumbles into him. Indu’s hand is in Ritesh’s. My news is accurate, says Vivek’s mother, and it affects Indu.

She identifies herself as Indu’s Mausi, Neelam Sharma. She claims that Indu frequently talks about you and that she is a huge fan. Indu appears startled. According to Neelam, Indu doesn’t leave any of your footage. Why are you lying, Aunty?

Indu queries. Ritesh begs Indu not to feel ashamed and claims he is used to his followers’ attention and cuteness. Neelam is asked whether she would want a selfie. Yes, Neelam responds. Vivek is asked to return home by Asha over the phone.

Vivaan and Sameer are seated in front of a roadside stall. Sameer advises me to concentrate on my work, even if it comes from Ritesh. He was told to calm down and asked if he could call the ad director by Vivaan. There will be a shoot, according to Sameer. A call from Monika reaches Sameer.

He announces that he will be meeting her. My ex-girlfriend Monika’s identity is questioned by Sameer. All your ladies are crying and coming to me, says Vivaan. Sameer believes that he must take a significant risk alongside Ritesh. As soon as Kadambari leaves, he splashes him with dirty water.

She apologises and says, “Samer. ” Sameer believes his chances are strong. Neelam and others are forced to leave the residence by Vivek. Thanks, Ritesh. Sorry, Vivek says, it was simple for me to send them because my mother was in charge.

Indu requests food from Zoon. Ritesh is tasked with providing food for Zoon. Of course, beta, Ritesh responds, and he removes Indu’s dinner dish. She is forced to sit in the chair and keep one foot on the plush table by him. Zoon beams and turns to face Ritesh. Ritesh mulls over how to get her to eat. He accepts the fork. He becomes sad as he remembers his mother forcing him to eat with her hand. Zoon starts speaking. Ritesh forces Zoon to eat with his help.

Indu also experiences emotions. Rajendra, Sunita, and others are amusedly watching. The final image, according to Ritesh, is of Zoon’s father. He later comes to regret what he said. Zoon is dejected. Also depressed is Indu. Ritesh says, “Beta, I’m really sorry. ” If I don’t have Papa, Zoon says it’s okay since I have my genie, Ritesh. She forces him to eat the last morsel. Ritesh breaks down in tears and beams.