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Check the written update for the modern episode of the delectable telecast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai brought on Tuesday, 16 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh Questions Vivek is the designation of the another episode number S1 E32.

Ritesh Questions Vivek Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16 Aug Update

Ritesh receives an apology from Indu for his disrespectful behaviour toward him in the hospital. Further, Vivek feels uncomfortable when Ritesh presses him regarding Indu’s history.


The episode begins with Zoon explaining that she was furious and wanted to see Ritesh since he and all of his buddies teased her about one day discovering that her father was not her biological father. Ritesh responds, “No issue,” adding that at school, my friends used to make fun of me by calling me a giraffe or a lambo. He advises to call my number if anyone taunts you because I’ll be enrolled in his class. He gives Zoon the number after writing it down. He promises to wash his hands, but as he approaches the sink to do so, the faucet bursts, letting water fall on him.

When Zoon calls Indu, When Indu attempts to fix the tap, water drenches her as well. The tap wasn’t working, so we contacted a plumber, but he didn’t show up, she apologises to Ritesh and says. She claims that such events occur in middle-class households. Ritesh reiterates the middle class. He argues that, since the tap isn’t working, at least you may set up a board here.

Indu apologises. She requests money from him and promises to iron his hoodie. He coughs. She claims that I will take the blame if you fall ill. Because of you, he replies, “yes.” He looks at Indu as he prepares to take off his hoodie. Indu makes a face turn. Ritesh offers Indu his hoodie after taking it off. A song is played. When she inserts the iron into the switch box, it sparks, and she tumbles. She is held by Ritesh. She walks off. He notifies her about the broken button on her shirt. She pivots. Giving her a safety pin, he promises to iron his hoodie.

Indu promises to iron it. Before he plugs the iron, he tells her to dry herself. She opens her hair and uses a towel to clean it. I’ll iron, she says. He stands watching while she irons his hoodie.

Kadambari is asked to dinner, so let Sameer pay, he says to her. I don’t know that you are so fun-loving, therefore this treat will be from my side, she continues, insistently demanding payment. He claims that our friendship was made possible by the murky water. Kadambari claims that this is only a meeting and that she has already paid a high price. It appears that you don’t trust males, says Sameer.

Dogs, she claims, are loyal, unlike men. We shall meet soon, according to Sameer. Ritesh Malhotra: I’m coming to take your place, he declares, believing that she can advance his career. Indu gives Ritesh his hoodie back. Ritesh wears it.

Indu regrets anything she said to Bob Ji when she saw him in the hospital and realised how ill he was. It’s fine, replies Ritesh. When Vivek arrives, he informs Indu that his aunt has called. Upon viewing Kadambari’s photo, Vivaan remarks that she is unremarkable and wonders how she has succeeded. According to Sameer, she has a significant problem in her history.

He promises to discover her secret so he can catch her. When Ritesh contacts Vivek, he asks if he can ask him a question. Yes, says Vivek. Ritesh inquires about her spouse. Vivek claims that while they were married, they later divorced after having Zoon.

Ritesh inquires as to Zoon’s father’s whereabouts. Because Uncle and Aunty don’t like it, Vivek replies “no” and requests that he not ask anyone else in the house. Ritesh replies “yes,” but believes Indu is mired in her own issues and is unsure of how she would care for Zoon. There, Asha delivers gawa cooked by Indu to Ritesh. Ritesh turns to face Indu.

Ritesh is asked to recount a story by Zoon. Ritesh asked me about your husband, and I informed him that you are a divorcee. Vivek pulls Indu to one side. She wonders why you lied. If Ritesh tells Zoon the truth, what does he say next?

According to Indu, this falsehood will cost her money. A servant appears and claims that Pankaj Sir had requested that he retain the suitcase. He is urged to preserve it by Kaamna. Rahul approaches her and says hello. Kaamna queries Rahul if Ritesh’s movie shoot is in Bangkok.

“No,” says Rahul. When Ritesh arrives, he requests food. He is asked to sit by Kaamna. I am serving him a ketogenic diet. Kaamna queries when you intend to consume this.

“Until I am given the superstar moniker,” Ritesh says. If the session was extended, she questioned his tardiness. He claims that the shoot was short-lived and that he left to do personal work. What, she inquires? He asks, “Do you remember that schoolgirl?” and adds that he visited her home. If that fan is significant to you, Kaamna adds, in all seriousness. Ritesh lauds her beauty. If he wants to also compliment her mother, Kaamna asks. He claims that over the course of five years, I had two or three encounters with her mother and developed some sort of bond with her.

He claims that Zoon is the link. He claims that I am uncertain about her mother. Indu informs Asha that she thought Ritesh was a nice and ideal man when she first saw him in his home. She claims that when I returned his phone, he told me that I wasn’t deserving of the title “mother. ” Asha remarks that you have never taken anyone’s advice to heart and inquires as to why you find his speeches offensive.

She asks if she loves him and claims that throughout the conversation you made him Zoon’s Papa. Love, according to Indu, has no place in her life. Ritesh claims to be unsure of whether she is good, bad, or stressed out, and today I learn that she is divorced. I am terribly perplexed, he claims. Kaamna claims that we discussed a female.

There is something in her, according to Ritesh. He spills the food on his jeans and then gets them in the washer. Kaamna becomes upset and believes that Ritesh has just revealed a girl to her.