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Enjoy the written update for the just out chapter of the magical television broadcast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai voiced on Wednesday, 17 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Receives a Threat is the tag of the new episode number S1 E33.

Indu Receives a Threat Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 17 Aug Update

As Satish Bhai threatens her and issues a deadline, Indu becomes concerned. When Zoon’s teacher asks for her parents, Ritesh goes to Zoon’s school in another location.


Anjali does her aarti and ties a rakhi to Indu to begin the episode. The present is from Indu. Anjali gives her praise. Asha ties an indura rakhi. According to Sunita, we bind the people who guard us with the protection thread.

Rajendra walks inside the kitchen. Vivek is brought there by Zoon, who claims to have brought him. Sorry, Vivek says, I woke up late. Indu asks Zoon to tie a rakhi to Vivek’s uncle. Vivek receives a rakhi from Zoon, who then forces him to eat candy.

She receives chocolate from Vivek, while Indu receives a document describing a savings plan. He claims he has taken this on for Zoon and will deposit some money each month so that when she gets 18, there won’t be any worries about paying for her school. Indu becomes upset. Asha and Anjali also experience emotions. How is my rakhi, he inquires?

You only have one, according to Zoon, while Moj has two. To attach Rakhi to him, she commands Asha. No, says Vivek. Indu scans them. She requests Vivek to deliver Asha to her office and tells Zoon to get ready for school.

“Let’s go to breakfast,” she says. At school, Zoon and a boy named Aryan fight. Some students applaud Zoon, while others applaud Aryan. When the teacher arrives, she wonders why everyone is tugging on each other’s hair and what this misbehaviour is. My colouring book, according to Aryan, has been doused in water.

Zoon claims she didn’t do anything on purpose. According to Zoon’s acquaintance, Aryan described Ritesh as a terrible boy. As per Aryan, she accused me of lying. In a fit of rage, Zoon shatters a water bottle and sprays Aryan in the face. Satish calls Indu, who answers.

She’s about to answer the phone. When Satish Bhai arrives, he adds, “You didn’t take up my call. ” As per Indu, I was going to choose. He claims that you borrowed 3 lakhs from me after your daughter was in an accident. According to him, I granted Prashant a loan.

He claims that the instalment has been unpaid for two months. Indu claims there were problems at home and promises to return the money as soon as possible. Zoon is informed by the teacher that she has spoken to Aryan’s parents and is now on the phone with her mother. She wants Moj to contact her at her new number because she fears Moj will reprimand her severely. She offers the teacher Ritesh’s phone number.

Ritesh was informed by Rahul that they would be meeting Kadambari. He claims that someone has called and is unknown. Ritesh speculates that Zoon may be in charge. He is informed by the instructor that she wants to speak with Zoon’s mother and is Zoon’s teacher. Ritesh, Zoon believes in genies if you can explain it with magic.

Ritesh suspects Zoon may have a problem. He requests that she send her mother a message. According to the teacher, Zoon performed gunda giri with boys. Ritesh chuckles. The teacher becomes irate and requests that he send her mother to school.

Ritesh requests a ride to the SM Model School from the driver. Rahul replies, “No, we have an influencer meeting and a kadambari interview. ” We are already late for the interview, he claims. Ritesh says I’ll take care of it. Then he dials Kadambari.

Kadambari wonders where you are. Ritesh claims to be bogged down with essential jobs. According to Kadambari, her staff have been working since the morning setting up a camera for his interview. Ritesh promises to make up for your loss. “They are not seated here only to conduct his interview,” Kadambari yells at him.

She claims that this attitude is unprofessional. Ritesh tells her not to bring up professionalism and claims that you published my photo with the girl without my consent. He offers: “If you’d like, we can conduct the interview tomorrow or next week. She claims she has been busy all week. You need me, he claims, not I.

He hangs up the phone. Kadambari becomes enraged with Ritesh. Indu learns from her sir that he has invited Ritesh Malhotra to be the main guest for the celebration on August 15. He requests Payal to disseminate the booklets. When Ritesh Malhotra arrives to pick up Zoon Raina, the peon informs the teacher.

Ritesh enters and greets everyone. Zoon beams. He couldn’t understand the teacher’s pure Hindi when he spoke to him. She inquires as to what planet you have arrived from. Where is Indu, she inquires?

She has an urgent place to be, he explains, but we are excellent friends. If she doesn’t have time for her daughter, the teacher remarks. According to Ritesh, Indu and her mother went to the hospital. The teacher queries what became of Sunita Ji. He confirms and claims she fell in the restroom.

He explains the purpose of bathrooms. can’t control in this era, says the teacher. What tasks do you have with Indu and Ritesh? Zoon’s teacher describes her as a sweet, delicate, and soft girl, but she is unsure of how negativity entered her. How can you let anyone enter the school?

“Ritesh queries. Anjali’s phone call to Indu Okay, I’ll pick up Zoon, Indu responds. Zoon had a fight with a boy, according to the teacher. She claims that we oppose fighting. Ritesh claims he left his Hindi dictionary at home and forgot about it.

The teacher said they don’t encourage such behaviour and they considered speaking with Indu. Ritesh claims that her mother is to blame for this and claims that she has AM, anger management issues, and breaks things. She appears educated and well-mannered, according to her teacher. She doesn’t display her anger, claims Ritesh. Sacchi, he says.

“Muchchi,” says Zoon. Sunita has a heart condition, according to Ritesh, and the doctor has warned that it could worsen at any time. As a result, Indu’s papa had an accident. He says this infant. He behaves in such a way that the teacher breaks down in tears. Then he gives the teacher a tissue and some water. He claims that Zoon’s Nani is sobbing for Zoon and debating closing her eyes before she gets home. The teacher urges him to take Zoon from this location.

What about her math class? Ritesh asks. The teacher promises to make it happen. He praises your teaching abilities. The teacher promises that God will give you the strength to face your challenges. The person informs Indu when she arrives at school that Ritesh Malhotra took Zoon with him. Indu is in awe.