Indu, Ritesh Have a Dispute β€” Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai | 18 Aug | Written Update

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Check the written update for the just out installment of the charming TV show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai telecasted on Thursday, 18 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu, Ritesh Have a Dispute is the subtitle of the fresh episode number S1 E34.

Indu, Ritesh Have a Dispute Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 18 Aug Update

After skipping school, Ritesh and Zoon enjoy fun exploring the city. Indu and Ritesh get into a verbal fight when Zoon gets home.


Indu questions the teacher at the beginning of the episode about how she managed to send Zoon home while she was taking a test. She queries: who will assume the responsibilities? Recalling Ritesh’s remarks, the teacher tells the student that she can understand her predicament and asks her to take her medications on schedule. She grips her hand and promises to take care of everything if your daughter misses two or three days of school. She claims that occasionally, medications might negatively impact the psyche.

Enough is spoken by Indu. Your teacher asks: Did you forget to take your medicine? Indu inquires, “What medications? ” Teacher: Ritesh ji informed me about your mental state, your father’s hand injury, and your mother’s hospitalisation. Indu wonders what Ritesh’s issue is.

What is Ritesh’s strategy, demands Zoon? In the vehicle are Ritesh and Zoon. The music is heard by them. They exit the vehicle and eat at the roadside stall. He forces her to eat.

The song Bum Bum Bole is currently playing. The teddies appeal to Zoon, who takes them. Ritesh donates cash. Zoon gives him a cheek kiss. Vivaan informs Sameer that Kadambari Patel won the prize for best entertainment editor.

Deep says she is Kaddu and requests Vivaan to share her photo. If he knows her, Sameer inquires. As per Deep, she attended my college. According to him, she had an affair with her batchmate. He inquires about Sameer’s name.

According to Deep, he was unpopular. He claims that they were going to get married when they were discovered in the college’s hallway. He leaves after saying it is becoming late. Sameer claims that Kadambari will be on my fingerprints after I have all the pieces of this puzzle. When Pankaj’s phone beeps, Kaamna notices it.

She is astonished when she reads Shanaya Reddy’s message. Ritesh is asked by Zoon to attend class every day. No, he argues, they can’t skip class every day since studying is crucial. Indu phones Ritesh and inquires as to Zoon’s whereabouts. Yes, Ritesh replies.

He is asked by Indu to deliver Zoon home straight away. Moj was absent today, and Zoon inquires as to whether he was upset. Rahul is questioned by Kaamna regarding Ritesh’s interview with Kazambari. According to Rahul, Ritesh changed his plans and went to Zoon’s school. Kaamna becomes irate.

Then, she queries his familiarity with Shanaya Reddy. Rahul displays her photo and claims she is a struggling model. He claims to be looking for the woman for Ritesh’s item song. Kaamna queries the date of the shoot. “Two days later,” says Rahul.

After having an idea, Kaamna decides that Pankaj must postpone his vacation to Bangkok. Indu informs her parents about Zoon’s behaviour out of rage. When Zoon gets home, he invites everyone to view the presents that Genie Ritesh gave. Where were you, Indu Query? With Genie Ritesh, says Zoon.

Indu inquires where he might be. Uncles are reportedly snapping selfies with Zoon. Indu decides to discipline him and leaves. She stumbles and falls on Ritesh after hitting the flower pot. They lock eyes as they hit the ground and tumble.

Ritesh is approached by the Watchmen. I want to talk to you, Indu says. Such is Ritesh’s query. Indu stands up and demands to know why she forced her daughter to skip school today. The guard requests a selfie.

He accepts it. Ritesh is invited by Indu. Ritesh challenges himself to manage his rage. Ritesh is informed by Indu that his actions are inappropriate. He claims that I didn’t teach my daughter to lie.

Ritesh claims that even though I didn’t teach her this, she still phoned me because she was upset. He claims that after she gave a boy a lesson, he treated her to a treat. He claims she required a vacation and a celebration. According to Indu, she had a class test today. Ritesh says she’ll ask Ms.

Bhagat to retake the test. Indu claims that my daughter is a typical middle-class girl who doesn’t desire special treatment. She claims to be her mother and will make the choice. She requests that he avoid her daughter. They appear to be at odds, according to Sunita, and this will not continue once they get married.

She is urged not to break her hand by Rajendra. Let me hear what they are saying, “Sunita requests. Ritesh claims it was only a small test and there would be no harm if I took her out. As per Indu, it is bunking. She claims that Zoon needs to be punished but not taken out.

She asserts that education has been a priority for those in the middle class since kindergarten and claims that riches did not come to us naturally. He wonders what she is saying. Indu tells him she is a fan of his but questions why he is placing so much significance on her, and she wants him to stay away from her daughter and pay attention to his own life. He wonders how you can focus when you are a bad mother. Enough, says Indu.

You should come to me because, according to Ritesh, even Zoon knows that you are a bad mother. Indu is lecturing me on parenting and claims that you could never be a decent son. Don’t talk about my mum, Ritesh commands. According to Indu, God rendered her physically incapable, and you rendered her emotionally helpless. She claims that even though your mother has a large family and relies on domestic help, she is depressed and the emptiness in her eyes is obvious.

On this day, she queries if she gave birth to you. She asserts that placing blame on others is simple and that you only have four fingers to point at. Enough, Indu. I’ll stop remembering who I am, says Ritesh. He claims that your sister has insulted your mother, and you haven’t spoken to her about it.

He questions whether you told Zoon that you were divorced and why you took her away from her father. He claims the girl goes looking for her father everywhere. He claims that if you grow a moustache, you will not become her papa. I brought her out, and he claims that you made me a criminal and begs her to feel ashamed. You couldn’t, he claims, be a decent mother and point the finger at others.

He advises Zoon to stay with his stepmother rather than with you. He is yelled at by Indu to avoid meeting Zoon. I’ll meet Zoon, he adds, and I’ll see who tries to stop me. He is seated in his automobile.