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Check the written update for the just out story of the pretty TV serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai promulgated on Friday, 19 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Is in a Pickle is the designation of the up-to-date episode number S1 E35.

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Indu is in trouble when her supervisor asks her to invite Ritesh following a heated disagreement. Rahul tries to calm Ritesh down elsewhere.


Sunita is asked by Indu where Zoon is and whether or not she has any medication. Sunita claims to have eaten and taken her medication before going to bed in her room. When Sunita informs Indu that Ritesh left and is unable to get her to her office, she becomes puzzled and picks up her luggage to leave for work. She dismisses her before going outside. Indu is asked by Vivek what happened and why she is present.

Indu claims that she will only have difficulties if Ritesh is not in her life. Ritesh discusses his issue with Indu with Rahul on the other hand. He inquires as to how Indu could insert his mother into the debate and who she is to forbid him from meeting Zoon. Rahul informs him that she is Zoon’s mother and requests that he tell him the whole story rather than just his side of it. He is informed by Ritesh that they had a disagreement.

Here, Vivek defends Ritesh’s behaviour, upsetting Indu. He doesn’t grasp what Indu is saying when she says that Zoon might do it on her own as a result of what Ritesh did. After expressing she doesn’t have time to address this garbage, she eventually departs the area. Vivaan queries Sameer in Malhotra’s mansion as to what he is doing on his laptop. Sameer claims that he is attempting to learn more about Kadambari, but due to Kadambari’s cunning nature, he is unable to find any material online.

To check Deep’s college newspaper, Vivaan requests Sameer expresses gratitude to him for the suggestion. Dolly visits Deep’s workplace to meet with him. Asha arrived there just as Deep’s personal assistant entered his cabin to collect a signature. Dolly introduces herself and inquires about Asha’s spouse, but Asha walks away silently. Dolly asks Deep a question, and when he replies that Asha is a widow, Dolly feels awful for Asha.

Sameer calls Deep and inquires about his college newspaper. Deep informs him that it is in his library. Sameer smiles broadly as he praises him. When Indu enters her workplace, she is shocked to see a billboard that one of their employees has stuck up announcing that Ritesh would be the main guest on Independence Day. She requests the staff member to erase it, but he responds that he is unable to because their supervisor, Kamath, directed him to paste it.

Indu enters the house, believing she must tell her boss that she is unable to assist him and goes to his room. On the call, her employer invites the person to join in on the office’s Fourth of July party. He ends the call after thanking Indu for her assistance. He also talks about his granddaughter, who has kidney failure and won’t take medicine as prescribed. However, she is a big admirer of Ritesh, so when she heard that he was visiting their office, she started taking the medicine as prescribed, which is helping her health.

How should Indu tell her boss the truth? She becomes anxious and upset. the opposite Ritesh is urged by Rahul to first calm down so that they can discuss his altercation with Indu. Ritesh declines and tells him how he won’t see his mother at all and how could Indu bring her up in this talk? Rahul reminds him that since Zoon is her daughter and he wants to see her frequently, he cannot keep his distance from her.

Ritesh observes attentively. Rahul advises him to exercise first. Ritesh accepts and makes plans to leave, but Kaamna appears and invites him to attend the Independence Day party at the office of politician Manjit Chawla as the principal guest. She is aware that Ritesh lost his father on August 15th and that only his mother is left in this condition as a result. Ritesh tells her that he won’t be doing anything on that day and asks her to reschedule things before leaving the location.

Rahul informs Kaamna that Indu is the cause of Ritesh’s rage. After reprimanding Indu, Kaamna tells Rahul that she has to talk to him about something. She hands him a picture of Shanaya Reddy and requests that he cast her in the upcoming Riteish movie’s item song. Without even looking at the photo, Ritesh enters and requests that Rahul only hire that actress. Kaamna thanks Ritesh and chuckles as she remembers that she had promised to prevent Pankaj from travelling to Bangkok.

Indu is urged by Payal to consider their boss’s granddaughter, who is eager to meet Ritesh. Indu is powerless. As a mother, Ritesh informs Rahul that Indu’s response was appropriate. The fact that Ritesh acknowledged his error gives Rahul relief. Payal informs Indu that Ritesh might not take this disagreement as kindly as she does at this point.

Rahul is told by Ritesh that he will consider offering an apology to Indu if she first extends one to him. Then Indu sends him a message, and when she deletes it, he becomes upset. Indu explains to Payal that she deleted the message because she felt something was off. She is urged by Payal to phone Ritesh and speak with him. Rahul is questioned by Ritesh as to why Indu sent him a message before deleting it.

Rahul reprimands Ritesh after being irritated. Kaamna becomes ecstatic over Shanaya’s refusal to accompany Pankaj to Bangkok during their phone call. Kaamna admits that she is behind everything, but Pankaj says he can’t be stopped, so she walks away. Kaamna promises that she will go to whatever lengths to ensure that neither Pankaj nor Ritesh, nor anyone else, take her position or become more important in their lives. Indu phones Ritesh and expresses her desire to speak with him.

She gets invited to Ritesh’s home by him. Indu agrees and asks God to protect them during this encounter. Ritesh becomes irate because Indu is late. Indu arrives there with a broken leg and tells the man that she was in an accident but will recover. Ritesh forces her to sit down and begins treating her wound. They both smile at one another while maintaining eye contact.