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Enjoy the written update for the just out story of the fascinating telecast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai reported on Saturday, 20 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Kamna Blames Indu is the label of the current episode number S1 E36.

Kamna Blames Indu Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20 Aug Update

After Kamna accuses her of utilising Zoon to approach Ritesh, Indu becomes enraged. Zoon makes a call to Ritesh and arranges to meet him there.


Ritesh first treats Indu’s leg injury by cleaning it and putting ointment on it. Indu grinned. The wound is then bandaged by him. Indu gives him a look. Ritesh beams.

He gives the thumbs up. She thanks you and says it’s much better. Ritesh queries whether you were delayed by mistake. She confirmed it, and there was a lot of traffic. It’s Mumbai traffic, according to Ritesh.

He wonders why she came. She asks if we can go on and forget what happened, stating that whatever happened was wrong. Ritesh feels that she didn’t apologise after saying everything. He claims that whatever argument we had, you shouldn’t have included my mother and family. He claims to be particularly sensitive to his mother and says, “I can’t forget what you said.

” She claims that we both made mistakes and that I should not have said what I did. She claims that you removed Zoon. Zoon was content, according to Ritesh, and no matter what you did, nobody else was content. I claim that whatever happened was my fault, and I won’t offer any justification. Is she finished, Ritesh asks?

She offers her apology. Finally, he says, asking her to go on. She claims that after learning that you had taken Zoon out of school, she panicked and made a mistake. Ritesh smiles as he studies her. Playing is Tera Chehra Jab Nazar Aaya.

He grinned and kept thinking how great she was. She chuckles. Did you hear what I said? Indu queries. What are you thinking, she asks?

I was thinking that oversight was also mine, Ritesh continues, and I can appreciate your anxietyβ€”any mother will worry about her child. And then they inquire. Ritesh says, “Ladies first,” after asking her to say so. Indu puts out her hand and asks her companions. He claims that even if we have many differences, nothing can keep us from becoming friends.

He introduces himself as a friend and prepares to shake her hand. Sameer arrived there right then. He inquires as to your plans for the August 15th events. Says Ritesh, “No. ” Sameer wonders what all of this is about.

He displays a leaflet from the MRTO. Ritesh responds, “What nonsense? I’m not going there. How can they publish my picture? I’ll ask Kaamna di to take legal action against them.

” Kaamna appears and declares that a complaint will be made against them immediately. She queries Sameer about the source of the poster. According to Sameer, the driver was taking it when I took it. Kaamna claims that if they publish Ritesh’s photo, they will make money. According to Indu, this is untrue because I work there and was going to invite you to the event.

He inquires as to whether you came to apologise or to invite me to the occasion. She says she came to invite you as well as to apologise. Ritesh feels angry. He would soon learn about Kamat Sir’s granddaughter through Indu. According to Kaamna, your trick is to approach Ritesh.

She claims that you are performing admirably. You are misinterpreting me, according to Indu. Every time I start to believe that you aren’t evil and self-centered, Ritesh says, you do something to make me change my mind. According to Sameer, if you don’t attend that function, your reputation will suffer. Kaamna predicts nothing will occur.

Indu attempts to speak. Ritesh claims he is unaware of his relationship with Zoon, but she is egotistical. Before he loses sight of his humanity, he asks her to leave. He enters his chamber inside. Indu is stopped by Kaamna, who berates her for attempting to approach children.

She claims that Ritesh enjoys the company of children and animals. She claims you’re enlisting the help of your daughter to win over Ritesh. “My baby is not an animal; she is my life,” Indu yells loudly enough. According to Kaamna, I’ll pull your hair and evict you.