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Check the written update for the newly released sequence of the thrilling telecast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai produced on Sunday, 21 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh’s Heartfelt Apology is the label of the present day’s episode number S1 E37.

Ritesh's Heartfelt Apology Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 21 Aug Update

When Zoon gets there, he meets Ritesh’s mother. Ritesh breaks down and apologises to his mother for his previous error at Zoon’s request.


Rahul brings Anjali and Zoon to Ritesh’s home to begin the episode. He welcomes them, asks them to have a seat, and then says he will summon Ritesh. Anjali is delighted to see the large house. She answers the phone and leaves to answer it. Ritesh’s mother is coughing a lot, and Zoon hears her and wonders who is coughing so much.

She moves in that direction and opens the door. She observes Ritesh’s mom spluttering. Her mother gives her a glance. The Servant asks Zoon: Who is she? Zoon introduces herself as Zoon and says she’s seeing Genie Ritesh.

She queries why her aunt is seated in a wheelchair. The servant claims that she is unable to walk. ‘Even I can’t walk,’ adds Zoon, adding the same squeeze. Ritesh’s mother breaks down in tears. Why are you crying, Zoon inquires?

She approaches and dries her tears. She claims that my Moj claims that sobbing is undesirable. If she is her Moj, does she ask the servant? She is Ritesh’s Moj, the servant claims. When I ask Zoon why she is not speaking to me, she replies that she will ask her doctor to give her medication.

The servant claims the client is ill and is unable to speak or move. According to Zoon, if we have a strong heart, we will be OK. She challenges her to push herself to recover, after which they can eat, converse, and party. Ritesh, who is outside the room, hears her and calls Zoon. When she comes out, Zoon informs her she will meet her later.

She greets She recalls meeting his mother, who was unable to eat with her hands. She requests that he use his hand to help his moj eat. Ritesh declines and invites Zoon to join him, saying that they will meet outdoors. His mother breaks out as she studies his hand. He is asked by Zoon to feed his Moj.

“You want to tell me something,” he says, inviting her to come with him. If your Moj is hungry, Zoon says, “I don’t like to feed her. Ritesh asks her to explain the nature of the work and she responds, “I don’t go inside. ” According to Zoon, I won’t say anything until you give your Moj food. She is urged not to be obstinate by Ritesh.

As she releases her hold, Zoon is going to drop. Ritesh cradles her while apologising. “What happened, and why can’t you feed your mother? ” asks Zoon. Ritesh asks what you want to say and responds, “I can’t say, you won’t understand.” He is not a decent boy, but a bad boy, Zoon declares, adding that she won’t say anything and that she won’t run into him again. Ritesh sheds tears when he becomes upset. According to Zoon, bad lads avoid them and their Moj. You’re correct, Ritesh replies, I’m a horrible boy. He adds, “Nobody could be worse than me,” and claims that his Moj is in this state as a result of him.

As he dries his tears, Zoon says, “Genie. ” Ritesh apologises and gives him a hug, so he cannot be a nasty boy. I made a serious error when I was a child, according to Ritesh, so I’m a bad boy. As he recalls, a Facebook page appears. Carrom is being played by Ritesh and Dolly.

A serviceman hands him a phone. Ritesh requests that his father bring him a toy. Dolly receives a call from her father, informing her that they will return with the toy. Dolly begs them not to return, but they do, and they have a mishap. FB closes.

Ritesh calls Zoon a wicked lad and claims that they met in an accident as a result of him. Zoon claims that you are not a bad boy and that Shankaracharya is to blame for all that occurred. Ritesh claims that I made a mistake and was stubborn. He is asked by Zoon to apologise to his Moj. Ritesh claims she doesn’t have the courage to approach me.

He is invited to attend, and Zoon holds his hand. He is taken to his mother’s room by her. Ritesh’s mother breaks down when she sees him. At first, Ritesh doesn’t turn to face her. He’s brought inside by Zoon.

He enters while still retaining Zoon’s finger. Song Main Kabhi is playing. Ritesh turns to face his mom. Ritesh is instructed by Zoon to address his mother in any way he pleases. Ritesh sobs while seated on the ground.

Her hand remains on his shoulder, Zoon. Ritesh sobs while sobbingly apologising to his mother while holding her hand. He claims, “I just wanted Papa and you; I didn’t want that toy. ” He claims that because of my intransigence, I lost my family. His mom also sobs. Although she tries to keep her hand on his head, his mother is unable to do so. Ritesh clings to her and sobs. Zoon beams.