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Enjoy the written update for the most recently released story of the thought-provoking show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai introduced on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 on Star Bharat. A Surprise for Zoon is the tag of the groovy episode number S1 E38.

A Surprise for Zoon Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23 Aug Update

Zoon is ecstatic to witness Indu’s unexpected rain dance. Later, Kamna is stunned to see Ritesh’s mother fall down the steps after the wheelchair unintentionally slides.


Ritesh begins the episode by giving his mother’s hand a kiss and giving her a grin. Ritesh is asked by Zoon whether he should feed his hungry mother now that he has apologized to her. After giving her a smile, Ritesh asks the caregiver for some food. He begins giving his mother food. Ritesh and Shakuntala both experience emotions.

After telling her he loves her and giving her a kiss on the forehead, he then begs her to relax so they can go on a long journey the next day. Zoon beams as he sees this. After realising Zoon is not with her, Anjali begins looking for her. When Indu calls her, she becomes concerned. When they both return, Indu also asks whether she wants to be picked up.

Anjali refuses, stating they’ll call back in a short while, and ends the call. Then she begins looking for Zoon. Rahul and Anjali run into each other. They have eye contact. Dolly arrives and inquires as to what is going on.

Anjali is lowered by Rahul. Anjali chastises him. Dolly queries who she is. Anjali claims to be Zoon’s aunt and that they are visiting to meet Ritesh. On the other hand, Ritesh tells Zoon that she has no idea how happy he made her, that she is an angel, and that after all these years, he is feeling so light for her.

Then he inquires as to why she wants to meet her. He is informed by Zoon that she is present to discuss Indu. Ritesh observes. Indu prepares meals for everyone while pondering the delay in Zoon and Anjali’s return to their residence. Anjali and Zoon return home.

When Zoon calls Indu, Why are they arriving so late? Indu queries. Ritesh will attend her office’s Fourth of July event, Zoon informs Indu. Indu is startled. She then remembers what transpired.

She kissed Zoon’s hand while she knelt in front of her. She questions why she took this action. Zoon informs her that the reason is because she wants to assist her. Indu requests that Zoon and Anjali change before sitting down to eat together. The way Indu is acting irritates everyone.

Indu is questioned by Anjali about her displeasure with what Zoon did to her. It’s not like that, Indu says, as she enters the kitchen. After Zoon informed her that Ritesh would be attending her office party, Sunita expressed her concern about Indu’s actions. While washing the utensils, Indu reflected on the abuses Kaamna had hurled at her. Rajender approaches and shuts the pipe.

Then he queries Indu as to what transpired. Indu keeps quiet. Rajender advises a daughter not to attempt to deceive her father and requests that she tell him what transpired. Indu sobs and informs Rajender that she has had a bad day overall. She was subjected to a great number of unjustified insults and allegations.

Rajender counsels her to forget all that happened over the day while she enjoys the way the day is coming to a conclusion. Additionally, he informs her that her response to Zoon’s announcement that Ritesh would take part in her office party was improper. Indu gives her father a big hug after telling Rajender that she had something special prepared for her son. Rajender cheers her on. Taking Zoon outdoors, Vivek and Anjali exit the building.

Asha accompanies them too. Zoon’s face is uncovered when Sunita and Rajender remove the blindfold. The music begins to play. Indu Vivek In the rain, Asha, Anjali, and a few other kids from the neighbourhood dance to the song. Zoon is ecstatic.

Rahul arrives and takes part in the dance as well. When Ritesh calls Indu later, he tells her that he is acting on behalf of Zoon before disconnecting the line. When Kaamna hears this, she is delighted. The following day, Kadambari is shocked to receive Sameer’s gift for herβ€”a poem that she composed while she was a college student. She claims that she has lost faith in men, so it is difficult for her to succumb to Sameer’s charms.

When the guest compliments Kamash, he replies, “On the other hand, Kamash informs the guest that it’s Indu, his assistant, who knows Ritesh and helped them arrange this all. ” The Rainas arrive. Indu is asked by Zoon when Ritesh will arrive. Indu informs her that he will show up at 9:45. Ritesh enters Shakuntala’s room and informs her that they will first attend the flag-hoisting ceremony, after which they will take a long drive, but not before he attends their society’s independence day celebration.

He instructs the housekeeper to get everything ready for Shakuntala and requests that she come down when he calls, after which he leaves the building. Kadambari goes to visit Indu’s office to find out why Ritesh chose to go there and disregard her interview after becoming enraged upon finding that he was attending the Independence Day celebration there. Indu welcomes Kamash and thanks her for making his granddaughter Priya happy. It was Zoon’s work, not Indu’s, according to Indu. On the other hand, Kaamna carries Shakuntala down the steps with her.

Pankaj arrives as she is there waiting for the elevator and insults her. He then becomes enraged with Kaamna for insisting that she explain their lateness to Ritesh. When he aggressively removes her hand, Kaamna loses control of the wheelchair she was carrying. Kaamna and Pankaj are both visibly astonished.