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Get the written update for the different sequences of the impressive TV drama Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai voiced on Wednesday, 24 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ritesh is Grief-Stricken is the tag of the newly discovered episode number S1 E39.


After his mother’s accident, Ritesh takes her to the hospital. Indu confronts the incensed people as he becomes broken and is unable to participate in the flag-hoisting ceremony.


Ritesh informs Rahul at the beginning of the episode that they must go to Zoon’s Independence Day celebration. Rahul clarifies that it is her mother Indu’s office event rather than Zoon’s. Ritesh informs him that only she and Zoon are important. Rahul claims that if Zoon didn’t have her own family, he would have had to adapt to her.

“He’s right,” asserts Ritesh. Then, he receives a startling phone call from Kaamna. He discovers his mother in the staircase when he walks upstairs and observes her bleeding condition. Rahul shows up there as well and is startled.

On the contrary, Kadambari becomes irate with the driver for picking her up late. She makes the decision to discipline him for his tardiness. There is an automobile there. She starts to reprimand the driver but stops when she sees Sameer.

What is he doing in this place? “Kadambari queries. She is told by Sameer that he wishes to carry out this task for her. However, Kadambari warns him that winning her over is not simple.

She agrees to Sameer’s request to take the front seat. the opposite Sunita demonstrates to Rajender the delighted visitors who are ready to see Ritesh and expresses her eagerness to silence their relatives’ snide remarks by allowing Ritesh to wed Indu before they leave the location joyously. Rajender gives her a smile. Ritesh hurries Shakuntala to the hospital room while she is still there.

People attempt to photograph him, but Rahul reprimands them all and walks behind Ritesh and his family. The guests compliment Kamath, Sir, before inquiring as to how long they must wait. Ritesh must be on his way, so Kamath Sir asks them to hold out for a little while longer. Payal and Indu overheard the discussion.

Indu is urged by Payal to call Ritesh. Rahul disconnects the call using Ritesh’s phone. When Indu informs Payal of this, she becomes concerned. Before Payal could inform Kamath Sir the truth regarding Ritesh’s whereabouts, Kamath enters and queries Indu.

Indu begs Ritesh not to worry by pretending to be going to the parking lot to welcome him. Kamath departs the location. Indu is questioned by Payal about why she lied to Kamath Sir and about what they would do if Ritesh doesn’t show up. Indu urges her to handle the problem inside and explains that she is heading to the parking lot since she knows Ritesh will arrive without a doubt.

Payal concurs. Ritesh expresses gratitude to the physician for travelling quickly to cure Shakuntala. The doctor promises to meet Shakuntala and then inform him. Deep questions how Shakuntala managed to fall from the stairs.

They need to focus on Shakuntala right now, so Kaamna tells him to ask these questions later. Indu observes Zoon promising Priya that Ritesh will undoubtedly attend the flag-raising ceremony and that she will likewise win Ritesh’s favour like she did. As she walks to the parking lot, Indu thinks to herself, “I hope Ritesh Ritesh won’t shatter the hearts of these youngsters. ” Sameer queries Kadambari about where he might find the poetry she wrote for her college publication.

She is told by Sameer that his uncle, who is older than her, told him that she was well-known when she was in college. When Kadambari feels uneasy, she instructs Sameer to drive quickly since she dislikes arriving somewhere late. Sameer grinned and complied. Indu informs Vivek and Zoon that she tried calling Ritesh but that either he didn’t pick up or disconnected the call.

Is Ritesh planning to get revenge on her, inquires Vivek? Indu expresses her desire for it not to be as it is. Because he promised her, Ritesh would undoubtedly arrive, according to Zoon. Indu fakes a smile before heading to the parking lot.

Kadambari is dropped off, and the latter thanks him. She moves in the direction of the office but misses Indu. She remembers what took place five years ago. Sameer arrives to give Kadambari her phone, which she left in the car, but after observing Kadambari’s response, he questions the relationship between Indu and Kadambari.

Before Indu could see her, Kadambari excuses herself by saying she has essential work to complete in the office. Sameer becomes adamant about learning the truth. He gets a call, so he heads straight to the hospital. Sunita becomes outraged and informs her family that she doesn’t believe Ritesh will put Indu through embarrassment by skipping this event.

Inquiring about Shakuntala’s condition, Sameer visits the hospital. Then he queries how she managed to fall down the steps. Ritesh visits Kaamna and inquires about Shakuntala’s accident. Ritesh observes that Kaamna is glancing at Pankaj.

She then tells him a fib about becoming stuck in her wheelchair and losing her grip. Kaamna hears Ritesh yell at her. He then visits the physician who has just finished attending to Shakuntala. Shakuntala is not in danger, the doctor informs Ritesh, but they must wait till she regains consciousness.

The visitors accuse Kamath Sir of wasting their time and giving them false hope at the office. When Indu learns of this, she informs Ritesh that he need not participate in the flag-raising ceremony. She then makes her way to the platform to draw the attention of the departing visitors. She invites them to remain and wishes them a happy Fourth of July.

She continues by saying that she is pleased to see so many people at their workplace. Ritesh was invited, but given his fame, he is likely running late. They accuse one of the visitors of giving them false hope. Zoon requests that he refrain from disparaging Indu and informs Ritesh that he will undoubtedly arrive.

Indu speaks about the significance of our nation’s Independence Day. She also discusses those who are bringing honour to our country and fighting for freedom. Then, she says that just because an actor wasn’t there, people shouldn’t let that stop them from celebrating our Independence Day. She also says that Kamath Sir is a true super hero, so she asks him to do the honour of hoisting the flag.

Kamath declares that Priya and Zoon should stand by his side. Indu nodded and grinned at Zoon. Zoon approaches the flag. She extends her hand to grab the rope that is fastened to the pole.

Ritesh follows suit. Zoon is ecstatic. Both Indu and the visitors exhibit joy. Ritesh turns to face Indu.

Then he assists Zoon in raising the flag. The Vante Matram song is playing in the background as they all give a salute.