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Let’s enjoy the written update for the sweet installment of the diverting TV drama Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai voiced on Sunday, 28 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Kamna Manipulates Ritesh is the pseudonym of the newly published episode number S1 E43.


In order to persuade Ritesh that she is on his side, Kamna devises a wicked scheme. In another instance, Vivek overhears a call from Satish to Indu in which Satish requests money.


Ritesh begins the episode by contemplating the state of Kaamna and Zoon. He remembers addressing her and informing her that they were not his family but rather guests with double standards. Ritesh is asked to calm down by Dolly and Deep when they arrive. According to Ritesh, I only gave Kaamna Di one taskβ€”taking care of Maaβ€”and she lied to protect her husband. I couldn’t see Zoon’s eyes, but he claims that you will cry upon viewing her state.

Sameer tells Pankaj not to feel helpless and that his sons are on his side. He claims that I will kill Ritesh. When Kaamna arrives, she refuses. She asserts that she can see since she is not blind. Sameer claims that because he worked with my dad, I could kill him.

He is my husband, my life, and my pride, according to Kaamna. She claims that before teaching a lesson to Ritesh, she will first impart a lesson to Zoon and Indu Raina. Sameer claims that the cheap woman messed with us in a very bad way. Indu, Zoon, and Ritesh are warned that Kaamna will make their lives miserable and to be on the lookout for her actions. She inquires as to your attendance.

To carry out the strategy, Sameer, Vivaan, and Pankaj maintain hand contact with hers. Dolly tells the servant they need to get going so they can give Ritesh his breakfast. There goes Kaamna. Dolly greets her and says, “Good morning. I forgot it was coffee time.

“Please wait. She claims Ritesh is currently untrustworthy. Dolly says, “Kaamna. Dolly warns her to watch her tongue and threatens to cut her off in two minutes if she slips. She also instructs her to write down the fact that only the person that Ritesh is with will be in charge of the household.

Breakfast is served, and Dolly is given something. Ritesh is invited to join Dolly for breakfast. Indu is asked by Rajendra if she spoke to the doctor. Yes, says Indu. She claims to have left and informed Zoon’s school as well.

Okay, says Rajendra. Satish calls Indu, who answers. Rajendra queries whether everything is okay. What should Indu do? She tells Asha to get Zoon some dal water and says she’ll be back soon.

She exits and dials Satish. How are you, Satish Query? He inquires: “Where should I go to pick up my money? ” Indu requests that he allow her some time. She is instructed to report to Chembur PS at 6 o’clock with her money.

He is asked to listen by Indu. Vivek is standing when she turns around. Vivek queries what transpired. According to Indu, it was an office call. According to Vivek, you were discussing money with a person.

Indu observes. Dolly, deep signals. Ritesh is encouraged to eat the breakfast by Dolly. Ritesh won’t eat anything. Dolly requests some dry fruit from him.

When Kaamna arrives, she adds walnuts to the dry fruits. She claims that you neglected to provide the walnuts. It’s enough, Ritesh says, and he thanks her. I will eat everything you give me, he declares, so pay no attention to anyone. When you make compromises, Kaamna says, “No one knows you and your life better than I do.

” She tries to influence him. When will you be treated in silence? she asks, and she begs him to punish her and show his rage instead of being mute. What the hell, she’s just a spineless woman licking his feet, thinks Sameer. I can’t stand your silence, “Kaamna declares,” adding that every dispute must be settled.

Dolly requests permission for him to eat breakfast. I don’t want to hear anything, Ritesh says, as he motions for Kaamna to leave. If I fall into your line of sight, Kaamna says, what will I do? She claims I don’t want this life; I made a terrible mistake, and your silence is making it difficult for me to breathe. She leaves and flees.

Ritesh calls her. I am aware that you’ll arrive to stop me, says Kaamna. The door was shut by her. Dolly, Deep, and Ritesh rap on the door. Taking the dupatta, Kaamna declares that this house is solely mine and that everything will go according to my wishes.

What the heck is going on, Kaamna di? Let me in. “You’ve recognised how significant I am,” says Kaamna. When Sameer sees her drama, he is shocked. Ritesh requests that a second key to her room be delivered.

Dolly claims that only Kaamna is involved. Work hard, as Kaamna commands. I’m going to shatter the door, Ritesh says. Break it, Kaamna says, and demonstrate your level of commitment to helping me. Kaamna notices that the door is ready to slam.

What is this drama, inquires Vivaan? According to Sameer, Kaamna is staging a suicide attempt to persuade Ritesh. You didn’t realise she was smart, according to Vivaan. After saying “final step,” Kaamna ties a rope around her neck. Ritesh rescues Kaamna by slamming the door.

He offers her some water. Kaamna claims that you were not speaking to her and makes a fake cry. Ritesh declares that life is extremely valuable and vows to sacrifice himself as well. Nothing is more essential than you, says Kaamna, and she offers him an apology. After declaring the discussion complete, Ritesh gives her a hug.

He requests her promise. Kaamna chuckles. She makes a commitment to never repeat this. She had astonished Sameer and Vivaan with her dramatic ability. A call is made to Ritesh.

He is asked to take the call by Kaamna. Nothing is more essential than you, claims Ritesh. We’ll be careful, Dolly assures us. Kaamna reveals her true self to them, declares that the picture is over, and requests that they applaud. She threatens to shove them out if they don’t leave.

She believes that whoever has Ritesh will be in charge. She claims that I will have control over Ritesh and that the dog will be devoted to me.