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Enjoy the written update for the latest sequence of the blessed TV drama Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai produced on Monday, 29 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Kamna Visits Indu’s House is the label of the most recently released episode number S1 E44.


Samir queries Kamna’s motives as she explains her nefarious scheme to harm Ritesh. When Kamna unexpectedly shows up at Indu’s home to speak with her, Zoon is startled.


Indu remembers Satish’s remarks as she struggles to light the diya at the beginning of the episode. She then asks God to help her find a way to repay the money she must pay, and Satish ignites the diya as a result. Ritesh arrives and congratulates her. Indu approaches him and inquires as to his purpose in the area.

Ritesh tells her that he wants to meet Zoon and inquires about his current condition. Indu informs Zoon that while she has improved, she still has weaknesses. She then realises that she is running behind schedule for the hospital, so she tries to throw away the towel she had wrapped over her head but is unable to do so since it is trapped. Indu is assisted by Ritesh in removing the towel from her hair.

Indu expresses gratitude and departs to prepare for the hospital. If Vivaan believes Kaamna is on their side, Sameer asks him. Even Vivaan admits that Kaamna’s behaviour has shocked him. Sameer expresses his want for Pankaj to be present to witness everything.

When Kaamna walks in, she asks Sameer what would happen if Pankaj were present and saw all of this. She claims that Sameer would have expelled her if he had witnessed her returning to Ritesh in order to become his puppet. She only wants to get even with Ritesh and insults him when he asks her what happened to her vow from the day before. His smack from Kaamna startles Sameer and Vivaan.

Sameer is informed by Kaamna that both he and his father are ignorant. Then she explains that everything they have seen is a drama to win back Ritesh’s confidence since the person Ritesh trusts the most can only have control over this house. She continues by saying that she made numerous sacrifices to obtain this position as Ritesh’s Kaamna Di, which she is determined to keep at all costs. Vivaan says Kaamna is not someone they can predict easily, though, and adds that he has informed Sameer of that.

If Sameer and Vivaan believe they are here to care for Ritesh after his father passed away, Kaamna informs them they are mistaken. Instead, she tells them, they are here to live a life of luxury. She continues by saying that one of the reasons she never allowed a girl to be close to Ritesh was because she didn’t want them to lose their opulent lifestyle and become his secondary concern. Sameer and Vivaan react with surprise and dismay after hearing Kaamna’s announcement.

Then Kaamna explains to Sameer and Vivaan that she does love Ritesh, but she also loves the money he is earning. However, yesterday, Ritesh went too far by acting in such a way toward Pankaj, whom she loves the most. As a result, she is going to discipline Ritesh for what he did. She continues by saying that this is the first time a female has gotten this close to Ritesh’s life.

As a result, she wants to keep Ritesh separate from Indu and Zoon and has asked Sameer for assistance. She is praised by Sameer, who also pledges his support. Ritesh, Indu, and Zoon will suffer the most, according to Kaama, but she promises to make sure all three of them do. Sunita brings Zoon out of her chamber at Raina’s home.

When Zoon sees Ritesh, he approaches him with joy. She talks with Ritesh when he asks her how she is doing. Indu declines Sunita’s request to make tea for Ritesh and informs her that it is getting late to transport Zoon to the hospital. Sunita’s response was cut short when the doorbell rang.

Indu queries who that is. All of them are shocked when Kaamna discloses that she is outside. When Zoon feels threatened, he shelters behind Ritesh. Although Kaamna calls Zoon “beloved,” the latter informs Ritesh that she is afraid.

She is reassured by Ritesh that he is beside her, so she need not be worried. Kaamna queries Indu about being allowed entry. Ritesh looks at Kaamna after Ritesh stares at him, and then he nods to Indu. Indu invites Kaamna into his home.

Zoon leaves Ritesh’s side and walks over to hug Indu as Kaamna enters the room and moves toward him. Kaamna admits to being ashamed of her response to Zoon, Indu, and the others. She came here to apologise to Zoon for her actions after finding out about her health condition from Ritesh. She continues by saying that since she isn’t a mother, she is unsure of how to handle children.

She then requests Indu’s permission to speak with Zoon. Indu glances at Zoon, who declines, but Indu reassures her that everyone is on her side. In front of Zoon, Kaamna bends over and begs for her forgiveness, saying she is truly sorry for how she treated her. She then presents Zoon with a gift, but she rejects it.

Ritesh’s daughter, Kaamna, sincerely regrets what she did, he says to Zoon. “I don’t want to talk to her,” Zoon says. Ritesh informs them that she need not. She is free to speak whenever she wants.

Kaamna informs her that Zoon can chat whenever she feels comfortable, and Kaamna forces a grin. She then delivers to Sunita the gift she had brought for Zoon. She is thanked by Ritesh for her actions. Kaamna departs the location.

She congratulates herself on her good deed. Indu says she’ll reserve an automobile to travel to the hospital, but Ritesh says he’ll drop them off. Ritesh expresses a desire to accompany Zoon to the hospital. Indu gives Ritesh a dirty look and starts to speak to Zoon, but Sunita cuts her off by saying that the weather isn’t that great and that she should leave with Ritesh.

Indu concurs. After taking Indu and Ritesh with him, Zoon exits the residence. Sunita speculates that perhaps this is the ideal household for her son Indu.