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Enjoy the written update for the newest chapter of the fascinating show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai released on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Is in Trouble is the designation of the funky episode number S1 E46.


When Satish and his thugs arrive at Indu’s residence to cause mayhem, Indu becomes alarmed. When Indu rejects his assistance, Ritesh becomes enraged.


Ritesh asks Zoon at the beginning of the episode whether her mother is usually so busy. Zoon declines, but she is occupied today. Ritesh informs Zoon that he believes she is busy today. If they wait for Zoon’s mother, he tells her, the meal will become cold and they won’t be able to eat it.

Ritesh takes the meal to give to Zoon, but Indu arrives and orders them to go right away. Indu learns from Zoon that she wants to go to Lonavala. She is told by Indu that now is not the day to enjoy her vacation. Zoon becomes irate.

Indu informs Zoon that she will feed the car’s food before allowing her to watch TV for an additional two hours. After being joyful, Zoon decides to accompany Indu. Ritesh contacts Indu and informs her that this isn’t the proper approach to coerce her daughter into doing what she wants. Indu begs Ritesh to take her home since she doesn’t have the time or the energy to argue with him.

Ritesh accepts. Rajender, who is on the other side, hears the doorbell and goes to answer it. He notices Satish and his henchmen. He questions their identities.

Satish enters the residence with his guys and announces that he will introduce himself later. Rajender is perplexed. During their phone conversation, Indu discusses her PF fund procedure with Payal. She also inquires about a second loan that she is prepared to accept, but Payal informs her that because she has already taken two loans, it is not feasible.

As she hangs off the phone, Indu berates Payal for putting off the PF procedure and threatens to come get it from her if she doesn’t. Ritesh asks Indu whether she’s okay after seeing her worried expression. Indu claims she’s doing fine. The thugs had taken over almost every room in Raina’s home.

Rajender begs them to identify themselves. When he discovers that one of the goons is holding his cell phone, he requests him to hand it to him, but the goon refuses. In his visit to Satish, Rajender informs him that he wants to speak with his family, particularly his daughter Indu. He is told by Satish that they are simply there for Indu.

Incredulous, Rajender declares that he doesn’t believe Indu is familiar with them. Zoon and Indu return home. When Indu discovers Satish and his guys inside her home, she is startled. Indu and Zoon enter the home.

Since she had promised to pay him back, she queries Satish as to why he is still in the area. Rajender inquires as to what is going on since he is perplexed. Indu envelops Zoon with her shadow. Satish notices this and kneels in front of her to inquire about her current condition.

To Indu, Zoon conceals herself even more. Satish reaches out to touch her, but Indu grabs Zoon and carries her to her room. She invites her to color in her book while using her phone to play games. She follows up by requesting that Zoon remain in the room until further notice.

Zoon agrees and declares that she fears those evil uncles. She is told by Indu that she should not be alarmed. They will speak with her before leaving the home. animal nods.

After giving her a kiss, Indu exits the room and locks it from the outside. She then makes her way to Satish and his soldiers. However, Rajender queries Indu as to what is going on. The reason they are here, according to Satish, is because Indu failed to return him for the past three months after he lent her three lakhs for her daughter’s medical needs.

He had given her time to repay, but she didn’t, so they are here. Rajender is astonished and queries Indu as to why she kept this information from them. Before Indu could respond, Satish interjects, requesting that they continue this talk after they have gone and instructing Indu to pay him back immediately. Indu implores him to give her more time by explaining that she is setting up funds.

She has used up her time, according to Satish, so stop. He believes that she won’t give him the money until he moves and orders his guys to destroy everything. They all comply and begin to destroy the items. When Zoon hears a sound, she panics and summons Indu.

Indu begs Satish to save the objects from damage and begs him to give her more time. Rajender makes an unsuccessful attempt to stop the thugs from damaging the items. When Zoon opens the door to the window while Indu and Satish are crying and pleading, she calls Ritesh to tell him that they are in danger. Ritesh informs her that he does not comprehend what she is saying or what occurred.

Rajvant is pushed down by one of the thugs. When Zoon is startled and terrified, she drops the phone. Ritesh becomes anxious and requests that the driver take him to Zoon’s residence right now. After threatening Indu, Sameer contacts Satish and tells him to leave the residence.

Satish gives in. Kaamna claims that Indu is to blame for Ritesh misbehaving with Pankaj, and she intends to make her life miserable. The apology from Indu to Rajender She promises to drive him to the hospital. Indu is told by Satish that he would give her time till 8 PM, but that if he doesn’t get paid, he won’t spare her or her family by trampling on the family portraits.

Indu instructs Rajender to take care of Zoon Zoon since she has money she has to go get in order to be able to repay what she organized. Ritesh arrives there and yells for Zoon. He is astonished by the condition of the residence and queries Indu about what transpired. What is Ritesh doing here?

Indu queries. Ritesh reports that Zoon gave him a call. When Indu notices that the window door is open, she realizes that Zoon must have seen everything. She is likely now terrified and sobbing.

She then opens the room door and searches for Zoon. Ritesh reprimands Indu after becoming enraged with him. Indu stops him by telling him that she is now frightened of Zoon and should go locate her first. She then notices Zoon is concealed by a curtain.

Ritesh visits Zoon to reassure her that everything is OK at this point. Indu also gives her the assurance that she won’t have to deal with this problem when Zoon visits her. Ritesh announces his desire to speak with Indu and steps outdoors. Indu pursues him and informs him of the debt she must pay.

Ritesh offers to assist her, claiming that he is doing everything for Zoon, who doesn’t deserve it. Indu says she made the arrangements for the money and doesn’t need his aid, so she would not accept his money. Ritesh becomes irate and impatient. He tells Indu that if anything happens to Zoon, he won’t spare her. Indu observes with eyes filled with tears.