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Get the written update for the latest scene of the delightful show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai released on Friday, 02 September 2022 on Star Bharat. Kamna is in Trouble is the designation of the current episode number S1 E48.


When Ritesh gets his hands on Indu’s jewelry bag and makes a surprising choice, Kamna’s anxiety levels begin to rise. In another part of the story, Rahul is taken aback when he discovers that Indu is not Zoon’s biological mother.


Indu sobs outside the station to begin the episode. She refuses to go back home despite Vivek’s pleading, stating she won’t be able to face her father. She is reassured by Vivek that nothing will go wrong. Not only a mother, but also a daughter failed this time, according to Indu, who also emphasizes how significant the jewellery is to her mother, Sunita.

She then explains that she took out a loan to pay for Zoon’s medical expenses because she was out of options. She also describes how she made monthly payments on all of the installments, but for the past two months, due to personal reasons, she was unable to make payments to Satish. Despite her requests, Satish ignored them and came home to take the necessary actions. She also breaks down when talking about Zoon, who was terrified while seeing all of this.

She is being held by Vivek, who reminds her that life is about how we deal with hardships, and that he is her closest friend and her lifelong supporter. Never will he fail her. When Indu gets a call from Satish, she becomes anxious. When Vivek picks up the phone, he overhears Satish yelling at Indu for being late and for attempting to trick him.

Vivek threatens Satish, telling him not to make any more attempts to get in touch with Indu since he is here to handle Indu’s obligations. Satish responds with a threat, but Vivek ends the call. Indu is urged to return home by Vivek, who tells her that he will take care of everything. Indu sobs.

After seeing Zoon’s terrified expression, Ritesh expresses his concern for her. Rahul queries him as to whether he asked Indu what truly transpired. Ritesh becomes furious when he mentions Indu’s intransigence. He then offers Rahul an invitation to the Lord Ganesha puja ceremony, suggesting that Rahul go to Zoon’s home to learn more about the true issue.

Rahul concurs. Sunita shares with her neighbour how peaceful the puja was for her. She thinks they should do additional research. Then he observes Zoon interacting with other children in the community.

She approaches Zoon and inquires as to her purpose for being here. When the Lord Ganesha puja is performed, the person who drew the finest will be picked by Lord Ganesha himself and will get a gift, Zoon informs their neighbour, who is also painting a family portrait for the children. She is asked to present it to Sunita. Zoon displays it to her but folds away a portion of it.

Sunita asks her what’s inside. It’s classified, says Zoon. Zoon unfolds the paper when Sunita tells her that she won’t reveal her secret to anybody, and Sunita is astonished to discover a depiction of a family tree. Ritesh’s picture was put in the papa’s spot by Zoon.

Sunita queries if her mother has informed her of this. Zoon denies it, although she is aware of it. How? asks Sunita.

Ritesh takes care of his kids in the same way that every father takes care of his children, and Zoon instructs Sunita not to mention this to anybody. Sunita smiles and joins Zoon in promising not to tell anybody. Vivaan comes into the home holding Indu’s stolen jewellery. He rushes to the room when he sees Ritesh, but knocks with Dolly and drops the bag.

The jewellery tumbles to the floor. Vivaan quickly snatches it. What’s all of this about? Ritesh queries.

Vivaan becomes anxious. There are Kaamna and Sameer. In order to wear the jewellery during puja, Kaamna begs Vivaan to deliver it to her. She receives it from Vivaan.

When Sameer asks Kaamna whether the jewellery was a present from Pankaj, Kaamna tells him that she would reveal it to him. Though she hesitates, Kaamna donates to Ritesh. Ritesh loves the jewellery and advises that they use it to adorn the idol this year, surprising Kaamna, Sameer and Vivaan in the process. Kaamna attempts to persuade Ritesh to alter his mind, but she is unable to persuade him, so she accepts his choice.

Ritesh goes and places it under the statue of Lord Ganesh. When Rajender approaches Asha, he warns her not to share any information with Sunita. He can trust Asha that she won’t. What brings Indu home is Vivek.

Indu walks into the home. Indu’s condition shocks Rajender and Asha. They each inquire about Indu’s health. Rajender and Asha are shocked when Indu reveals that the jewelry was stolen.

When Sunita arrives, she inquires about the jewellery they are referring to. Everyone is startled. Turning around, Indu looks at Sunita. Rajender tells Sunita a fib by saying they aren’t discussing anything about jewellery.

Indu promises that she won’t keep anything from Sunita a secret. Sunita becomes perplexed and inquires as to what is going on in this home. Indu explains to her what happened when she obtained a loan from a moneylender to pay for Zoon’s medical care. She moves on to give her mother a hug.

She is warned not to approach Sunita. Indu offers her an apology. When she forgets to say anything, Sunita tells her to stop apologising to her and queries if she has any moral principles. She also shares with Indu that her mother passed away as soon as she brought Zoon home.

Rajender is then questioned about who authorised him to steal the jewellery without her knowledge. Sunita tries to calm herself down, but Vivek is shocked when she tells him not to meddle in family things. Sunita sobs and wonders why she should continue to live here when no one consults her before making a choice. Sunita smacks Indu as she attempts to hold her.

Indu is reminded by Sunita that while she gave birth to Indu by carrying her in her womb, Sunita put more importance on the zoon, who was abandoned on the road and has no identity. She then inquires as to the extent of Indu’s suffering on behalf of Zoon. Indu sobs and begs Sunita not to speak ill of Zoon since it is not her fault and because she is her daughter. That Zoon is an orphan is announced by Sunita.

When Rahul arrives, he stops hearing it. Sunits goes on to claim that she is aware that she did not adopt Zoon officially because of the commitment she made to her. Indu sobs. Rahul stands outside the home in disbelief.