Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Sunita’s Shocking Demand

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the latest section of the grateful TV serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai aired on Saturday, 3rd September 2022 on Star Bharat. Sunita’s Shocking Demand is the designation of the freshest episode number S1 E49.


In order to prevent Sunita from disowning Indu, Indu is given the authority to place Zoon in an orphanage. In another part of the world, Kamna discovers the truth about Zoon and makes a plot to use it against Indu.


When the episode opens, Zoon has been with them for the last five years, according to Sunita, and this is unlucky. She wants Zoon to go and never return. Indu collapses and hits the ground. Asha is seated close by. Sunita is begged by Vivek not to say anything.

He has previously been warned by Sunita to keep away from family problems; she yells at him. Vivek does not speak. Sunita is told by Asha that she is a family member and begs for patience. Since Zoon joined their lives, a great deal has transpired, according to Sunita. She turned her own family against her today.

She has no regard or purpose for her daughter’s or daughter-in-law’s lives. Indu’s sobbing enters the home. Rahul exits the building outside the entrance. When Zoon notices him, he queries whether Ritesh is with him. “No,” says Rahul.

According to Zoon, Ritesh sent him because he thought their society’s pandal for Ganapthy Puja was beautiful. Rahul beams and explains to Zoon that he is there because Ritesh asked her to participate in the Lord Ganesha ceremony at his house the next day. He demonstrates the invitation that Ritesh sent to Zoon. Zoon, who is overjoyed, assures him that she will notify him once her mother has approved. Okay, says Rahul.

Rahul declines Anjali’s invitation to her house, claiming that he is already late, and then he departs. Rahul’s strange behaviour has Anjali wondering what happened to him. She drives Zo home after that. Vivek learns about Ritesh’s invitation by displaying the invitation she received from him. She is prompted to present it to Indu by Vivek, who grins at her.

When Zoon recognises Sunita, he commands her to examine the invitation she is holding. Sunita declines and leaves the area. Zoon wonders whether Sunita is displeased with her because of the way she is acting toward her. Sunita’s headache is a fabrication, according to Vivek, who then asks her to show Zoon the invitation to change the subject. As requested, Zoon enters the room.

Anjali asks Vivek if there is anything going on in the home. Vivek begs her to take care of everyone and explains that a lot has occurred; he will tell her more later. Okay, Anjali nods. When Rahul arrives at Ritesh’s home, he tells himself that he must tell Ritesh the truth about Indu and Zoon’s connection at all costs. Rahul is stopped by Kaamna, who queries him as to why he seems anxious and where he went.

Rahul says he has to tell Ritesh something crucial. Ritesh overworked himself and fell asleep while watching Kaamna. Kaamna was informed by Rahul that he would speak with Ritesh later. He is asked to explain the situation by Kaamna. Rahul explains to her that Ritesh had him inquire into Indu’s issues after learning that Indu wasn’t Zoon’s real mother.

Kaamna is startled and queries what he is saying. Rahul assures her that he is merely speaking the truth as he has learned it from Indu’s residence. He continues by saying that Zoon is unaware of this and that Indu’s illegal adoption of Zoon is a crime. When Kaamna hears it, she smiles broadly but quickly reminds Rahul that they must keep this knowledge from Ritesh at all costs since he would react angrily. Rahul objects, but Kaamna tricks him into changing his mind before kicking him out of the home.

She then smirks to herself and claims that she now has a legitimate reason to bother Indu even more and that she is eager to see both her and Zoon’s agony. On the other hand, Indu sobs and asks Asha why she brought Zoon into their dispute after telling Sunita several times that it wasn’t necessary to do so. When Zoon arrives, she is questioned about what Sunita told her about her. Indu and Asha seem different. Asha deceives Zoon and switches the subject.

Indu is shown the invitation from Ritesh. Zoon encourages her not to be offended or furious with her and adds that if she gives the go-ahead, they may attend the puja. Indu says she won’t ever be angry or furious with her but agrees to go to the puja at Ritesh’s home. They embrace one another. Ritesh receives a call from Zoon, informing him that she would be visiting him for puja.

She also requests his permission to invite Anjali along. Ritesh concurs. He then goes to the employee and inquires about Rahul, who replies that he met Kaamna before leaving the location. Ritesh questions Kaamna about what Rahul told her after becoming perplexed by Rahul’s actions. Kaamna reveals the truth about Indu and Zoon’s connection to Sameer and Vivaan.

They were both startled. Ritesh enters the room before they can finish talking. He inquires as to their activities. Kaamna fabricates the fact that she is directing Sameer and Vivaan about the preparations. She is asked by Ritesh whether Rahul would be meeting him.

Yes, Kaamna replies, but she sent him to his residence because she believed he was asleep. Rahul will be called by Ritesh. Ritesh interrupts Kaamna and tells him that Rahul informed her that Indu got money from a local goon for Zoon’s treatment because she was worried Rahul could tell him the truth. She is being bothered by them. Ritesh claims that Indu even told him something similar.

Sameer tells Ritesh that paying back Indu’s debt is the least he can do in recompense for the wrongdoing his father committed with his mother. Once Ritesh has thanked Sameer, he departs the area. Vivaan compliments Kaamna and Sameer equally. Kaamna is questioned by Sameer for deceiving Ritesh about the truth. Kaamna explains to them her plan, saying that she intends to catch Ritesh, put Indu behind bars for unlawfully harbouring a kid, and watch all three of them suffer.

When Sameer and Vivaan refer to her as Kaamna maa, she becomes agitated and declares that no one will be able to stop her from accomplishing her goals because her true strength is with her. Sameer and Vivaan exchange grins. Indu goes to speak with Rajender about the images of the stolen jewellery. Sunita is furious, so he cautions her before going to take Indu visits Sunita, informs her about Ritesh’s offer, and then expresses her regret. Sunita requests that she expel Zoon from the home till the passing of her mother.

Indu is startled. Sunita announces that she will disown Indu the next day and then departs the location. Rajender arrives and counsels Indu to make sure to keep Zoon and Sunita apart for a few days. Indu agrees. The next day, Zoon laments because she lacks an appropriate outfit for the puja she must attend at Ritesh’s home.

Indu hands over the clothing she purchased for Zoon and Anjali. They both get joy. Then, Indu gets a startling call from Satish.