Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Indu to Help Ritesh

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Enjoy the written update for the newest chapter of the nice TV drama Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai introduced on Monday, 5th September 2022. Indu to Help Ritesh is the headline of the freshest episode number S1 E50.


After visiting Ritesh at his home, Indu makes the decision to assist with the preparations for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. It is Kamna’s intention to taint the prasad with poison and cause harm to Ritesh’s mother.


Ritesh begins the episode by calling someone and advising them to be ready since the automobile carrying God’s idol would be picking them up soon. Then, he inquires as to what would fit in a tempo rather than a vehicle. He assures them he will set up a pace. He then fears that the plans need to be made quickly before the visitors come since the preparations are not yet complete. Rahul then appears, carrying a leaf in his hand.

He inquires about the driver who is out bringing supplies for the puja. He becomes irritated. He then observes that the front home is still unadorned, so he asks Sameer and Vivaan for assistance. They both agreed. However, they query the location of the decorators.

Ritesh claims he neglected to contact them because he believed he could handle everything, and now he is suffering as a result. Vivaan inquires as to what is to be used to adorn the front of the home. Rahul responds that Ritesh didn’t ask him to buy that one when the latter questions him about it. Ritesh becomes irate and irritated. When Kaamna arrives, she queries why the plans haven’t been finalised yet.

Sameer approaches her and informs her that Ritesh is solely to blame. Let Ritesh suffer like this, Kaamna tells Sameer, adding that she wants him to experience the humiliation that will come when he fails to make the necessary preparations prior to the arrival of the visitors. Ritesh rushes out and reprimands the workers for continuously working on the problem when the bulbs are not even lit. Then he observes Indu ascending the stairs. Seeing her mesmerises him.

Ritesh pauses in front of her and glares at her. Indu calls out at him. Ritesh awakens from his hypnotic slumber. He is asked by Indu what occurred. Ritesh remains silent.

He is informed by Indu that she believes he disapproves of her attire. Ritesh begins to add, “It looks too wonderful,” but he stops himself when he realises what he is about to say. Anjali travels there with Zoon. Ritesh gives Zoon his praise. Ritesh is forced to complement Indu and Anjali by Zoon.

Indu instructs Zoon to accompany Anjali inside; Indu will follow after speaking with Ritesh. Zoon agrees and follows Anjali. Indu informs Ritesh that Satish called her. Indu is informed by Ritesh that they may discuss this at a later time. He doesn’t understand how much it meant to her, Indu tells him.

Ritesh advises her to concentrate on this puja and bring up the subject later. Indu agrees. Anjali and Zoon are seen entering the home. When Rahul first sees Anjali, he is enthralled and yells her name before approaching her. He gets a grin from Anjali.

Before Rahul could respond, Vivaan entered the room and introduced himself to Anjali. He also praises her, which upsets Rahul. Ritesh and Indu enter the home. There are also Kaamna and Sameer. Kaamna welcomes Indu.

She then praises Zoon, but when she sees Kaamna, Zoon becomes frightened and hides behind Indu. Zoon is forced to thank Kaamna by Indu. She continues by informing Kaamna that Zoon is a reserved type and that it would take some time for her to acclimatise to them. Kaamna says it’s OK. She then questions Indu whether she is not of Maharashtrian descent.

Indu replies, “yes,” but because her father’s friend is of Maharastrian descent, they travel to his home to get ready there each year. In addition, she is skilled at organising the puja. Rahul gets word that the idol has to be picked up and that the pace is ready. Ritesh asks Sameer for assistance. While complying, Sameer queries the whereabouts of the pathla, which is where they store the idol of God.

Ritesh becomes perplexed. Its name is pathla, and Indu informs him that it belongs solely in the kitchen. The chef must be aware of this, claims Kaamna, who then shouts out. They realise the cook is likewise occupied with other tasks. Zoon begs Indu to assist Ritesh in the preparations for this puja.

Indu concurs, claiming that she is simply doing this for herself. She then queries Rahul Rahul as to the whereabouts of the driver. Rahul identifies the whereabouts of each driver. Indu advises visiting another sweet store to purchase confections. Rahul agrees to mention the same to the driver.

In the kitchen, Ritesh and Indu look for the pathla. After reprimanding Ritesh, Indu looks for Pathla. Outside, Kaamna and Sameer see this. Kaamna is made fun of by Sameer when he claims that Indu would marry her daughter. Ritesh will never get married, according to Kaamna.

When Sameer becomes perplexed, Kaamna brings him inside, shows him the lethal tablets, and discusses her thoughts with him. Sameer becomes joyful. Indu and Ritesh discover the pathla. Each of their heads were struck. Indu advises that they should strike each other again.

Ritesh complies with Indu’s request. Both of them take the path outdoors. Dolly becomes joyful. Then Indu requests that everyone dress in Indian attire. Dolly and Vivaan are hostile.

Sameer travels with Vivaan. Kaamna is questioned by Indu over Pankaj’s whereabouts. Kaamna informs her that the first aarti is about to begin. Okay, Indu nods. Kaamna adjourns.

She aids Pankaj with preparation. Every year, she promises him that on this day, he will realise his value to the family. Pankaj declares that he will perform the first aarti until his last breath before leaving the location. When Ritesh refuses to wear Indian attire, Indu summons Zoon to the scene. Ritesh complies with Indu’s request and asks her to provide his clothing when Zoon arrives and commands him to do so.

She then phones Vivek for the outfit. Vivek delivers the clothing that Indu gave the employee so she may give it to Ritesh. Dolly becomes aware that she forgot to order modak. Making modak is assisted by Indu. When Zoon sees that Indu and Dolly are preparing modak, he is pleased.

Dolly gets yelled at by Kaamna for making mistakes like these. She is soothed by Indu. Ritesh is informed by the worker that he is refusing to wear the clothing that Indu sent him. When Zoon begs Indu to depart, Kaamna chooses not to go visit Ritesh. Indu leaves the area with Zoon when Kaamna informs her that Zoon is correct.

Dolly also excuses herself from the kitchen. In the midst of blending the lethal tablets into the modak concoction, Kaamna grinned.