Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7th September 2022 Written Update — Ritesh’s Surprising Decision

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Explore the written update for the newest sequence of the exhilarating television broadcast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai proclaimed on Wednesday, 7th September 2022. Ritesh’s Surprising Decision is the moniker of the current episode number S1 E52.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 7 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E52
Title: Ritesh’s Surprising Decision
Summary Ritesh stops Pankaj from doing the Aarti and gives Zoon the instructions to conduct it instead of Pankaj. However, Kamna is against his desire to deviate from the tradition of the family.


The first part of the episode begins with Deep asking Rahul where they can get the Pandit so that they may do the puja. The only person Rahul is phoning is him, but he doesn’t pick up the phone when he does. Zoon questions Ritesh about why they are waiting for the priest. Ritesh reveals he is the one responsible for doing the pooja.

Zoon reveals the idol is in their home, showing that they are the ones who must do the puja for Lord Ganesh. Kaamna explains to Zoon that she is only a child and knows nothing about this situation. Ritesh believes Zoon is correct regarding one of his points. Everyone seems to be perplexed.

Ritesh explains that whenever they have visitors at their home, they treat them well; hence, they have no problem with Zoon’s suggestion that the puja is begun without the help of a priest. He is told by Kaamna that it is not an easy or proper thing to do and that the priest is the one who performs all the ceremonies. Deep inquiries who will explain how to proceed. Ritesh identifies it as a problematic situation.

Zoon reassures him it is not a significant matter, then hands him the mobile device and instructs him to view the video and proceed with the instructions. Ritesh picks up the phone and affirms that the concept is sound. After that, he does each ceremony following the directions provided in the movie. Everyone appears cheerful, except Kaamna and Pankaj.

Everyone in the group recites the mantra Ganapathy Bappa Morya. Sameer informs Vivaan that Kadambari has turned off her cell phone. Vivaan promises him Kadambari will come. The priest visits the home and offers his condolences to all the guests for arriving so late.

Ritesh explains that this is the reason he was allowed to carry out the procedure that they execute before the puja. The priest deems it to be a positive development. After that, he informs them they may now begin the aarti portion of the ceremony. In keeping with the custom of the family, he summons Pankaj and asks him to do the first aarti.

Ritesh puts a stop to it, which surprises everyone. He raises his hand to receive the aarti. Kaamna questions Ritesh over the reason he stopped. Ritesh reveals to her that throughout this year, there will be one more transformation that takes place.

Dolly inquires about the ceremony. It take aback Pankaj and his family when they hear Ritesh declare he is discussing aarti and that this year Pankaj would not perform the first aarti of Lord Ganesha. Dolly smiles broadly. Ritesh gets questioned by the priest about what he is saying.

Tradition dictates that the older male members of this family are the ones who perform the first aarti for Lord Ganesha. Then, why is it that Pankaj cannot perform the first aarti this year? Ritesh informs him he has stated this year that there would be some changes in what they used to do and that he wants the person who has provided him the most joy in his life to do the first aarti this year. Dolly is intrigued as to who it is.

When Kaamna mistakes Shakuntala for someone else, she belittles him in front of herself. Ritesh admits that Zoon is the one he had in mind to do the aarti with. Everyone is taken aback by the news. It seems like Indu and Zoon are having fun.

Ritesh is questioned by Kaamna about why he is going against the custom of their family. Ritesh explains that he is not violating the tradition, but rather altering it slightly, and he is certain that there won’t be any issues if Zoon does the aarti ritual beforehand. Pankaj explains that it is not about the potential issues that may occur; rather, it is about the family tradition, and he does not want this to be carried out by an outsider like Zoon. Although Kaamna and Pankaj have the same opinion, Ritesh would not listen to what she had to say.

He explains to Zoon that she is a very significant figure in his life. After that, he travels to Zoon and explains to everyone there that if they do the aarti, then Lord Ganesha would also be glad. Indu has seen Kaamna and Pankaj’s conduct, and as a result, she informs Ritesh that she does not want the tradition of his family to be disrupted because of Zoon. She recommends that the first aarti be performed by Pankaj.

Ritesh reveals to her that he would want Zoon to do the first aarti. Indu is opposed to it, and she expresses that she does not want any dispute to take place. Ritesh makes the decision to reveal something, but Zoon interrupts him and says that she does not want the two of them to fight because of her. He is interrupted by Kaamna, who persuades him to let Pankaj do the first aarti instead.

Ritesh complies with the request and travels to Pankaj’s location to hand over the aarti platter. Kaamna expresses her gratitude to Indu, but Indu retorts that Kaamna always prioritizes doing what is morally acceptable. In her statement, Zoon mentions that she is thirsty. Shakuntala is the one who is holding her hand as Indu is carrying her to the water source.

Dolly is the one who discovers it, and she lets Ritesh know about it. Ritesh reveals to Zoon that he believes Shakuntala also wants Zoon to do the first aarti as well. Shakuntala blinks her eyes as if yes. Ritesh informs them that they have to respect what his mother has to say, and then he inquires of Kaamna about what it is that his mother is saying.

If it is what Shakuntala wants, Kaamna says she has no objections to it at all. Ritesh makes a phone call to Zoon, and Zoon then visits him. Ritesh removes the aarti dish from Pankaj’s grasp and places it on his own. After that, he requests that the individual step aside since Zoon requires that space.

Pankaj obliges. Sameer goes to Kaamna and tells her that although she may endure all of the insults hurled at his father, he won’t, and he is going to teach Ritesh a lesson. Kaamna may be able to take it, but Sameer won’t. Sameer is stopped by Kaamna, who assures him that their vengeance will be satisfied when Shakuntala passes away as a result of eating the toxic modak and requests that he wait till then.

After that, she requests that Indu bring modak before the beginning of the aarti. Indu obliges and brings modak. Zoon explains to Indu and Ritesh that the aarti platter is very heavy, and she then requests their assistance. Indu and Ritesh look at each other in silence for a moment before responding with Zoon.

The aarti is performed by all three of them. Aarti is performed one by one by members of the family. After the aarti has been completed, Kaamna instructs Indu to provide Ritesh with the modak so that he may feed Shakuntala. Ritesh walks up to Shakuntala while holding the dish with the modak in his hand.

He gives the modak to her to eat. Both Kaamna and Sameer observe this, but they are both surprised to see that Shakuntala is unharmed despite having consumed the modak. Kaamna is perplexed as to why the poison, which causes a response in just two seconds, is not having the desired effect. Ritesh offers modak to each person. Kaamna looks perplexed.