Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th September 2022 Written Update β€” Indu Is Shocked to See the Jewels

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Explore the written update for the brand-new sequence of the dreamy TV series Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai aired on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Indu Is Shocked to See the Jewels is the subtitle of the newly published episode number S1 E53.


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E53
Title: Indu Is Shocked to See the Jewels
Summary When Kamna finds out that her plot was foiled due to the housekeeper’s negligence, she loses her cool and lashes out. In another part of the story, Indu locates the gems that her mother had misplaced on the statue of Ganesha.


Ritesh begins the episode by serving modak to everyone. Kaamna seems perplexed. Sameer brings Kaamna with him and asks what happened to the modak that she stated had poison in it. But not just Shakuntala took it, but practically everyone did, and no one had the predicted response.

He asks her whether she is certain she mixed the poison into the modak. Sameer asks Kaamna what occurred after she informs him she did mix. Kaamna claims that someone did something that caused her plan to fail and wonders who it is. She enters the kitchen after witnessing how delighted the housekeeper is that everyone is eating modak.

Kaamna informs Sameer that she knows who is behind this and begins following the housekeeper. The housekeeper thanks God for saving her and turns around and gets shocked to see Kaamna there. Kaamna interrogates her about what she did to the modak and violently takes her face in hers. The housekeeper begs Kaamna to release her grip on her face since it hurts her and tells her that she will tell her the truth.

Kaamna insists on her saying it. The FB video shows the modak falling into a pail of water, prompting the housekeeper to create modak with the leftover flour before Indu arrives. The FB is over. Kaamna becomes enraged and scolds her for derailing her plan.

Another worker arrives and informs Kaamna that the visitor wants to see her. The latter asks the housekeeper to go. Also, she instructs her not to expose her face to anybody before leaving the kitchen. Kaamna notices Pankaj on his way to his room.

She stops him and warns him that she will not spare Ritesh since he gave his rights to Zoon. Pankaj is deafeningly quiet. Kaamna begs Pankaj not to be furious with her since she did all she could to influence Ritesh’s choice but failed. She then promises him that she will teach Ritesh a lesson.

Vivek approaches Indu and tells her they are running late for their social puja. Indu informs Vivek that she will notify everyone they are going and begs him to fetch Anjali. Vivek concurs. Kaamna wonders what she may do next to annoy Ritesh.

She remembers they had Indu’s jewelry, which Ritesh wished to wear to the idol. She is grateful to God for reminding her of this. She then goes in search of Ritesh. She inquires about Ritesh’s location with Sameer.

Sameer makes fun of her by asking whether she’s looking for him to celebrate her failure. Kaamna scolds him and informs him that they may have failed at one aspect of their plan. But not the whole game, and they have another opportunity to cause further friction between Ritesh and Indu and embarrass Ritesh. Sameer inquires about Kaamna’s plans.

Kaamna reminds him of Indu’s misplaced jewelry. She then informs him that if Indu sees the jewelry in God’s statue. She will make a commotion and label the Malhotras thieves, which will enrage Ritesh and subject him to embarrassment. Sameer smiles and compliments Kaamna.

Kaamna leaves the location in pursuit of Ritesh. Sunita and Asha attend the puja at Indu’s society. Sunita’s neighbors mock her by reminding her of her challenge with them. Sunita becomes agitated and enraged.

Asha brings her home and begs her not to take their statements seriously since they are gossiping and don’t have anything to say. Sunita informs Asha that her neighbors are correct and that Indu has no love or regard for her. And she doesn’t care and goes into her room to look for the missing jewelry. Asha stands helpless.

Ritesh witnesses Indu and Zoon’s encounter with Shakuntala. He likes viewing them from a distance. Rahul arrives to discuss something but soon realizes Ritesh is not paying attention. He saw Ritesh glancing at Indu.

Rahul makes fun of Ritesh. Ritesh awakens from his trance and dispatches Rahul from there. Kaamna informs Ritesh about the jewelry he intends to put on God’s idol. Ritesh thanks her for reminding him and then exits the building.

Sameer notifies Kaamna about Indu’s departure. Kaamna informs him that she would not let her efforts go to waste and goes to stop Indu and invites her to lunch before leaving. Zoon persuades Indu, who relents and agrees to Kaamna’s request. Kaamna is overjoyed.

Vivaan approaches Anjali and asks for her phone number. He receives it from the latter. Vivaan invites her to join him on a bike trip. Anjali says she’ll think about it.

Ritesh uses Indu’s missing jewelry to embellish God’s idol. Sameer and Kaamna are overjoyed because they believe Indu’s response would cause a commotion. Indu arrives and is surprised to see her mother’s missing jewelry on God’s statue. Vivek approaches Indu and inquires as to what transpired.

Indu displays the jewelry to him. Vivek advises she approach Ritesh, but Indu declines, claiming she would ask him later since many visitors are present. Sameer overhears their chat and relays it to Kaamna. Kaamna believes that she should not pass up this chance.

Indu looks for Zoon. Ritesh brought along a sleeping Zoon. He informs Indu that every time he does anything for Zoon, he feels happy. Indu expresses gratitude to Ritesh for assisting her in repaying her debt and pledges to return the money as soon as feasible.

Ritesh tells her that he has already told her they will discuss this another day and that whatever he does is for Zoon. Indu beams. She then informs Ritesh that she has to speak with him about something urgent. Ritesh advises her to inform him.

Kaamna, watching from a distance, believes that Indu will eventually approach Ritesh about the jewelry and is pleased with the result. Indu seems worried.