Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 12th September 2022 Written Update — Ritesh to Adopt Zoon

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Ritesh has asked Kamna to file a formal complaint against Indu on his behalf. In the meanwhile, Zoon has to deal with Indu’s anger. Ritesh afterward makes a solemn oath that he would raise Zoon as his own!


Let’s experience the written update for the most recently released section of the diverting serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai ventilated on Monday, 12th September 2022. Ritesh to Adopt Zoon is the pseudonym of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E56.


Indu returns home at the opening of the episode. Sunita queries Indu as to why she abandoned the jewelry. Why did Ritesh leave the jewelry behind when he begged to take it with them? Indu states her question’s purpose.

Why didn’t she bring the jewelry with them? Can’t she see what occurred there, or was she too preoccupied with her jewelry to pay attention? She then tells Sunita that Ritesh referred to them as beggars. She continues by saying that Ritesh also threatened to take Zoon away from her.

Asha and Vivek are startled. Let Ritesh handle Zoon anyway he sees fit, Sunita advises Indu, and this tale will come close. Zoon is her daughter, not some toys, yells Indu. When Sunita realizes that Zoon is not her daughter, she becomes enraged and tells her how often she has to explain this to her.

Indu informs just because she is claiming this and she and Zoon don’t have any biological tie doesn’t mean she is not her daughter. She also says she didn’t adopt her formally because of her commitment to the child. She refused to embrace Zoon as a member of their family despite several arguments and sacrifices, and now everything is shattered. After telling Indu that she will speak to Ritesh about it, Sunita is questioned by Indu as to why she went to his residence in the first place.

Sunita yells that she went to remove her belongings and that the jewelry she purchased was for her upcoming nuptials. Indu yells that she doesn’t want to get married. She asserts that Zoon is her happiness and that marriage would not make her happy. Sunita explains why she is only capable of caring for Zoon.

Indu wonders to Sunita why can’t she let go of her marriage subject. Sunita departs the location. On the sofa, Indu goes to sit down. Sameer and Vivaan visit Kaamna’s chamber at the Malhotra house and compliment her.

When Vivaan was requested to phone Jignesh, he admitted he was frightened. Kaamna beams and explains that she phoned Jignesh to convey the idea since she knew the day would arrive. Both Sameer and Vivaan praise her. Kaamna claims that the game is still ongoing.

She will see that Zoon hits the road once again, and she will ruin Indu’s joy. Both Sameer and Vivaan are joyful. Rahul is informed by Ritesh that Zoon does not deserve all of this and that he would do everything necessary to provide for her the life that she deserves. Rahul queries him as to his plans.

Ritesh claims he is unsure. Zoon visits Indu at Raina’s home and requests to see the new dance moves she has been practicing. Indu promises her she will see her and requests to go away. Zoon persuades her to see her steps immediately, but Indu yells at her, shocking everyone.

Zoon travels with Asha. Outside Indu’s home, a person wearing the mask takes a video, then exits the scene. Indu sobs and accuses Ritesh of being to fault for how she treated Zoon. Vivek attempts to calm her down by telling her that Ritesh had threatened her in a fit of rage and that he and no one else could separate her from Zoon.

Indu sobs and says he will go to any length to keep his promise because he is unaware of Ritesh’s power. She then holds the picture of Zoon in the nightlight closer to her and tells Ritesh that no matter how powerful he is, she won’t allow him to take Zoon away at any cost. She then embraces the picture. With Rahul, Ritesh shares his concern about Zoon.

Before they can consider what he is about to do, Rahul begs Ritesh to calm down. The footage of Indu yelling at Zoon is sent to Kaamna. She calls the individual to let him know he will be paid. She then gleefully smirks.

When Sameer arrives, he inquires as to Kaamna’s source of joy. He is shown the footage by Kaamna. Sameer is shocked and asks her how she knew it would occur. When Indu stormed out of their home furiously, Kaamna claims she immediately understood what it was and sent a guy in their wake.

She gets praised by Sameer and told to carry out her next strategy. Kaamna accepts and adjourns the area. Whatever Ritesh believes about the connection between Indu and Zoon is wrong, Rahul informs him. He is urged to calm down since there is more to the tale than they know.

Ritesh declines, claiming that Zoon deserves much more and doesn’t deserve to live there. When Kaamna arrives, she tells Ritesh that she agrees with him. Then, after displaying the video of Indu yelling at Zoon, she informed Ritesh that she was concerned about Zoon and had asked the driver to email the tape to her. Ritesh becomes furious and intends to take Zoon home immediately, but Kaamna stops him and informs him that doing so is against the law.

Ritesh counters that if Indu can keep Zoon for five years, why can’t he? He receives Kaamna’s advise to avoid doing anything that may get him into trouble. He must exercise caution. After that, she informs him about the Child Adoption Authorities (CAA).

She informs him that they must tell them about Zoon and that they will take her to their care facility, where she may remain until she finds a home. Rahul urges Ritesh to consider Zoon. Ritesh and Kaamna chastise Rahul. Then Ritesh advises Kaamna to get in touch with CAA.

Kaamna gives in. She phones them, tells them about Zoon, presents herself as Ritesh’s assistant, and begs them to submit this complaint in Ritesh’s name before grinning joyfully. Indu approaches Zoon and apologizes for her actions. She then commits to carrying out her instructions.

She is invited to dance with Zoon. They dance together as a pair. When the doorbell rings, Indu opens it to see Ritesh and a few authorities outside. Ritesh approaches Zoon and promises she won’t have to suffer any longer before embracing her in his arms.

Ritesh is held tightly by Indu. Ritesh is asked to take Zoon Zoon with him by Sunita when she arrives. Ritesh knocks Indu to the ground before escaping with Zoon. Sunita locks the door while Indu attempts to enter from behind him.

Indu screams, snaps out of her nightmare, and sobs. She is comforted by Asha and Anjali, who assures her that Zoon is the only one present and nobody will take her away. A sleepy Zoon is placed in Indu’s arms and given a kiss. Ritesh does aarti the next day and reflects on his encounters with Zoon and Indu. He then asks God to guide him appropriately.