Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Indu Takes a Chance

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Indu manipulates the CAA officials into believing a lie, then locks them in the bedroom. She grabs Zoon and runs away while the Ganesh Visarjan ceremonies are still going on.


Let’s enjoy the written update for the current sequence of the attention-grabbing television broadcast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai divulged on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Indu Takes a Chance is the label of the ultra-modern episode number S1 E57.


Ritesh informs his advocate at the beginning of the episode that Zoon doesn’t deserve to live with Raina since she has been through a lot. He begs him to take necessary action to give Zoon the life she deserves. The lawyer promises Ritesh that he will surely assist him in obtaining Zoon. He also says that Indu unlawfully detained Zoon for five years, which is precisely the reason that assisted them in capturing Zoon.

Rahul queries the attorney about Ritesh’s ability to adopt Indu, given that he is an unmarried man, even if they divorce Indu and Zoon. The attorney reassures Ritesh that he will take action about Zoon’s adoption and requests that he not worry and instead follow the law. As requested, Ritesh departs the location with Rahul for Visarjan. In front of Zoon, Rajender sings “Ganapati Bappa Morya” inside Raina’s home.

Zoon inquires as to his meaning. Rajender informs her that he will soon request Lord Ganesh revisit their house. When Sunita arrives, she invites Rajender to attend the puja with her. Rajender offers to let them bring Zoon along, but Sunita declines, stating Zoon can come along with others and brings Rajender along.

Zoon is saddened and perplexed by Sunita’s treatment of her. The advocate informs Kaamna at Malhotra’s home that he knows Ritesh cannot legally adopt Zoon, but he gives him false hope and is afraid of what will happen if Ritesh finds out the truth. Additionally, he claims that he carried out all of this purely in her direction. In addition to reassuring him that she would take care of everything, Kaamna wants him to offer Ritesh false hope until she instructs him to do so.

She also assures him that he will get his cash. The advocate agrees and departs after doing so. Sameer questions Kaamna about her actions. He understands nothing.

Ritesh is prepared to adopt Zoon provided they remove him from Indu, but Kaamna says she doesn’t want that to happen. To render Zoon homeless, she uses the lawyer to offer Ritesh false hope. Ritesh would also think everyone is on his side because of all these incidents. Sameer is concerned about being discovered, but Kaamna smirks and says that because Ritesh is blinded by his love for his Kaamna di, they don’t need to be concerned about anything.

Indu informed Anjali and Asha at Raina’s home that she and Zoon would clean the household’s unclean utensils and not participate in the Visarjan. Asha and Anjali question the reasons for Indu’s actions. Indu fears when she thinks about Ritesh’s promise. She is still adamant about keeping Zoon inside the home.

Indu is beseeched by Zoon, who expresses her desire to participate in Visarjan. The next phase of the ceremony is about to begin outdoors when Vivek arrives and inquires about why everyone is present. Anjali and Asha inform him of Indu’s choice not to send Zoon outdoors. Vivek invites them to participate in Visarjan while announcing that he will speak with Indu.

Both of them go. Indu brings Zoon into the kitchen and requests her assistance in drying the kitchenware. Vivek enters the kitchen and begs Indu to send Zoon with him, promising to defend her at any cost. Zoon begs Indu by folding her hands, convincing her to let her go.

Indu breaks down in tears and agrees to Zoon’s request. She then affirms her belief in Vivek and begs him to ensure Zoon is always around him. Vivek reassures her before he departs. Zoon is seen by Vivek studying the drawings.

She joins him while he dances with others. She begins dancing joyfully with Vivek. The CAA officer interacts with Indu’s community. They ask a guy to point them toward Indu’s home, walk inside, and miss seeing Zoon.

The doorbell is audible to Indu. She finds the cop outside when she opens it. She enquires about them. The senior official informs her they are from the Child Adoption Authority Center.

Indu is startled and concerned. She sheds a tear as she thinks back to Ritesh’s commitment. The senior officer asks if Indu and Zoon reside in the same home. They learned that Indu did not officially adopt Zoon.

Indu says nothing. Is she Indu, the officer inquires of her? Indu says “no” while lying. As they come to take Zoon with them, the authorities request that Indu summon her outside and that she pack Zoon’s belongings.

According to the senior officer’s orders, one of the officers overhears Indu asking the police to wait outside the pandal till Zoon arrives. Once again, the senior officer grills Indu. They are invited into the home by Indu, who has convinced them that Zoon is inside. She believes that Ritesh is responsible for all of this.

After locking the officers inside the room, she walks to lock the front door of the home before leaving the scene. The police recognize her as Indu. They contact their driver for assistance after notifying the police. The senior officer becomes angry with her driver for enjoying himself outdoors while oblivious to their condition.

Indu goes in pursuit of Zoon. A lot of people surround her. She catches her in her arms and orders her to go right now. Despite what Zoon says, she wants to be a member of Visarjan.

Indu explains that she can’t since she is visiting Lonavala, her favorite location. Then, finding it difficult to hold Zoon in her arms, she invites her to walk with her for a little while before setting her down. Amid the mob, Indu and Zoon let go of each other’s hands. They both search for one another.

After being relieved to locate Zoon, Indu becomes concerned when she notices the officials of the Child Adoption Center on one side and the police on the other, which makes her feel confined. She begs God to assist her. Since Zoon cannot witness Indu sobbing, she prays to God for assistance. When the vermilion plate with vermilion is placed, Indu has an inspiration.

She flings it at the police and the CAA officers before escaping with Zoon. Zoon demands that they phone Ritesh, who will assist them, but Indu refuses, claiming that he must be otherwise engaged. She then gets into a car and tells the driver to take her to the bus stop. The CAA officer saw this and informed the Mumbai police.

She also tells Kaamna the same thing, and the latter is angry that her scheme may not work. In Visarjan, a traffic bottleneck would take more than an hour to clear, so the auto driver begs her to pay him and go because there is only a bus station nearby. Indu agrees but realizes she doesn’t have her purse or phone, so she stands by, frightened.