Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th Sep Written Update β€” Indu Escapes with Zoon

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Indu makes the decision to leave the city in order to protect Zoon from coming into contact with the authorities. When Kamna told Ritesh that Indu had gotten away, he immediately joined the search that the police were conducting.

Explore the written update for the up-to-date installment of the stimulating TV series Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai issued on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Indu Escapes with Zoon is the tag of the most recently published episode number S1 E58.


The episode begins with Indu and Zoon approaching the bus terminal. The bus driver tells her to get out because Visarjan causes a traffic delay and she must walk from here. Then he requested the fare from Indu. Because she forgot to bring anything with her and is in serious difficulty, Indu finds she doesn’t have a handbag or a phone. The taxi driver reprimands Indu.

Zoon begs the car driver not to reprimand her mother since she is a decent lady. He won’t cause any difficulty, so he can be confident that his money will be returned. The car driver is taken aback by Zoon’s support of Indu. He reveals to her that she is taken aback by Zoon’s advocacy for Indu. Because she loves her mother so much, Zoon declares that she will undoubtedly be affected if her mother is reprimanded.

The taxi driver claims anybody may have a breakdown after seeing Zoon’s devotion to Indu. He then offers to release them at this time. He is thanked, and Indu departs with Zoon. Ritesh and Malhotra’s men are gathered nearby the station where the people are gathered for Visarjan. Ritesh poses for pictures with fans.

Indu and Zoon pass them. Zoon tells Indu that she is thirsty. Indu notices the barrel next to the idol of God where she is taken. When Ritesh asks Rahul where he put the boxes, and the latter replies that they were on the tempo, Ritesh makes the independent decision to grab the boxes. Zoon receives water from Indu, who then takes the child away.

There, Ritesh shows up. When Zoon notices Ritesh, she shouts. Indu is startled and sits down to keep Zoon and herself away from Ritesh. Zoon wonders why Indu is keeping them from Ritesh. Indu lies, saying that they are not and that they are rushing to go someplace, but once there, she will tell her the truth.

In search of Zoon is Ritesh. When Rahul arrives, he informs him that he feels this way because he has been thinking about Zoon. Rahul then asks him to accompany him as he departs the area. Ritesh implores God to keep Zoon safe from any harm. Indu tells herself she has to get out of this city as soon as possible before anybody can find her.

However, she is concerned about how she would go to Lonavala without any money. A taxi driver motions for her to get in, informing her that the fee is 2000 rupees. Indu begs him to take her to Lonavala but explains that she was in a hurry and didn’t have any money with her. She gets reprimanded by the driver, who then drives away in his cab. Indu asks God to make it clear to her how to get out of the city.

She begs the tempo driver to go to Lonavala on time after seeing an elderly guy give him some money before leaving the scene. Without the driver’s knowledge, Indu boards the tempo with Zoon at her side. Anjali, Asha, and Vivek look for Indu and Zoon at Raina’s home. They are concerned because Indu’s phone is in the home and she cannot be located. While approaching the home with the guys behind him, Ritesh advises Jatin that he should present to him an alternative to getting married in order to adopt Zoon.

When Kaamna approaches him, she pretends to be concerned about Zoon. Ritesh worries and inquires about what transpired. When the police arrived at Indu’s home, she informed CAA about Zoon, and according to Kaamna’s account, Indu fled the scene with Zoon. Everyone, even Ritesh, is startled. Rajender and Sunita are informed that Indu and Zoon are missing, but Sunita informs them that they must have gone to the Malhotras for Visarjan.

After reprimanding her, Rajender and Vivek set off to look for them. Ritesh dismisses Indu as insane and chooses to enlist the assistance of the Commissioner in his quest for Indu and Zoon. Sameer informs Indu that Zoon was abducted and that Lonavala and other cities are the destinations of the taxi stop where they last saw Indu. Ritesh thinks back to Indu and Zoon’s recent talk and says he knows where Indu must have brought Zoon while he observes. Indu relates the tale of Zoon, the turtle, and the rabbit’s race.

When they get back to the home, Zoon says she believed the rabbit would win the race and adds that she now believes the bunny must have used up all of its energy. Indu declares that she won’t allow anybody to steal her zoon and that she will go to whatever lengths without giving a damn about right or wrong. For Zoon, she will make everything right. When Zoon indicates that she is hungry, she responds by giving her a carrot. Anjali apologises for phoning Vivaan and inquires about the whereabouts of Indu and Zoon.

Vivaan rejects her and claims that Indu fled with Zoon when CAA officers arrived to take Zoon. With the assistance of the police, they are now looking for the two of them and travelling to Lonavala since Ritesh believes Indu must have gone there. Anjali is startled. Vivaan offers to take Anjali to her home after warning her that Ritesh would go to any length to harm anybody he dislikes, but Anjali declines and leaves the area. When the pace stops, the driver is startled to discover Indu and Zoon inside.

He demanded money and made the cops a menace. Instead of giving him cash, Indu takes him aside and gives him an earring. The driver departs the location. The inspector informs Ritesh that they have arrived in Lonavala and that Indu will definitely be detained for her activities. Ritesh acknowledges police assistance.

Everyone is shocked when Anjali tells her family what she learned from Vivaan. Indu is questioned by Zoon about their return to their home. Indu informs her that some terrible people are attempting to kidnap her and force them to remain here for a few days by claiming she is not their daughter. Indu is instructed by Zoon to bring those folks to her so that she may introduce herself as Indu’s mother. Indu sobs while kissing Zoon on the forehead. She then tells herself that she will definitely make things right.