Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th Sep Written Update — Indu Gets Arrested

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When Ritesh takes Zoon away from Indu, she suffers a nervous breakdown as a result. After some time has passed, she is left in shambles after being arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Zoon.


Learn the written update for the another sequence of the affecting TV drama Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai introduced on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Indu Gets Arrested is the designation of the present day’s episode number S1 E59.


At the beginning of the episode, Indu reveals to Zoon that she is Zoon’s mother and that Zoon is her daughter, and that no one can take Zoon away from her. A second request that she makes is for the girl to ignore anybody who tries to convince her that they are not her mother. Zoon agrees. Zoon asks Indu about the hotel that they went to the other day and tells her that she wants to go back. Indu tells Zoon that she is hungry and that she wants a sandwich.

Indu informs them that the journey to the hotel would take too long. She then demonstrates to Zoon where the neighbouring sandwich vendor is and informs Zoon that she will purchase a sandwich for her at the stall. Zoon says, “alright. Indu requests that Zoon remain in one location until she arrives before departing. Zoon promises Indu enters the sandwich shop and addresses the proprietor, requesting that she be provided with a sandwich and a bottle of water.

The guy requests that she pay fifty rupees to him. Indu explains to him that she is now strapped for cash and that her daughter is famished; thus, she begs him to please provide her with a meal. The guy declines, and then he reprimands her. Indu reveals Zoon to him and begs him to come to her assistance. After that, she offers him a piece of her jewellery, which prompts the guy to offer her a bottle of water and a sandwich in return.

When Indu arrives at the location where Zoon is, he is astounded to discover that Zoon is not there. She begins looking for her everywhere and asks the guy who works at the neighbouring business where she could have left Zoon, but he replies that he has no idea where she might have put him. Indu then notices the police car as well as the vehicle belonging to the CAA. She keeps pace behind the moving car. The driver brings the car to a halt at the intersection’s traffic signal.

When Indu discovers Ritesh is with Zoon, he is taken aback. Zoon feels thrilled to see Indu. She demonstrates to Indu the juice that Ritesh had brought especially for her. Indu forces a grin. She then inquires as to where Ritesh intends to take Zoon Zoon with him next.

Ritesh does, however, specify where Zoon ought to make his home. Ritesh prevents Indu from taking Zoon’s hand when the latter seeks to accompany Indu after the former invites the latter to accompany her. Zoon notices this and inquires of Indu and Ritesh as to whether or not they are engaged in any kind of conflict. Both of them have denied it. Indu begs Ritesh not to include Zoon in their plan to get vengeance on her, and she asks Ritesh to allow Zoon to accompany her.

Zoon requests that Ritesh allow Indu to join her in the car; however, Ritesh informs Zoon that the vehicle is already full and that Indu must travel in the other vehicle. After that, he gives Indu a stern warning about not making a fuss in front of Zoon. Indu is asked by Zoon to join them in the other car. Indu makes an attempt to grasp Zoon’s hand, claiming that the two of them may travel together, but Ritesh prevents her from doing so. The red traffic lights change to green, and the driver of the car begins to go forward.

Ritesh frees himself from Indu’s grasp, and Indu subsequently loses it. Indu makes the decision to run behind the car, but he is unable to proceed after sighting the police officer. The inspector informs Indu that she would be arrested for the crime of harbouring Zoon without adopting her in accordance with the law as well as kidnapping her. The shock takes effect on Indu. At Raina’s home, Rajender reveals that he is aware that Ritesh is going to treat them in this manner as a result of the drama that occurred as a result of the jewellery.

She warns him not to blame Ritesh since everything is occurring due to Zoon, and she refers to her as a terrible omen. Sunita’s request Sunita is taken aback when Asha requests that she refrain from making statements of this kind about Zoon. The members of the family are subsequently informed by Asha that both Indu and Zoon need assistance and that they should go to Lonavala. Vivek is of the same opinion as her. Suddenly, Anjali receives a message from Vivaan stating that Indu has been detained, which causes the members of the family to become horrified.

The police officers bring Indu to the station, but while there, Indu begs them to let her go, claiming that she has to see her daughter, who won’t remain there without her. Indu is teased by a higher officer who asks her whether or not she intends to utilise Zoon for her own personal gain once she is an adult and has some money. Due to the fact that Zoon is her daughter, Indu cautions the officer against making any statements of this kind. Indu is put in danger by the cop. The second officer reports to the superior officer that whatever happens, Indu will be incarcerated for the next seven to eight years, and therefore they do not need to be concerned about that.

The superior officer orders the other officers to confine Indu to the room and shut the door behind them. They complied with their request and imprisoned Indu. Indu cries. Ritesh is brought to the CAA by Zoon. Zoon wants to know where Indu is because, in addition to the fact that she has been missing her, she wants to see her.

She then inquires as to the reason for their being here. Ritesh informed Zoon that she would need to remain in this location for the next three days. Zoon inquires as to whether or not he will also continue to remain with her. Ritesh says no. Zoon then inquires about Indu’s whereabouts.

Ritesh advises her that she must remain by herself. Zoon is adamant in her refusal, stating that she does not want to be apart from Indu and pleading with him to contact her as soon as possible. Ritesh is going to lie to her about everything. After that, he orders Rahul to contact his attorney as soon as possible. Rahul obliges.

The Raina family is becoming more concerned about Rajender’s health as it continues to deteriorate. Asha begs Rajender not to get stressed out because she will continue to update him on Indu and Zoon. She says this to reassure Rajender. Ritesh walks Zoon through the CAA with him. Zoon receives courteous conversation from the police.

While Ritesh is asking the officer for permission to look at the room that Zoon will be staying in, Zoon wanders off to do some drawing. However, as per his request, the officer will consider if there is a possibility to put Zoon in a room where she does not have to remain with other children. The officer declines, stating that it is against the regulations to do so. Ritesh sees Zoon’s drawing, and thereafter, Zoon tells Ritesh that she wants to present this to Indu as well, and that she misses Indu. Ritesh becomes unhappy and depressed.

Ritesh is escorted outside by the cop. Ritesh hears Zoon pleading from inside the room that she should not be left alone by herself. Ritesh makes the request to the police that he allow him to keep Zoon with him in his home for the night, but the officer declines, stating that doing so is against the regulations. However, the officer does promise to take good care of Zoon. Ritesh emerges from the shadows and explains to Rahul why he has the uneasy feeling that he is acting inappropriately by doing all of this.

Ritesh is cautioned by Rahul not to make the same error that her mother, Indu, did. Ritesh makes a call to his attorney and requests that he take some action on his behalf in order for him to be able to adopt Zoon. The attorney reassures him, but then becomes concerned. Ritesh looks on dejectedly.