Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 20th Sep Written Update β€” Ritesh Bars Indu’s Entry

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Kamna is unsuccessful in her attempt to deceive Zoon about Indu’s intentions. As Indu’s excitement grows in anticipation of seeing Zoon, Ritesh prevents her from attending the child centre.


Let’s experience the written update for the most modern sequence of the blessed TV program Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai produced on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Ritesh Bars Indu’s Entry is the designation of the newly discovered episode number S1 E63.


The episode begins with Gayatri approaching Zoon and informing her that someone has come to meet her. Zoon inquires whether that is her mother. Gayatri says no and motions to Kaamna. Kaamna arrives with a bag filled with her favorite chocolates and pastries. She then asks Gayatri if she may spend some time with Zoon.

Gayatri exits the building. Kaamna inquires about what she intends to eat initially. Zoon expresses her desire to eat while waiting for Indu. Kaamna acts and asks Zoon, “Where is Indu? ” Zoon informs her that Indu will be arriving in another car.

Kaamna mocks Zoon’s naivety and informs her that Indu has been lying to her all along and that she would not come to see her. Zoon says she knows Indu will come to see her, which Ritesh confirms, and she shows her the drawing she did. Kaamna informs Zoon that Indu is not her biological mother, that the woman who gave birth abandoned her on the road, and that Indu has been caring for her all along. Zoon remembers Indu’s instruction not to believe anybody who claims to be a mother and daughter. She informs Kaamna that Indu has previously warned her that wicked people would tell her this and that she will not trust them.

She says that if she badmouths Indu, she will not speak to her. Kaamna informs her that the reality will not change and that at this center, the children with her will be taken by parents who pity them and take them with them to provide refuge, but in her case, that would be difficult since she has crutches in her leg. Zoon begins to weep and reaches out to Indu and Ritesh for assistance, stating that she does not want to speak with Kaamna. Kaamna mocks Zoon and then departs the scene. Zoon sobs.

Indu begs Vivek to let him drive quickly so she may meet Zoon. She imagines Zoon standing in front of the automobile, yelling at Vivek to stop. Vivek obliges and comes to a complete halt. Indu walks out to look for Zoon. However, there is no one here, according to Vivek.

Indu expresses her concern that Zoon is in serious difficulty. Vivek informs Indu that she will be with Zoon and will not allow anything to happen to Zoon and invites her to accompany him. Indu seems helpless. Kadambari goes to see her father’s lawyer. She informs him that she does not comprehend the provisions of the will.

The advocate informs her that just because she is concealing it and refusing to embrace the reality does not imply that what her father said in his will is incorrect. Kadambari exclaims that she has no children. The lawyer informs her that her father believes she must manage a five-crore company with her daughter, which is why he named everything after his grandkids. She must bring her child here within ten months if she wants her father’s land. He then excuses himself to depart for his meeting.

Kaamna claims that once she receives the five crores, her life will be sorted; thus, she must reach her kid at any cost. She then remembers meeting Rajender at the restaurant and chooses to learn more about him so she may learn more about her kid. Ritesh arrives at the CAA center. She instructs another officer, Bhavna, not to allow anybody to meet Zoon without his consent. Bhavna agrees.

Ritesh warns her not to let Indu meet Zoon. Bhavna says they won’t since Indu is a crime under the law, and the accusations against her are still pending. Ritesh is resurrected. Security arrives and warns Bhavna that someone is fighting with Nirmala outside to see Zoon. Ritesh realizes it’s Indu and walks outside with Rahul Bhavna.

Indu requests that Nirmala allow her to meet her daughter Zoon. Nirmala is adamantly opposed. When Indu sees Ritesh, he is taken aback. She loses her calm and yells at Nirmala that she is interfering with her daughter Zoon’s meeting, but under what rights is Ritesh seeing Zoon? Is this because he is a superstar with money and influence?

Is this how they bend the rules? Ritesh demands Indu to go, claiming that she is the one who testified in court that she kept Zoon with her against her will even though she wanted to get rid of her, so why is she here making a scene? Vivek informs Ritesh that he has misunderstood everything, which he will explain later, and begs him to allow Indu to meet Zoon once. Ritesh is adamantly opposed. Indu is certain she will not leave this area until she sees her daughter Zoon.

Ritesh threatens to put her in jail once again. Indu wonders who he is to determine all of this. Ritesh informs the person who wants to bring Zoon home as the daughter of his own free choice. He also states that he chooses to let her see Zoon once today, the way Zoon longs to meet mom, but when the court offers her the chance to assume responsibility for Zoon, she refuses, and her real face emerges. As a result, he will not allow her to meet Zoon in the future.

Indu refuses and declares that she will see her daughter today at whatever cost. Nirmala threatens to contact the police. Vivek encourages Indu to accompany him home since she may have to fight the authorities again if they arrest her. Indu refuses and summons Zoon. Zoon, angry at Kaamna’s remarks, is relieved to hear Indu’s voice and steps out of her room to see her.

When Zoon arrives, Vivek forcefully takes Indu with him in the vehicle, preventing Zoon and Indu from the meeting. Nirmala lies to Zoon about Indu’s absence. Zoon is adamantly opposed to believing. Ritesh becomes depressed and believes he would be unable to tell her what Indu said against her in court. By altering the subject, he then brings her inside in his arms.

Sunita is irritated that Indu went to the CAA center instead of her parents to see Zoon, which sparks an altercation between her and Anjali. Asha cautions Anjali not to say anything at this time. She then questions Rajender why he did not appear in court. Rajender deceives her. He remembers seeing Kadambari at the restaurant and becomes concerned that her presence may impact Indu and Zoon’s relationship.

Indu returns home, sobbing, complaining that the CAA officers refused to allow her to see Zoon. Vivek informs them that they may speak with their lawyer, Atul. Asha assures Indu that no one can separate a mother from her daughter and encourages her not to give up hope. On the other hand, Kadambari walks to the restaurant and asks the worker about Rajender while offering him some money. The staff handed her Rajender’s business card.

Kadambari grins as she realizes she can use Rajender and Indu to reach her kid and get her father’s money.