Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Zoon Leaves the Centre

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When Ritesh runs into Vivek and Indu, he is furious and gives them a word of caution about seeing Zoon. Zoon leaves the kid centre after becoming aware of Indu’s sacrifice via overhearing.


Get to read the written update for the newly released installment of the peachy show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai delivered on Friday, 23rd September 2022. Zoon Leaves the Centre is the designation of the sweet episode number S1 E66.


The episode begins with Kaamna convincing Tushar that the clowns are none other than Vivek and Indu. Tushar informs Ritesh that Vivek exploited him and obtained all of the party’s details without his knowledge, and he begs him not to file a complaint against him. He then exits the building. Kaamna instigates Ritesh against Indu. Ritesh becomes enraged.

He informs Kaamna that he worked hard to bring a smile to Zoon’s face, but Indu spoiled everything, and she overstepped all boundaries; thus, Indu must account for this. Zoon takes a peek at him. Ritesh fakes a grin before leaving. Indu sobs at her home, telling herself that she is meant to be with Zoon right now. She is too little to grasp this fact, but she was forced to leave Zoon, which is wrong, and she wants to return to Zoon and begs Vivek to assist her.

Vivek promises to speak with Atul. Indu sobs and tells them that it will be too late and that she wishes to be with them right now. She is then concerned that Zoon may begin to harm her for concealing the truth from her all along. Asha assures her that nothing of the kind will occur. Someone is banging on Vivek’s door.

He asks the individual to wait and then unlocks the door. Ritesh storms inside the home. He grabs Vivek’s shirt and yells at him for daring to join the party to meet Zoon and Indu. The Rainas attempt but fail to separate them. After great difficulty, Indu separates them and yells at Ritesh.

She cautions him about the ramifications. Ritesh urges her to stop talking and informs her that Zoon is sobbing and angry because it’s all due to her. Indu is taken aback and asks Ritesh how she is doing now. Ritesh encourages her to end the theatrics and reminds her of what she said about Zoon in court. Ritesh believes Indu is telling the truth.

Ritesh cuts her off and yells at her. He then informs her and the Rainas about his desire to adopt Zoon, which surprises everyone formally. Ritesh threatens Indu with not seeing Zoon again. Rahul brings Ritesh along. Indu yells at her family members, who have consoled her all this time that Zoon will return to them, but Ritesh is preparing to adopt her and tells her that she is Zoon’s mother and wants to see Zoon immediately and requests that Vivek take her.

They both depart the location. Zoon is at the CAA centre. She overhears Bhavna complimenting Indu for caring for Zoon like her own daughter all this time and now suffering so much due to it. Gayatri agrees with her and tells her that Indu is a courageous lady who dedicated her whole life to Zoon. Everyone her age prefers to party or have their own family, but she makes a perfect life for Zoon by ruining her own.

Bhavna claims it would have been better if Indu hadn’t brought Zoon to her home years ago. Gayatri informs her that some events occur at the will of God and that they have no control over them. She then instructs her to clean the hall where the party took place. Zoon returns to her room. Without her awareness, Sameer enters Kadambari’s office and reads her father’s will for her.

He is taken aback by reading her father’s name on her child’s. When he hears footsteps, he leaves the file and pretends to be waiting for Kadambari on one of the chairs. Mr. Kapadiya and Kadambari arrive. When Kadambari sees Sameer, he is taken aback and perplexed.

She confronts him, and he informs her that she left the meal halfway, so he comes here to check on her. Kadambari assures him that she is OK but that she has an important meeting and will speak with him later, and she asks him to lock the door as she leaves. Sameer agrees but leaves the door slightly open to overhear Kadambari’s talk with Mr. Kapadiya. Kadambari informs Mr.

Kapadiya that she was afraid and unprepared to announce that she had a child of her own, but she is now ready and requests him to begin the next procedure. Mr. Kapadiya informs her that the kid must be hers alone. Kadambari informs him that it is hers alone and requests that he write down the name Zoon Patel. Sameer is taken aback when he hears it.

He then grins cheerfully. Zoon remembers her interactions with Indu and Kaamna and Indu’s disclosure of the truth. She also remembers a chat between Bhavna and Gayatri. She sobs and admits that she is a horrible person, apologizes to Indu for getting her into problems, and destroys the drawing she drew for Indu. She assures her later that she will not be the cause of Indu’s pain and departs the CAA center without anyone’s knowing.

She arrives at the road. Indu and Vivek drive along the same route but fail to see Zoon. One transgender woman arrives and blesses Indu, who hands her money. She then queries Indu about the cause of her sobs. Indu claims to have been separated from her daughter.

The woman tells her she will have her kid back and be in her prayers before leaving the location. Bhavna notifies Gayatri that Zoon is not at the center; therefore, Gayatri directs her to locate Zoon. She then notifies Kaamna when Ritesh and Indu arrive and are astonished to hear it. Both of them yell at Gayatri for her recklessness. Indu persuades Vivek that they should find out where Zoon is.

Ritesh requests that she quit her drama, which causes Indu to lose her calm. She yells at Ritesh, accusing him of being the cause of whatever is going on right now. She also informs him that she accepted all his insults because she expected him to keep Zoon happy and secure, but nothing of the kind occurred, so she had had enough of his crap. She then taunts him and warns him about the implications if Zoon is wounded before leaving the area and begging Vivek to follow her. Ritesh is deafeningly quiet.