Indu’s Firm Decision β€” Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 27th Sep Written Update

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Indu comes to the conclusion that the best course of action is to initiate legal proceedings and submit a custody petition for Zoon. Ritesh’s anxiety levels rise, and he does all he can to adopt Zoon in a legal manner.


Enjoy the written update for the fresh chapter of the inspiring TV program Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai reported on Tuesday, 27th September 2022. Indu’s Firm Decision is the designation of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E69.


The episode begins with Dolly doing aarti for everyone at Malhotra’s. Gayatri and Bhavna arrive. Rahul interrogates them. Ritesh claims to be the one who summoned them. Gayatri apologizes to Ritesh for their lapse of judgment. Ritesh also apologizes to them for his inappropriate actions.

Gayatri informs him that Zoon is fortunate to have him and Indu. They are both protective of her. Ritesh informs her that Zoon is a nice child who can easily make anybody fall in love with her. He then informs her of his intention to adopt Zoon. Gayatri informs him that he cannot since the law prohibits a lone guy from adopting a kid. Ritesh and Rahul are taken aback, and Kaamna is concerned.

Ritesh becomes enraged and requests that Rahul contact Jatin immediately. Anjali follows Indu’s directions and brings Zoon into Raina’s residence. Indu informs her family members of her choice to adopt Zoon legally and her plan to submit the petition today. Sunita informs her of the potential implications and begs her to reconsider her decision. Indu informs her that the day she took Zoon home, she chose to adopt her, which she is currently doing formally. She then walks out of the home.

Vivek follows her and requests that she wear sandals. Indu informs him that she has decided not to wear the sandals and would walk barefoot until she obtains custody of Zoon and leaves the area. Ritesh confronts Jatin over giving him false optimism about Zoon’s adoption and asks why he did this, threatening to revoke his license. Jatin becomes terrified and intends to inform someone, but Kaamna, who is overhearing everything, enters the room and prevents Jatin from telling the truth by lashing out at him and forcing him to leave. She then informs Ritesh that she will hire a better advocate, but Ritesh refuses, indicating that he will take care of Zoon’s custody matters in the future, and she exits the room. Dolly and Deep meet with Ritesh and express their concern about Zoon and willingness to assist him.

Ritesh has an idea and grins at Rahul, who seems perplexed. Meghna, the lawyer, greets Indu and Vivek at her office on the other side. She informs Indu that Atul has described her case’s circumstances to her and has reviewed everything herself, but before she agrees to handle this case, she needs to know why she wants Zoon’s custody. Indu informs her that Zoon is her daughter. Meghna requests that she explain this in court since it is a wonderful response, but she also wants to know her true intentions. She also informs her that she knows what she told Zoon in court.

Indu tells Meghna she feels powerless, so she goes against her daughter by saying such things and asks Megna if she or anyone else inquired whether Zoon’s biological parents did the same thing. Everyone condemns her acts since she is not her birth mother, but she doesn’t care because all she cares about is her kid. Megna decides to accept the case, which pleases Indu. Rahul asks Ritesh whether he believes this would succeed. Ritesh replies that he wants Zoon to live in a happy and tranquil atmosphere and that if she has complete custody of Zoon, he will allow Indu to see Zoon, but he wants Zoon to remain with him. Sameer arrives to meet with Kadambari.

Kadambari asks him what he stands to gain by supporting her rather than his brother Ritesh. Sameer explains that it’s because he considers her a buddy. Kadambari is persuaded and informs her lawyer that she would receive Zoon’s custody since she is her biological mother, smiling. Indu is hard at work in her room. Zoon arrives and informs her that she will not be allowed to sleep at Vivek’s place. Indu scoops her up on her lap and informs her of her plan to submit a petition for her custody.

Zoon begs her to elaborate. Indu informs her that they love each other, but society believes they must get judicial permission. Therefore she will seek permission from them for their sake. Zoon promises her that she will win this lawsuit and that no one will be able to separate them, which makes Indu happy. The next day, Indu accepts Rajender’s blessings. Sunita arrives with curd and sugar and requests that Asha give it to Indu as a good luck charm.

Indu becomes emotional and accepts Sunita’s blessing. Zoon arrives to meet with Indu. She sends her best wishes. She assures Matarani’s blessings are with her and that she is certain she will win the case, making Indu and the family happy. Indu and Ritesh go. Ritesh phones Zoon and begs her to send him her best wishes.

Zoon then prays to God to fulfill Indu and Ritesh’s prayer requests, which causes Raina concern. Indu arrives before the court. Vivek advises her not to be concerned or afraid. They both make their way to the courtroom. Ritesh has arrived at the court. The media question Ritesh about his adoption choice, but he refuses to answer any questions.

Indu encourages Vivek to disregard Ritesh and concentrate on their case since she wants custody at any cost. Sameer observes this from behind a tree and tells himself that the target is one, but there are three more who want the same thing.