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Get the written update for the just-out chapter of the gripping telecast Channa Mereya introduced on Tuesday, 05 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Meet Ginni is the label of the trend-setting episode number S1 E1.


Ginni defends Goldie from goons who want to assassinate him for money. Aditya Raj, a chef returning from Canada, later collides with Ginni’s scooty.


Ginni, a young woman, is seen sprinting along the street, looking for someone. She is running when she is hit by a rickshaw. The driver inquires as to her well-being. The girl nods and resumes her sprint.

She inquires about her brother Goldie with a shopkeeper. Nobody knows anything about Goldie. Goldie begs Jagga and his goons to let him go, but Jagga insists that you owe me and that I must punish you. When his sister arrives and screams for him, they have tied him to a crane and are going to cut him in half.

To halt them, she tosses a stick at them. The goon informs Jagga that she is Goldie’s sister and that she operates her father’s dhaba after he abandoned them. She begs him to abandon her sibling. Jagga claims he took 3 lacs from me and must repay his loan.

She promises to refund your money in full. Just allow me some time because I work at my father’s Dhaba. What is the guarantee, according to Jagga? What if you get married and flee?

I don’t believe you. She claims that my father always taught her to repay the loans, so trust me. Jagga says he’ll give you one month to pay it back or he’ll kill your brother. She expresses gratitude to him.

Goldie returns home with his sister. What happened to their siblings, they wonder? Gulabo, his mother, chastises him for being ineffective. She begins to beat him, but their sister intervenes.

She requests that Binni and Shatti take Goldie to the doctor, and they all leave. Gulabo claims you saved him today as well, and that you should teach him a lesson. Where did you find him? She claims Goldie took out a loan from them and that they are not pleasant people.

Gulabo becomes concerned and assures her not to worry; she will manage it. Gulabo inquires about the loan amount. She says we have three lakhs to pay back in one month. What does Gulabo say?

How will Ginni be arranged? Ginni says we have a month, so don’t be concerned. We have this dhaba, and I believe that God will provide a means for us to arrange this money. Gulabo sobs and adds, “You always try to save us,” and there is Goldie.

Ginni claims that because we are a family, we must defend one another. Goldie isn’t terrible; he just makes stupid choices while attempting to make a living. Gulabo gives a nod. Ginni begins to cook in her dhaba.

On the other hand, Adityaraj Singh, a rising chef, is competing in a tournament in Canada. He shows the judge his dish, and they applaud him. The host has announced that we will have a final round. Aditya is assigned a dish based on his family.

In his childhood, he recalls his father hitting him and forcing him to name another woman, Supreet, after his mother. Adi informed him that she was not his mother and that he should never refer to her as such. Another flashback shows him attempting to burn Supreet’s hand, which resulted in his father throwing him out of the house and sending him to a Canadian boarding school. The host requests that Adi prepare something that his parents will enjoy.

Adi exclaims, “I’m here for a competition, not for this drama! ” He says “I’m leaving” and walks away. Adi and his pal return to India. He’s driving quickly.

Ginni and Goldie are riding their bikes on the other side of the street. Goldie reads about Adi’s appearing on a Canadian culinary show as an Indian and then quitting because he had to cook something relevant to his family. Aditya’s automobile collides with her bike. She collapses, but Adi drives away.

Ginni believes he is a spoiled brat. Adi returns to his family’s home and recalls his father’s maltreatment of him. He turns to depart but is stopped by his Darji. He hugs Adi and tells her, “I was longing to see you.” Adi claims that after learning about your health, he felt compelled to return. Darji says I’m OK now that you’re here. Adi hugs him and tells him that there is no peace like holding you. Darji sobs and asks, “Are you coming back for me?”

Adi agrees, but only for you. If you had come to Canada, I would have never returned. Darji claims that I already had a heart attack and that if you returned, I would not survive. Adi observes.

He inquires as to your whereabouts. Darji claims they all went to a tractor competition, but I stayed since I expected you to show up today. He suggests that we go there today. I don’t want to, according to Adi.

Darji suggests that you demonstrate to them that you are now a strong guy. Adi’s friend, Armaan, also attends. Darji thinks Adi is still young, therefore we should do something exciting. He hands him a lollipop and the keys to the bullet.

Ginni glances at her father’s picture and declares that today is his birthday. Gulabo arrives and informs them that they must repay the loan, so no sweets will be distributed today. Ginni claims that it is my father’s birthday, so I can’t break the custom. She pulls out a box and says that anyone who wants to pay will pay, but I will give out sweets for free, like she does every year.

According to the announcer, Amber (Adi’s father) won the tractor competition again this year. Darji and Adi arrive at the location. Darji informs Adi that my son won the tournament every year, and therefore it’s time for my grandson to prove what he’s capable of. Adi responds, “Fine.” He turns around to see his stepmother, Supreet, standing there. She gets anxious when she sees him. Amber arrives in his tractor. The announcer invites anyone to challenge him.

Amber claims that no one can beat me. Since I married Supreet, I’ve always won. Darji claims that we have new blood here and that he will defeat you. He challenges Adi to a competition.

No, Adi, I’m not interested in this tournament. Amber describes him as a loser; he hasn’t won a single culinary competition, and you think he’ll win a tractor competition? He turns to leave, but Adi says, “Wait a minute, the competition has just begun. ” He is sitting on a tractor. Amber turns on his tractor. They’re both raring to go.